Baseball Boy MOD APK 1.94.8 (Unlimited Money)

Baseball Boy MOD APK 1.94.8 (Unlimited Money)

VOODOO Unlimited Money

By joining the fun Baseball Boy baseball game, you will play as a boy with the mission to hit the ball flying away as far as possible. You must align the ball’s direction so that the ball does not hit obstacles, bounce further, and try to get the most money.

If you are familiar and addicted to the exciting but straightforward games of Voodoo developers such as Stack Jump, Snake vs. Block, or Dune, you will know how to master the Baseball Boy with ease.

Keeping the simplicity and fun of the similar developed games, Baseball Boy brings unique gameplay and outstanding graphics that only Voodoo can implement.

General Information

As the name suggests, this game features baseball-themed gameplay. There is no plot, your task is just to orient and hit the baseball ball furthest away, and break your previous record.

The batting venue is not a stadium or green lawn but a busy street with villas, trees, power poles on both sides of the road. Players will choose for themselves their favorite stick among countless shaped sticks. Then, you must align to select the direction of the ball and touch the screen to launch a strong shot forward.

According to the player’s reviews, align the arrow showing the direction of the attack in the red center area, and the ball will go farthest. If there is no obstacle, your ball will roll quite a long distance after touching the ground, which still counts.

We warn that many difficulties make it challenging for you to break your record. In particular, when the ball hits a tree, a pole, or a wall and rolls back, it will deduct you points.

Besides, sandy terrain or grassland will also interfere with your ball’s speed. The longer the ball can fly, the more money you can earn. This money can be used to purchase individual balls or features that help the ball bounce further.

Baseball Boy cartoon graphics are adorable and bright. The typical scenes such as houses, trees, electric poles, cars, roads are beautifully painted.

Besides, the physical effects such as impact, bounce, strike force, flight degree are also very realistic and detailed. Players will enjoy the game on vibrant music throughout the game.

Background Story

It bases the sport of baseball on a field divided into two parts. The first and most important part is Diamante. They gave that name by the four bases the team that attacks by running counterclockwise can occupy that.

For performing the four bases’ occupation, the batter must execute a valid serve by hitting the ball, avoiding the opposing pitcher entering the catcher’s glove by executing a strike. We consider the mixture out upon receiving three strikes.

And in case he sends the ball too many times out of the playing area, he can run to the base, located to his right, to occupy it before the opponents retrieve the ball and throw at the defender of the same station.

Between fake balls and muffled throws, it all revolves around the runners’ ability to complete the round of the Diamond, each getting the point every time it passes the Home Base. The course is challenging and tiring.

However, the hitter can perform a move considered “the Queen” of baseball. It allows all players to run on point, without being stopped by their opponents.

When three attackers are eliminated, the roles of the teams are reversed. And once the attack rounds are completed, an Inning is closed, the unit will be divided.

Unique Gameplay

Baseball Boy does not reach the technical and simulation levels of a title like Baseball Star or Baseball 9, but it still contains the impressive feature. It can entertain both casual users and fans.

The gameplay is intense and devoid of “simplification” despite not being a real simulator. Both passionate gamers and occasionally, in the absence of a practical tutorial, need time to assimilate all the strategies. The game requires players to study the mechanics and the sequence of commands one by one to play at their best.

Although this system is inconvenient for those unfamiliar with sports-based video games, the cards and information shown are incredibly detailed. We can associate all players with images that act as visual proof of what you are reading.

It divides the tutorial cards for each player category based on the different roles and. The various vital assignments to be used to carry on the game. As already mentioned, this can be a negative element of the title.

A tutorial is undoubtedly preferable in which the player can try the different combinations and different roles on the field. Thus, it helps you to memorize the mapping of the commands without having to fish out the card every time to perform that action.

Each tutorial card is accompanied by a step-by-step explanation of the sequence of commands associated with what will happen once it is done.

Overall Evaluation

Technical Duel Between Attack and Defense

The technical department within Baseball Boy is well-studied and is no less than world-famous titles dedicated to baseball. The famous duel between pitcher and hitter is the emblem of the collective imagination on baseball and could not be outdone in Baseball Boy.

Through this game, the gamer will cyclically fill the two roles. Playing the part of the pitcher, you will find yourself on the mound where you can go from the devastating and high-speed straight ball to the more unpredictable and slow curveball.

We can change the approach using the directional arrows. Once chosen, we just have to position the launch cursor as less centered as possible without leaving the Strike area.

For the batting phase, the dynamics remain similar. The batting cursor automatically follows the ball and can be modified by the player to alter the trajectory, suggesting the right moment to hit it.

The commands then pass to the remaining half of the field. There are action keys arranged in a rhombus and corresponding to the diamond bases to facilitate the passage of the ball between the players to avoid taking a point.

In this phase, we notice an inaccurate reactivity of the controls and an AI that is not entirely flawless, combined with the choice of the player and the power loading of the launch.

These elements make everything chaotic, as it is not very intuitive. With practice and passing time, all this takes you a back seat, leaving room for the fun and comedy that Baseball Boy transmits to the gamer.

Artistic Sector

The strong point and also the weak point of Baseball Boy are undoubtedly the graphics chosen by the developers. The polygonal models of the players on the pitch are clumsy and out of proportion to real people.

The models created in the form of caricatures are very reminiscent of the most famous animated films. It combines humorous animations that become the central element of the entire title, leading to visual fun and video game.

Sending the runner to a base at the right moment or stopping an opponent’s action are the most critical and intense moments that Baseball Boy makes available to the gamer. Conveying all the effort that Voodoo has put into developing a title in which it perfectly balances simplicity and realism.

The lack of originality and too much similarity with other titles dedicated to this sport can represent one flaw present. It is associated with the total absence of foreign languages.

Other Impressions

The work by Voodoo is noteworthy. It remembers excellent titles in the sports genre, and gives us to think about the firm commitment that the development team has put into the project, getting significant results.

Even considering that it is an idle game, it does not take away the appreciation that there has been and will be from the public. It also brings satisfaction among the developers and undoubtedly the desire to design other titles, perhaps outside the sports environment.

We conclude with the suggestion to try this fun and excellent title by yourself. You should give a chance also to independent developers, who are the real fighters of the world that encompasses the development of video games.


Baseball Boy is not without its flaws. There is a bit of intricacy regarding the conquest of the bases, which is often too slow and woody. The game is, besides the things we have said above, mainly on tracks, where we often found just hitting keys.

Another flaw is the inaccuracy of some lines and player animations. We often hit the ball, but it splashed to my left against every possible physical law. For the rest, some sporadic bugs that I hardly noticed.

One major shortcoming of the game is the online multiplayer. Baseball Boy offers the classic exhibition and season mode, but only in local multi-player or single-player. With implementing an online multiplayer, this indie game could be among the best of the sports genre it is inspired by, garnering support from all baseball fans.

In terms of content, the work carried out is of outstanding quality, considering the non-AAA nature of the title. With twelve teams and the ability to change the players’ appearance, coupled with good humor that will get you a few laughs, the game does its job well.

Special Features

There is the possibility of throwing the ball with different effects and hitting the strike. The pitcher and all the roles present have the classic player statistics, such as maximum power, nervous system, speed, precision, and lots of other information. The same thing goes for the hitter, but we used it with more difficulty.

With these implementations, we can only find ourselves in front of a simulation title. A target will be present to hit the ball precisely with both power and swing and try to do a Home Run or conquer the bases for the next few bars. If you think throwing or hitting the ball is simple, you are very wrong.

As mentioned above, the difficulty is unlikely. The developers have created a system called Ego that goes from 0 to 99 (where the lower it is, the simpler it will be), and we won a few games with the Ego system raised to 20.

Voodoo itself has confirmed that it failed to win with the Ego system pushed too high. It affirms that our defeats are not only the result of not being familiar with the sport and the game. We say that by finding the right balance, winning a game is very satisfying.


The review of Baseball Boy MOD APK comes at a particular moment for the entire world. The Coronavirus spread has forced practically all sports to suspend current competitions, including the American baseball league, which in regular times would have found itself at the starting line of the championship after the so-called spring training.

They set the start date of the new season for next March 26th, but like many other sports, MLB also had to give up to postpone the start to April 18th. Waiting for that day to arrive. Fans of what is one of the most loved sports in America can, therefore, resort to Baseball Boy, the new edition of the successful series curated by Voodoo.

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