Bike Jump MOD APK 1.13.0 (Unlimited Money)

Bike Jump MOD APK 1.13.0 (Unlimited Money)

January 19, 2024


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BoomBit Games
127.13 MB
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Unlimited Money

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If you love high-speed driving, and extreme aerial stunts, then download “Bike Jump” to experience the thrilling action.

Bike Jump is an excellent 3D arcade game, and the game belongs to the maker of “BoomBit Games”. You are a crazy racer, and ready to perform extreme stunts. You control the moto at unique high altitudes, and make the farthest flight possible. The game includes exciting motto flying, but you also keep flying on the jetpack to reach the final goal. A great combination of racing, flying and jetpack. Get ready to make the most fantastic ride for yourself.

Take an exhilarating ride in the air

Bike Jump offers not only exciting arcade challenges, but also exciting rides in the air. Your task is to ride a motorbike on a ramp and try to go as far as possible with a powerful fly. Your character then uses a jetpack on his back to add a few seconds of flying time in the air. If you don’t fly to the end goal, then your character is defeated.

Bike Jump emphasizes the movement of motorcycles. You try to accelerate the bike when riding a steep vertical. This helps you fly the maximum distance, and get close to the target at the end of the stage. Of course, you can hop off the motorcycle when it suits you, and keep flying with your powerful jetpack. Your character’s success depends on your decision to change.

You have to pass complex routes (both human-made and natural). You perform jumps, stunts and experience the excitement. The developers made the game easy and emphasized great flying shots. The game has many different types of motorcycles, many exciting locations, and impressive stunts.

Collect coins and unlock new toys

Bike Jump not only offers top-flight levels, but players also discover many great toys. If you make long runs, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins (depending on the distance traveled). You use these coins to improve the motorcycle, and jetpack. So the more you fly, the more gear you can upgrade. From here, you can easily beat each difficulty level to pass the level.

Bike Jump is a sports game so that you will feel a lot of healthy fun. You enjoy doing extreme jumps on motorbikes. The better you accelerate, the farther you can jump. You try to land well to earn maximum bonus points and use the money to buy three types of new motorcycle/jetpack upgrades.

Bike Jump is a simple game, and extremely attractive with beautiful 3D graphics. Besides, the game has many exciting sound effects, but no background music. The sound is excellent, so it makes for a delightful experience.

The gameplay is simple and easy to control

Bike Jump has simple and easy gameplay. You touch the screen to accelerate, and connect the screen again to activate the jetpack. It would be best if you had focus and judgment to make the right touch-screen decisions.

Bike Jump is a great video game, and you don’t need many complicated operations to control a motorcycle flying in the air. Therefore, you have to get ready to be the craziest bike racer, take part in incredible highs and fly as fast as you can. Jump off the motorcycle when necessary, and continue to pass on the jetpack to feel great. In short, the game has quite addictive gameplay, and you should try to beat your personal record one at a time.

Also, you can download “Bikes Hill” to go on a thrilling adventure in the mountains with a fantastic bike. You can also try “Bike Hop” to experience your bike journey through various terrains.

Ready for the ultimate motorcycle flying journey

In short, Bike Jump is an excellent game with simple addictive gameplay. The game can keep you busy for hours doing amazing motocross jumps. Tap and hold your finger at the right time to make a significant jump. You try to survive to get the maximum score and share your record with your friends on social networks.

Get ready to be the craziest bike racer in “Bike Jump”, and experience exciting stunts on your motorbike, and even your jetpack!

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