iLauncher (Paid for free)

iLauncher (Paid for free)

March 10, 2020


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Paid for free

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The Android platform is undoubtedly a lot more advanced and conveniently compare to iOS when it comes to its customizations. That being said, for all Android users, it isn’t a big of a deal to change their phones’ user interfaces, while on iOS devices, it’s almost impossible for you to change the stock launcher that comes with the product.

Hence, you’re always free to switch your devices’ launcher to varied themes if you’re using an Android device. Choose between hundreds of different launchers that are currently available on the market. In fact, you can even experience the smooth and satisfying iOS interfaces on your mobile device without owning an Apple smartphone.

And all it takes is for you to install the iLauncher on your Android devices. With this, you can completely change your experiences on your devices to mimic that of an iPhone. The good thing is that you won’t be stuck with that specific user interface like when you’re using an iOS device. Just remove it to return to your standard launcher or pick another launcher to enjoy.

What does it do?

Basically, the iLauncher will change your phones’ entire user interfaces, to make them look and feel just like when you’re using an iOS device. That being said, Android users can enjoy their iOS interfaces whenever they want in just a couple of seconds. Hence, you’ll have your app icons, option panels, and other elements feel just like on your Apple smartphone.

In addition, the app also features customizable app icon packs from other famous launchers like the Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, and Nova Launcher. With these, you can experience a whole new level of customizations on your mobile devices.

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With the current version of iLauncher on our website, you’re not required to make any purchases to unlock the app. Just download our iLauncher APK from the website and install it normally on your mobile devices to enjoy the exciting iOS user interfaces. To switch the launcher, you just simply restart your phone and upon opening, you’ll be asked which launcher you wish to use. Select the iLauncher and you’ll be good to go.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy the exceptionally smooth and satisfying experiences

To start with, the app features the smooth scrolling that would certainly satisfy you with the iOS-like experiences. In addition, you’ll also find yourself having access to the delicate animations that make each transition in the game a lot more interesting.

Explore a library of interesting app icons

In addition, with a huge library of interesting app icons, you’ll also be allowed to explore various customizing options on your devices. Moreover, with optimized features, you can also easily change the app icons just by performing a long touch on a specific app icon to switch it. Feel free to choose whichever icons that are currently available

Make easy changes to your app icons

On top of that, the app also features multiple customizations that you can have on your iLauncher. Feel free to short touch on certain icons to open them in editing mode where you can make multiple changes. You can also hover icons to overlap each other and create intuitive folders.

Convenient gesture control features

And for those who’re interested, iLauncher also comes with the convenient gesture commands that you’ve grown to love on your Apple smartphones. This includes the simple drag down gesture to search, drag up to open the setting panels, and more.

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Customize your status bar and switch themes

And if you wish to perform some simple restyling on your status bar or the interfaces, the game also features the customizable status bar using iNoty. As for the themes, you can also pick up different themes to use on your launcher for a more satisfying experience.

Well-optimized launcher with amazing support for Android devices

With well-optimized features, the launcher will perform great on most of your Android devices. Hence, you’ll find yourself having the chance to experience the unique iOS interfaces right on your Android phones. In addition, with good resize supports for the tablet devices, the app will work great on most of your devices.

Fully unlocked launcher with removed ads

With our iLauncher, Android users will have the chance to enjoy the fully unlocked launcher with completely removed ads and various features to explore.


Future upgrades are not available

The only downside with the launcher is that it currently won’t receive any future updates since the app has been removed on the Google Play Store. And as for the developers, they’ve refused to roll out any new upgrades.

Final verdicts

The launcher is undoubtedly a good app for you to enjoy on your Android devices. Feel free to customize your Android phone to make it looks just like an Apple device. Not to mention that you can do that for completely free with our fully unlocked version of the game.

And if you wish to change how your phone looks, Nova Launcher Prime is also a good option. With plenty of exciting customizations, and most importantly, frequent upgrades, you’ll likely to enjoy it even more.

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