Hyperion Launcher MOD APK 2.0.52 (Plus Unlocked)

Hyperion Launcher MOD APK 2.0.52 (Plus Unlocked)

November 29, 2023


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Get ready to completely change the UX settings on your Android devices to enjoy your on-screen experiences so much more. Now, instead of having to work with the same old Android launcher settings, you can make many personalizations using the provided tools and features in Hyperion Launcher – the powerful launcher app for mobile devices.

Feel free to make use of the mobile application to easily enable the sweet, smooth, natural, and fully-featured Android launcher on your mobile devices. With awesome visual elements, unique and customizable launcher layouts, together with many interactive and interesting on-screen operations, Hyperion Launcher will allow Android users to enjoy the awesome mobile application to the fullest.

Learn more about the amazing mobile launcher app and what it can do with our in-depth reviews of Hyperion Launcher.

What does it do?

With Hyperion Launcher, Android users will have themselves the perfect mobile launcher app for customizing the devices’ layouts and their on-screen experiences. Feel free to use it to change how you look at your Android devices and interact with the on-screen elements. Explore the beautiful UX with stunning icon packs, amazing themes, useful widgets, and fully customizable UI.

Discover many useful color options, as the launcher lets you freely change the devices layouts with unique combinations. Enjoy playing with the endless elements of Iconography, in which you’ll be able to make changes on the icon graphics, labels, text sizes, text colors, and many other options. Also work with grids to effectively manage the on-screen elements.

Explore the intuitive and interesting interfaces from Hyperion Launcher with many interactive and user-friendly elements. Add your own profiles in the app to save different settings on the launcher, so you can easily come back and load your different profiles with ease. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now get the free application of Hyperion Launcher from the Google Play Store, which is always available for all Android users to download and enjoy without having to pay the initial price. Feel free to use it to customize your device’s UI and have fun playing with the refreshing layouts. But since it’s still a freemium app, there will be ads and in-app purchases, which require you to pay with real money.

Also, don’t forget to always have your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up, since this would improve the stability and compatibility of the app with your system, especially when working with the latest updates of the mobile app.

In addition, to make sure that the app can function properly on your Android devices, it’s also important for Android users to provide Hyperion Launcher with all required access permissions so it can successfully change the devices’ layouts. These include the permissions to access and edit your storages to save in-app data, calendar permissions for syncing the important events, and location accesses to enable the useful weather widget.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive and refreshing Android interfaces

To start with, Android users in Hyperion Launcher can immediately engage themselves in the intuitive and refreshing Android interfaces, which consist of many new and adjustable on-screen elements to make your mobile devices a lot more accessible and convenient to work with.

Start by exploring the useful covers for adjusting your Android folders, which will let you classify each folder with its own respective covers when scrolling up. And you can also add certain icons for each folder to make them more distinctive.

For apps that you rarely use but don’t need to delete yet, you can make use of the Hidden Apps feature to make them disappear on your home screen. Thus, you can have a much cleaner and more accessible navigating experience. On the other hand, to quickly access apps or certain Android features, it’s also possible for Android users to add certain shortcuts on the screen.

Hyperion Launcher will also provide the accessible overview menu items, which you can easily unlock, simply by long pressing the home screen. The menu will provide many useful editing options and customizations for the onscreen elements.

Also, you can prevent apps from being launched while using Hyperion Launcher, so others won’t accidentally open your important apps when using your devices. And feel free to enable the different desktop locking settings, so you can enjoy your devices to the fullest.

The scrolling wallpaper in Hyperion Launcher lets Android users freely play with their selected wallpapers and view them in full ratios without having to make compromises on your limited screen. The dock and drawer in Hyperion Launcher can be customized using different styling and shadow options.

And if you want to rid your attention of the certain drawers and docks on the smartphone screen, it’s also possible to have them blurred with certain settings in Hyperion Launcher, so you can enjoy your on-screen experiences even more.

The navigation bar display on Hyperion Launcher can be customized by removing and adding whichever elements that you want. So, feel free to play with different settings so you can enjoy working with the mobile devices to the fullest. And with the convenient Google Feed and other customizable feeds, you can choose how news and updates are introduced to you while using the mobile app.

Have fun playing with the color settings

For those of you who are interested, you can now play with the different color settings in the mobile app, which allow Android users to freely customize the visual elements on their Android devices. Start by choosing to enable the launcher and selecting the accent theming, which comes with many different theme options for you to choose from.

Feel free to adjust the dock and drawer backgrounds using whichever images or color combinations that you want. Enjoy playing with the different glow adjustment and scrolling indicator colors so you can always engage yourself in the on-screen experiences. This feature also works on folders on your home screen.

For the certain on-screen widgets, you can now change their colors according to your personal preferences and to better match the current setups on your Android devices. So, feel free to play with different color options in Hyperion Launcher and enjoy the app with your own settings.

To make the on-screen experiences a lot more fun and interesting, you can now make use of the gradient adjustments in Hyperion Launcher to come up with your own designs for the app. The search box, status bar, and navigation bar icons in Hyperion Launcher will now come with their own coloring options, depending on your current wallpapers and theme settings.

Explore the customizable iconography

After working on the on-screen elements and their respective color settings, Hyperion Launcher users can now customize the iconography elements on their mobile devices. With the useful icon packs, the app lets you immediately change the certain app icons and system icons on your mobile devices. Feel free to select any packs to make batch editing or choose to edit certain icons, one at a time.

Here, the app lets you change the icon size, label size, text color, text shadows, multiple lines, and enjoy working with the addictive icon shaping. All of which will let you customize and choose the best icons for your certain Android devices.

Have fun playing with different typography settings

And thanks to the different typography settings, Hyperion Launcher users can now completely change the fonts on their Android devices. Here, you are free to change system fonts to customize the on-screen experiences. Or have fun working with different in-app fonts to freely adjust your in-app experiences. The countless options in Hyperion Launcher will make sure that you can all enjoy working with the mobile app.

Manage icons and on-screen elements in grids

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the convenient grid elements in Hyperion Launcher to easily manage and organize your icons and other on-screen elements. This should make your desktop icons, drawers, and docks in Hyperion Launcher a lot more accessible and well-organized.

Useful widgets to make uses of

Here in Hyperion Launcher, Android users will have themselves many useful widgets to make the on-screen experiences more convenient and efficient. Now, you won’t have to access certain apps or in-app features to make use of them. Simply make use of the Google Search Widget to look up online. Or enable the Google Smart Widget without having to install additional plugins.

Customizable gesture controls for your on-screen actions

And to make your on-screen navigations and controls more convenient and smoother, Hyperion Launcher users can now make uses of the Customizable Gesture controls to easily work on their mobile devices. Here, the app let you work with different gestures, including one/two finger double tap, swipe up and down, together with a few more gestures. And feel free to choose which actions will respond to your gestures and make detailed settings so you can always enjoy the on-screen experiences to the fullest. The provided gestures can be used to quickly access applications or make changes to your Android system on the fly.

Stunning animations to make uses of

Here in Hyperion Launcher, Android users will have stunning animations, which would make your on-screen actions a lot more natural and engaging. Now, you can enable the app launch animations with different graphics settings and available speed adjustments. Enjoy working with the fade on swipe transitions, which were inspired by OxygenOS Launcher and Niagara Launcher. Or have fun interacting with the unique bounce physics to make the app a lot more interactive.

Save and easily manage your profiles

To make sure that Android users can have multiple layouts and UI settings in Hyperion Launcher, the app will provide different profiles for you to choose and work with. Here, you only need to make changes and save them to your certain Hyperion Launcher profiles. Feel free to keep different profiles with varied changes so you can always enjoy your on-screen experiences differently. Simply choose any profiles and enable them to make these changes. And you can now save your data on cloud drives to easily enable seamless synchronizations of Hyperion Launcher’s data between your devices.

Have access to our modded application

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested in the app but don’t want to pay the premium prices for it, you can now pick up the modified version of Hyperion Launcher on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked plus features, removed unlock keys, and feature the AOSP compatible application for all Android users to enjoy on their devices. All you need is to download the Hyperion Launcher Mod APK, follow the given instructions to have it properly installed, and you can start enjoying the powerful launcher.

Final verdicts

With powerful features and an intuitive launcher UI, Hyperion Launcher will allow Android users to always enjoy their on-screen experiences to the fullest. Have fun working with the available settings to freely customize the app UI to your own preferences. And don’t forget to always go for the modded version of the app on our website if you want the full application for free.

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