BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v3.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

BASEBALL 9 MOD APK v3.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

June 11, 2024


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Baseball is one of the popular sports in the US and even Asian nations. Thanks to the development of smartphones, users can download baseball games and experience this sport right on their devices. Here, we come up with a review of Baseball 9, one of the most downloaded baseball games on the Play Store.

Baseball 9 is the complete version of a similar game from playus soft – Baseball Star. With the ultimate release, this is the first time this baseball series on the Nintendo Switch platform after a while on many other platforms.

As a sports game of baseball, Baseball 9 is an exciting experience because of the humor in each club. They stylize the characters in the game in anime style, and the way of scoring and scoring is very impromptu. Besides taking part in professional baseball matches, players can also operate outdoor activities such as karaoke, dating, and gym.

According to playus soft, they will develop the Baseball 9 series with the state-of-the-art Unity 5 engine. Therefore, the game will bring gamers the perfect 3D graphics experience and the diversity of the most advanced visual effects. Besides, inheriting and maximizing the advantages from the Baseball Star, maybe even better.

Background Story

Baseball is a trendy sport in the world, especially in America and Japan. Although this sport has been introduced to many countries for years, it has not attracted gamers for many reasons.

In particular, mainly because of the sports characteristics and the conditions of the field, many countries do not have professional baseball fields. It also contributes to the limited access to this fascinating and dangerous sport that many people love.

In fact, in mobile games, baseball also suffers from a lot of disadvantages when there are very few titles about it. Or, if there is not enough attraction and excitement as expected, especially on the Nintendo Switch platform is even scarce.

So, that Baseball 9 suddenly appeared on this platform was like a rain radiating in the hot summer noon. It was an indescribable feeling, especially after someone who falls in love with baseball.

Even if you are a new player in this series, it doesn’t matter. The game is fully equipped with all the things to help you experience the game right away.

Overall Evaluation

Interesting Gameplay

Baseball 9 offers a fascinating baseball sports simulation gameplay. It is hidden deep in the cute cartoon-style graphics, and a bit silly that it is easy to be confused.

This style of graphics reminds us of the old Wii’s glorious era, with many games using a similar look. However, do not let the game’s graphics fool you because this is a massive baseball game, with the same physics simulation system in authentic life, creating fast pitches of the pitcher.

It thrills the ball with a dramatic high level of precision, whether it’s your pitch or AI. Not only that, but the gameplay system of the game also allows you to perform many different melancholy balls of this sport smoothly.

Even when battering hands, the excitement above did not change. It is still lovely with a feeling of regret when you accidentally hit the ball half a second or worse, half a second later after it arrives.

The controls are straightforward and easy to play. Players need to rotate the analog stick and press the button to throw or hit the ball in the right direction. The timing is exact for the pitcher and batter, which is even more straightforward than the real baseball match. If you’ve played any baseball game, the controls in Baseball 9 are similar and accessible.

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Operating System

What impressed us the most is the excellent performance of the Switch version of Baseball 9, whether you play in handheld or dock mode. The developer said that this version is equivalent to other platforms’ performance, and they have not overstated about it.

The Switch version of the game operates stably at a frame rate of 60fps on both dock and handheld modes. This frame rate feels smooth, and any lag issues are very noticeable. However, except for the handheld image quality with a slightly dimmer background scene that was unavoidable compared to the dock mode, we did not detect any “shaky” status during the experience. It is a very remarkable plus.

Not to mention, with support for online play on a dedicated server, Baseball 9 also impressed with the amount of content included in this super version compared to the same games. Speaking of dedicated servers, it’s on a different level, making a vast difference, and we don’t think there is any need to say more about the quality of this game on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Advantages of the Baseball 9 MOD APK

The highlight of Baseball 9 Mod APK lies in Ego, a flexible difficulty change system, suitable for both veteran and new players of this game and sport. However, it is not an additional feature. It was previously available in the first part of the series.

Players can adjust the difficulty of four elements in the game experience with a scale of 0 to 100 instead of the common preset type Easy, Normal, Hard as usual before. For example, if you have difficulty in the batter’s role, you can decrease the difficulty index of the AI ​​when throwing the ball and vice versa. Players can also set the same for the AI ​​of their respective off-field and golfers.

Baseball 9 has some familiar game modes, supports offline and online play, and can play from one to four players depending on the style. In particular, you can also experience each one Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch. It brings the ability to increase your sport spirit with friends anytime, anywhere. It is also the point where we like the most.

Special Features

The season is the primary game mode in Baseball 9, with matches between 16 teams. Each team has a cute logo, and it gives the players’ funny names. Shape all the players with their character with silly names and humorous animations, such as scratching their buttocks while waiting to pitch the ball.

It was the plus point of the game. However, because there is no MLB license, those who have an immeasurable passion for baseball may be a little disappointed, but that is not so important for the novices. The vast experience, flexible difficulty customization, and realistic physics are the most beautiful thing this game has to offer.

Playus soft is one of the leading game developers, publishers, and the world. Its games have always had a strange charm, and Baseball Star is one of them. It is playus soft second game series that has consistently received much attention from the community after Baseball 9.

Recently, playus soft has suddenly announced plans to develop and release a new mobile game project based on the once-popular Baseball Star brand. Those who have played through Baseball Star will probably remember the highlights from this game when it was first released in 2002. The gameplay is a big step forward and disruptive compared to the products back then.

BASEBALL 9 screen 2


As a sports game of baseball, Baseball Star is an exciting experience because of the humor in each club. They stylize the characters in the game in anime style, and the way of scoring and scoring are very impromptu. Besides taking part in professional baseball games, players can also operate outdoor activities such as karaoke, dating, and gym.

According to playus soft, they will develop the next title in the Baseball Star series with the state-of-the-art Unity 5 engine. Therefore, the game will bring gamers the perfect 3D graphics experience and the diversity of the most advanced visual effects. Besides inheriting and maximizing the advantages of the seniors, maybe even better.

BASEBALL 9 screen 3


In terms of gameplay, the new rookie will bring players to enjoy the outstanding features that made Baseball Superstars such as “My Player” and “Super Players” in previous versions. Adding many valuable improvements, the latest Baseball Star promises to be another successful version of this baseball game series.

As mentioned, the Baseball Star series has been launched by playus soft since 2002. With 65 million downloads, it shows that the brand has attracted many users around the world. Among them, gamers who do not love baseball are also very interested in this game because of the charming Anime image and the widespread appeal of skill-based gameplay.

Expected to be launched globally next year, Korean game companies promise to update and integrate the best standards to match today’s smartphone devices’ performance. They released the latest version of Baseball Star in 2013 and playus soft hopes to continue to bring a more engaging, rewarding, and entertaining game for everyone.

BASEBALL 9 screen 1

Final Words

Baseball 9 offers a fantastic and immersive sports experience of baseball. If you love this sport, this is a name that you cannot ignore on any platform. In terms of mobility, the MOD APK version has eaten off all other platforms thanks to the same amount of content and quality, but comes with the ability to play games anytime, anywhere on this system.

Baseball 9 with adorable 3D graphics will give you an immersive baseball experience. Exciting gameplay, character movements simulated with reality, it describes your actions accurately.

You are both the batter and the pitcher, doing everything you can to help your team win. With each match, you will receive different rewards, increase your abilities and experience, and customize the most reasonable character – a game not to be missed if you love baseball.

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