King Of Cricket Games MOD APK 1.0.18 (Speed Hack)

King Of Cricket Games MOD APK 1.0.18 (Speed Hack)

Cricket Games Company Speed Hack

Cricket fans rejoice, as you find yourself engaging in this awesome gameplay of cricket with many players worldwide. Freely discover the epic world of simulated cricket experiences with many interesting game modes and in-game elements for you to enjoy. And most importantly, the simple and accessible gameplay will guarantee that all of you can start having fun with the mobile title.

Experience the casual 2D cricket gameplay with the unique one-tap control, which was specially designed for those of you who are interested in batting experiences. Have fun playing with the simple batting mechanics throughout the in-game levels. Discover unique levels and challenges as you unlock different gameplay and experiences with or without your friends.

Learn more about this interesting game from Gametion Technologies with our in-depth reviews.


Unleash your passions for cricket in this awesome game of sports, where you take the role of a batter to fight against your opponents in multiple challenges. Have fun playing with the in-game levels, or challenge friends and online gamers in exciting matchups. Enjoy the simple batting mechanics with little complexity and absolute fun, as you attempt to perform your perfect shots and put out great scores.

Feel free to choose to hit fours or sixes and enjoy each gameplay with your skillful bat swings. Unlock multiple in-game characters with varied backgrounds and setups. Join your friends on the exciting online multiplayer matches. Or have fun shooting and batting like crazy in the casual mode. Experience various in-game customizations and adjustments, as you try to make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Unlock the special cricket challenges with many bountiful rewards. Discover multiple cricket game modes with varied gameplay for you to enjoy. And always expect new things from Gametion Technologies Pvt. Ltd with their game.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive controls with amazing physics

To start with, Android gamers in King Of Cricket Games can quickly have fun with the simple and intuitive in-game controls, which would make it extremely accessible for any of you who wish to start the game. Feel free to enable the one tap controls to easily make your shots and perform epic bat swings with realistic in-game physics. The amazing shots and animations will make sure that you can really enjoy the awesome in-game experiences with King Of Cricket Games.

Multiple in-game characters to play with

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the game with multiple characters, each having their own unique looks and in-game animations. Also customize their uniforms with your own personalization. Unlock different country backgrounds for the specific player. Freely customize and personalize the gameplay to your own ways.

Multiple bats to work with

Also, the game will feature different bats for gamers to pick up and play with. Different bats will have their own unique traits and differences during the game play. Feel free to choose between many options and play with them while experiencing their unique elements. Find yourself advancing in the game and unlock new bat and make your perfect swings with them.

Have fun with the exciting online multiplayer matches

For those of you who are interested, you can now have absolute fun with the exciting online multiplayer matches, which will bring you back to the classic World Cricket Championship 3. Here, gamers can freely compete with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Freely connect with the global player community and enjoy interesting matches with absolute fun. Discover addictive real-time cricket experiences with enjoyable and amazing gameplay. You can also check for your opponents’ statistics and better understand their styles before any matches. Progress through multiple online matches and challenges to earn special rewards.

Discover challenges and earn special rewards

At the same time, gamers are also welcomed on their offline challenges in King Of Cricket Games, which will provide many exciting gameplay and enjoyable in-game experiences for you to enjoy. With escalating levels of difficulties, you won’t find yourself getting bored with the mobile title. And also, you can always win amazing rewards within the game and improve your gameplay with those. With six total lobbies to discover, you can slowly unlock the escalating gameplay and have fun facing new challenges in each of them.

Practice your skills whenever you need

Here in King Of Cricket Games, gamers can also test out their skills and capabilities with the addictive Practice mode, which will allow them to freely refine their batting skills. Feel free to select the practice setups and have fun with each bat during the gameplay.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence, you can easily pick it up on the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Feel free to enjoy many free gameplay and unlockable rewards while playing the game. Just keep in mind that there will be certain ads and in-app purchases since it’s still a freemium game.

Enjoy the modded game on our website

And speaking of which, if you are finding the in-game purchases and ads being quite bothersome, it’s also possible to pick up the free and modded game on our website instead. Here, we provide unlimited in-game features, removed ads, and unlocked features for you to enjoy. All it takes is for you to download and install the King Of Cricket Games Mod APK on our website.

Visual and sound quality


Get ready to engage yourself in the awesome world of cricket with interesting 2D graphics and unique animations, which will make the gameplay a lot more exciting. Discover both accurate physics to make the more realistic and interesting visual effects to improve your batting experiences. And thanks to the undemanding graphics, you’ll also find the game extremely playable on most of your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

At the same time, thanks to the powerful in-game audio and interesting music, you’ll always find yourself having fun with the mobile title and enjoy many of its features.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay, especially for cricket fans, Android gamers will certainly find themselves having fun with King Of Cricket Games. Feel free to enjoy the exciting game modes and addictive online challenges, as you freely connect with friends and online gamers. Have fun with the accessible gameplay of cricket whenever and wherever you want. And thanks to the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you’ll have no reasons to deny it.

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