Carros Rebaixados Online MOD APK 3.6.56 (Unlocked)

Carros Rebaixados Online MOD APK 3.6.56 (Unlocked)

January 31, 2024


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Sebby Games
291.43 MB
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Carros Rebaixados Online is an awesome racing simulation game. The game content is inspired by the Brazilian Rebates Elite (REB), and the game is developed by Sebby Games. You will enjoy funny cars on the rebellious streets of Brazil. The game allows you to customize and share the fun of racing with your friends. The game features realistic elements, quality graphics, and vivid music. You customize your car to be unique, and become the king of the street.

About Gameplay

Carros Rebaixados Online is very much reminiscent of the Rebaixados Elite Brasil (REB) game. However, the game focuses on online mode when racing with many other players. You drive different cars on the Brazilian streets, and create fun. You can unlock upgrade parts, and customize all vehicles. Your mission is to build spectacular cars, share with friends, and compete with other players in online mode. The game has a versatile garage with everything, so you can easily customize everything on your car. You can lower the chassis, change the color of the car, change the wheel size, the type of glass, and mount new sounds (car speaker models are very diverse). In general, you can customize the car as much as possible in many respects, for example, changing the Xenon phase color. You enjoy looking at the model in complete detail.

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Carros Rebaixados Online impresses when it comes to creating realistic cars. You can choose the color, change the size of the wheel and the window. In general, you get to the depths of the car, and you can customize it to your liking. The game allows you to race in first person, or third person perspective. You enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire interior of the car. In particular, you interact with most parts of the car, for example you can open the trunk, open the door and the hood. You lower the windows of the car to see the street, and use the wipers when traveling in the rain. All actions in the game are real, and close to life. You even have to drive the car to the gas station to refuel, otherwise your car has to be lying down.

Carros Rebaixados Online offers a very realistic game mode. You control the car, and watch the street in many different modes. If you move during the day, then you see the sun. If you move at night, you will see shimmering lights. The game provides camera filters, so you can take a great variety of photos. The game is interesting when you can create amazing LED lights on the speakers. After you’ve created an awesome custom car, get ready to take a test drive in the game’s vast city. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you along the way!

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Carros Rebaixados Online has a very simple control, if you are a fan of racing games. You use the controls on the screen to drive your car. You use the buttons on the right to accelerate or slow down. You use the buttons on the left (the arrow keys) to control the direction of the vehicle. In short, you control your car with the steering wheel, or the arrows. Very simple and easy to use.

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Graphics and sound

Carros Rebaixados Online owns high-quality 3D graphics. You are fascinated by vehicles that are designed in detail, and the scenery is carefully crafted. You see the overall 360-degree interior of the car, and all the details are built like the actual car. In particular, the game emphasizes sound fun. So, you can boost the bass of your favorite song, and hear the sound dampening when locking the trunk like a real one. The music was very lively, and it was a lot of fun. Mainly the music is hip-hop street genre.

You try through “Drift Max Pro” to experience exciting races in amazing cars. You enjoy the beautiful and realistic floating drift. The game impresses with realistic physics, and high-quality 3D graphics. You discover spectacular places like Tokyo – Japan, New York Brooklyn – USA, Moscow Red Square – Russia at night or during the day. In addition, “Car Parking Multiplayer” is also a suitable choice for online racing with friends.

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Carros Rebaixados Online truly successfully simulates the exciting racing in Brazil. You have a choice of different car models. Change your car freely, and experience realistic physics in high-quality graphics. You can freely move around, complete various quests, and unlock interesting items. You can also download your own music and enjoy your favorite music from your car. The game features many realistic elements in the car, for example opening the car doors, or lowering windows. In general, the game offers a variety of options for changing your favorite car. Get ready to customize your vehicle and challenge other players in the big city race. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the city day or night, and immerse yourself in the stunning stereo sound.

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