Computer Launcher MOD APK 11.70 (Pro Unlocked)

Computer Launcher MOD APK 11.70 (Pro Unlocked)

September 9, 2022


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Pro Themes and Launchers
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Pro Unlocked

If you are a fan of Microsoft and the Windows-style, then the “Computer Launcher” application is an excellent choice for you.

Computer Launcher offers a great PC experience for Android users. If you choose to use the application, then you have a pleasant feeling like the Windows desktop. The application brings the Computer Launcher Metro UI experience of the Windows 10 launcher.

Download “Computer Launcher” to give your Android smartphone a new style and have many pleasant surprises for your friends!

Change to the classic Windows 10 interface

Computer Launcher is a product of the developer Pro Themes and Launchers. The application belongs to the category of tools, and is relatively light in size (about 12Mb). The application received a lot of attention from users and received more than 10 million downloads. The application offers an alternative to the classic Windows 10 interface.

Computer Launcher brings the traditional PC launcher. The Windows 10 Computer operating system inspires the application. The application allows you to customize your phone with a unique look and improve the smartphone’s performance. After a few minutes of using the application, you will be amazed by the PC-like interface on your smartphone. In addition, your friends and relatives will also be surprised by the look of your Android.

Computer Launcher has many valuable features, but the most potent quality of the application is the transformation of the Android interface. The application has many similarities with other interface software, but the application gives an excellent PC interface to your smartphone. If you like the Windows 10 experience on all Android devices, the app is a great choice.

In addition, Computer Launcher also provides many outstanding Windows 10 features. The application is a combination of functionality and Windows style. Indeed, the application will bring many of today’s leading Windows experiences on smartphones.

Delivering the incredible Windows 10 experience

Computer Launcher not only affects the smartphone screen interface, but the application also changes the file manager. The app will thus turn into a replica of the classic My Computer. You can use the My Computer feature to access all the files on your smartphone quickly. Of course, you can perform any action in the Windows emulator.

Computer Launcher has a great “Start Menu” like a PC. The application has a One-Click feature, and the user can create the shortcut of the application (such as Desktop) as desired. This makes it convenient during use. You can easily navigate to the required software. The application has a File Explorer feature in the Desktop Launcher, and you can explore any folder.

Computer Launcher has an Action Center and Notification Center like a PC. Therefore, you can check your app or system notifications with Notification Center. If you use a custom file explorer, you can manage your files like a PC. You can also share your data with other users over Wi-Fi at high speed.

Computer Launcher allows users to do many things on folders such as create folders, cut, copy, paste, move, share any folder. You can choose a classic PC design for all drives, SD Cards, Memory, audio and video files, and images. You can put files in the Trash and delete them if you like.

Explore 1000+ Unique Themes and Icon Packs

Computer Launcher offers 1000+ unique themes and Icon Packs. Users can choose the right style through a long list. The application can change the image title, and the widget is in desktop mode. The application improves the compatibility of various unique themes.

Computer Launcher provides a multi-page home screen. The screen folders can be changed to your liking. The application has many unique live wallpapers, and the photo tiles can be changed. You can change the taskbar, such as visibility, transparency, and color options. Taskbar icons are removable.

Computer Launcher has many of the same great themes and icons as Win 10, but the app lacks the familiar icon wallpapers. The lack of icons reduces the beauty of the interface but creates many utilities. Users can open two separate folders on the same screen, just like some other popular file management apps.

Many built-in apps

Computer Launcher not only gives a “look” of Win 10, but the application also has much built-in software. The application integrates the Library feature. You can choose to lock the screen or hide essential apps.

Computer Launcher brings many essential utilities such as Desktop, clock. The app allows customizing widgets like weather, RAM info, Calendar, and Photos. You can optionally enable/disable Multi-Tasking Made mode. In addition, the application integrates the ZIP feature so that you can compress or decompress ZIP / RAR files.

You can download “Smart Launcher 5” for an efficient experience of the Android operating system. The application provides a simple home screen, and you will see the most important things. All your apps are organized into clear categories. Therefore, the application will improve the quality of the user’s daily work.

You can download “Square Home – Launcher : Windows style” to experience the launcher with Windows 10 interface. The application is easy to use, simple, beautiful, and effective for any Android device.


Computer Launcher is a great launcher, and the app can completely transform the look of your smartphone. If you choose the app, you’ll have a fun interface like a Windows 10 PC. Not only does the app provide a great interface experience, but it also has featured icons like Start Menu, center Notification center, widgets like a clock.

In summary, Computer Launcher is an excellent alternative to any launcher of its kind. Download “Computer Launcher” to have a beautiful Windows 10 interface right on your smartphone!

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