Lucid Launcher MOD APK 6.0278 (Pro Unlocked)

Lucid Launcher MOD APK 6.0278 (Pro Unlocked)

Lucid Dev Team Pro Unlocked

One of the strengths of Android phones that the iPhone does not have is customizing the phone’s look through launcher apps. What is better than the fact that you see your Android friend’s device has an entirely different interface one day, and you love it.

On the Google Play app store, there are also many beautiful Launcher for you to choose from. Sometimes too much, you can hardly find yourself a suitable application. Today, I will introduce you to select software to help you find and choose the interface that best suits you. It is Lucid Launcher. Let take a look with me at this utility application!


Lucid Launcher is one of the most appreciated launcher apps available today. Although only just released to the market, this gadget product developer is always upgrading to meet Android users’ needs.

As I mentioned above, Lucid Launcher is currently one of the most appreciated smartphone interface changing applications by users. Lucid Launcher has more than 1 million downloads on CH Play and is highly appreciated. This number is not small for a newly developed application.

With a modernly designed, user-friendly interface, it also supports previous Android operating systems. It is understandable to say that many users love lucid launchers.

This application can only be installed on devices running the Android operating system. It does not support the models using the iOS operating system.

Features of Lucid Launcher

A Modern Interface and Deeply Customizable

The application interface is designed in 2D following current trends on smartphones. Applications are arranged alphabetically for the convenience of users.

Users can also easily customize the application interface outside the home screen, such as icon size and application grid ratio. You can even set up an interface for a folder.

Not to mention that users can easily change application opening effects such as animation speed, scroll speed. It is convenient!

Dark Mode

Dark Theme or Dark Mode is a new feature added to Lucid Launcher recently. This feature helps to avoid eye strain for the user when using the device at night and makes the phone look more relaxed.

Users can also set the interface’s dark level and a specific time to turn on and off the device’s night mode.

One exciting highlight for the Lucid Launcher night mode is that the user can use their location. From there, the app will automatically update the sunrise and sunset times to toggle dark mode.

Easy Operation

Similar to other Launcher apps, Lucid Launcher also supports shortcut gestures such as double click, swipe up and down with two fingers for them to operate smoothly on the phone.

Quickly Access Apps from A Folder

It is probably the best thing I discovered during trial use of the Lucid Launcher.

Let me give you an example that is easier to understand. With this function, when you select a folder outside the home screen, you will immediately access a pre-specified application instead of opening the folder. A folder is only opened when you press a folder and swipe up.

For people who get lost often like me, I have to use the map to go out on the street. You can quickly open the Google Maps app when you choose to go to the Google folder instead of unpacking it and then searching Maps.

To use this function, you need to hold down the desired folder, select “Edit,” then select “Swipe to open the folder,” finally choose “Tap action” and specify an application or action you want to access when clicking on a folder.

Access 2 Apps in 1

Like quickly opening an app from a folder, you can do this with any folder icon located outside your phone’s home screen.

When I want to listen to music on my phone, I choose the Music app. When I want to listen to Spotify’s music, I will press and swipe up the Music icon.

You can also do this with Facebook and Messenger. You choose to open the app to open Facebook and swipe up to open Messenger. Or you can choose to the go-to camera to open the camera, and swipe up to open Photo Album.

This way, users can still quickly run the application they need without dragging it to the home screen.

Data Backup and Settings

It is an essential feature for any application, not just Lucid Launcher.

After you have chosen a suitable display, you can make a backup on the storage system. Until you change phones, you can still use your favorite settings.

You can save your settings anywhere, Dropbox, or Google Drive. But for convenience, I choose Google Drive for backup.

It is incredibly convenient to change the phone you are using without changing the phone’s look.

Swipe The Icon to Open Another App

Another entertaining and super cool feature of Lucid Launcher will make you excited. With this action, you can a specific app related to another app without having to drag the icon to the screen. You can imagine as simple as follows. With the camera app, if you lightly tap, run the camera, and when you swipe, the app gallery is displayed. Or with Facebook, tap 1 to go to the main app, swipe out Messenger to chat. This way, we can still quickly run the application we need without dragging it to the home screen. We still know what to do to run the app because our app assignment is related.

Adjusting this feature is very easy: long-press on any icon, select “Swipe action,” and then assign the desired app.

Configuration Backup

This feature is essential to me because I often have to switch between Android phones. Each time you have to arrange icons manually, it is very time-consuming. Moreover, sometimes I do not even remember the exact app location is according to my habits. Meanwhile, Lucid Launcher supports backing up launcher configuration, from icon arrangement to gesture settings, so just restoring is done very fast and straightforward.

This configuration can be saved anywhere, but you should save it to some cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive in my experience. This way, when you change your phone or reset your phone, you need to download the configuration to use it, no need to go handwriting from one device to another, or copying from computer to phone.

Drag Your Finger to Search

This plus is one of the reasons why you should upgrade to the Pro version of Lucid Launcher. While dragging your finger from top to bottom by default opens the notification, I like it to open up the iPhone or ZenFone style search bar.

What is the reason? With just a swipe of your hand, you will be able to start typing difficult-to-find words instantly. You also do not have to reach up to press the Google button, nor do you need to press to confirm the second lane because the virtual keyboard has popped up.

For anyone using big screens like LG V10, V20, Galaxy Note, or Nexus 6P, you will surely agree with what this feature has helped you. You can only hold the phone with one hand because of the big screen. You can also set this finger drag for many different things.

For example, you can open notifications, open the app list, quick settings, and even lock the screen. In general, Lucid Launcher allows you to tweak many things and try to find out what works best for you. This feature can be adjusted by long-pressing on the home screen> Settings> Gesture & input> Swipe down.

However, any application or product has its pros and cons. There is no denying that Lucid Launcher offers extremely excellent support. But like other Launchers, with some low-profile Android phones, it can cause stutter and lag.

Some Tips You Should Know When Using Lucid Launcher

The ability to “personalize” high through the launchers is the strength of the Android operating system. In particular, Lucid Launcher is an application that has been extremely popular with users every time they want to customize their phones. To make the process more convenient, I will give you some useful tips on using Lucid Launcher.

Hidden Folders

Hidden folders are one of the great ways to access frequently used applications quickly. In particular, you do not need to put too many icons on the home screen.

With Lucid Launcher, you can create a hidden application folder, similar to regular icons. When you click here, the machine will automatically open the first moved here application. But when you swipe up, it will have a new menu display listing a lot of other software that has been sorted here.

For example, when you click on the headset icon, the Deezer app will launch, but there will be a list of many other apps, including SoundCloud, Music Player, when you swipe up.

You can do this setup by following these steps:

  • First, drag the apps you want to merge into a separate folder on the home screen as usual.
  • Then, long-press on the screen in that position and select “Edit.” You can choose to change different “icon” icons and change the name of the folder.
  • There are two other custom parts: “Swipe to open” and “Tap.” It is where you select the applications that will appear on the screen.
  • To make your icon transparent, you need to go to Lucid Launcher Settings> Folders> Background> Transparency, here select 100%.

Assign An Action When You Swipe Up or Back on The App Icon

It is a feature quite similar to 3D Touch on iPhone models. Specifically, you can swipe right on the “Gallery” icon to quickly open the camera app. You can also swipe up on the Calendar app icon to start the notes app.

To set up, you press and hold on any icon, select “Edit,” and then navigate to the “Swipe action option” and then select the operations you want the machine to perform.

Assign An Action When Swiping Up or Back on The Home Screen

This feature is similar to the one introduced above. But instead of manipulating the icon on the screen, you can customize some actions as you like on the home screen.

For example, you can swipe up on the screen to open the App Drawer area, two fingers upwards to open the “Lucid Launcher Settings” area, or two-finger swipe down to open Google Now.

Go to Lucid Launcher Settings, navigate to “Gestures & inputs,” and select “Gestures action,” then choose the desired action.

Double-tap The Screen to Turn It On or Off

Although this is a handy feature, quite a few manufacturers have yet to equip their devices. With Lucid Launcher, you can set up very quickly by going to “Lucid Launcher Settings”, navigating to “Gestures & inputs” and selecting “Screen lock.” At this point, you need to double-tap the screen, and the device will lock automatically.

Scroll between Screen Pages More Easily

Typically, you will have a lot of desktop pages with different application icons. Widgets, however, will be quite limited. Usually, the widget is about weather and time.

Therefore, if you do not want to customize each application page on the home screen with many different widgets, you need to customize the steps below.

How to do it is very simple, access the “Lucid Launcher Settings,” navigate to “Desktop” and select the “Scroll effect,” and customize it at the “Wipe” at the bottom of the screen.

Final Thoughts

Besides Lucid Launcher Pro, the application store now has many popular Android utility tools such as Nova Launcher Prime, Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, or ZEDGE.

Most of these Launchers are in Android’s style from past to present with a Home screen interface and one button to access the App Drawer. For those who like simplicity and traditional style, this is a suitable choice.

Of the above Launcher, the most powerful customization and the lowest capacity belongs to the Lucid Launcher. In my opinion, this is the most suitable interface for you.

It can be said that using launchers to change the look and feel becomes an obvious privilege on Android devices. Use this Launcher to make your phone newer, smarter, and more convenient after a long time using the default interface.

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