ADW Launcher 2 MOD APK (Premium)

ADW Launcher 2 MOD APK (Premium)

October 19, 2020


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Do you get bored with traditional widgets? Do you want to get a new look at your library? Get a launching app like ADW Launcher 2!

ADW Launcher 2 will change your mobile phone experiences with new icons, widgets, transitions, and shortcuts. It helps you to express your style in single details. How does it work on your phone, and which effects exactly does it offer?

Let’s get a closer look!

General Information

Launcher apps are not new to mobile. They have accompanied smartphones for years to help people find their language with the mobiles. However, ADW Launcher 2 must be the best until now.

It offers many gadgets, but the app takes only 13MB to download. By its unlimited library for screens, gadgets, templates, themes, and so on, the app is worth your time. It will be worth your money, too, as you don’t have to pay for the purchase in-app now.

Getting more than 10,000,000 downloads, it prevails others not only in quantity but also in quality. ADW serves us more than just a launcher app but a creative factory.

Background Story

ADW has the ambition to create the best launcher app of all time. You can see it from the options that the app offers. The number of utilities is around 200 to charge your phone from the look to the operation.

Besides, the founder also wishes to bring freedom for users to create their accessories based on ADW.  In general, it builds itself to become one for all. Either DIYers or Ready-to-users are supposed to fall for this app.

ADW Launcher debuted as the first generation for Android. However, with the time going by, ADW 2 comes as a breakthrough in this field.

How to Use ADW Launcher 2

At the moment, you can download the app free from Google Play or in an apk file. The app will run better in version Android 7.0. However, older versions but not lower than 5x could conduct the app fair.

At the moment, ADW Launcher 2 offers launching tools in 5 sections: wallpapers, widgets, lock desktop, themes, gestures, system settings.

Picking one of them as you wish to change, you soon see a window of plenty of options. For example, when you choose to change gestures, the window opens with different choices for general movements, notifications, and so on. When you click one of those, ADW Launcher 2 presents you with a quick demo about how it works on your phone, using the current database.

Everything you opt for change, including wallpapers or transitions, will be on an audition before you make your mind.

Special Features

Endless features

As mentioned before, ADW now has around 200 options for you to choose from in the entire app. And you should know the number is counting.

To gain such abundance, the app preserves traditional features and adopts new ones day by day.

In ADW, you might first see the possibility to change widgets organization, wallpapers, gestures, and transitions. Most of these functions appear in conventional launchers. With ADW, the service elevates to be smoother and more convenient. As mentioned before, experience with ADW always goes through demos, which help you feel the changes before actually making it.

Interestingly, in-app demos feel nothing different from reality. On the other world, the app hands you authentic experience on about-to-be changes.

Besides, the app supports you in managing your screen and reorganizing apps and folders. By doing so, it proves more than normality.

ADW’s diversity is based on its endless expansion and reaches out to new launcher segments that other apps have not yet been there.

Renovated methods

When a standard launcher shows you options to change how your phone works in appearance, ADW Launcher 2 wants to elevate your devices to be one of the future.

First, let’s talk about how it appears on your phone. The app uses the empty spot in the down corner area for Android phones, which you would never use for anything. Now, swipe up, and you immediately see the function bars of launchers. This little renovation could help with changing screen manager and wallpapers to occur in a blink.

For icons, it provides many to opt for. Now, you can customize app icons and properties dialog as you want and in really plenty of ways.

Also, many activities on ADW Launcher 2 get a little update in comparison to current apps. Hence, users can experience smarter, more transparent, and smoother operations.

Improvement to phone’s organization

This app, besides, introduces to you some unconventional methods to manage your devices.

For example, the visual mode is now available to symbolize items such as folder appearance options, desktop, etc. There is a faster way for scrolling apps to use with ADW’s support for your information.

It knows that mobile app collection could be huge. This launcher brings you a searching application that helps find the app in the drawer in a second. Don’t it seem like the app is trying to make everything on your device better?

Possibility to extend

The number of amenities is climbing up. We know the founder of ADW will not be easily satisfied with the current situation. But the better of their work is letting us, the users, be more active in our job.

If you like something in the store, find them and apply them the way you like.

But if you run out of excitement with the app, then renew it! But not delete and re-download. The app allows you to extend the library by downloading, uploading your resources.

If your friends are using another app that happens to contain something exciting but no ways to be found in ADW Launcher 2, adopt it. Find yourself in the advanced setting and require importing data from the wanted launcher.

If you find new widgets, go to the Custom Widget and get them for you. The app permits that.

ADW gives you a space for creativity, no limitation circled. You’re free to create here and free to call customer service anytime any claim on something you want to have.

Vibrant colors

Very rare, but this launcher can have your theme retouched. Does it sound strange?

You can’t do it with photos or videos based on ADW Launcher. It’s not an editor, which we agreed from the beginning. But, you can have your theme in vibrant warm color, or vintage cold, a bit dark cold, so on. It’s a thing that you should experience as it goes further than changing themes.

Not having such a crazy rich collection like ADW, the Asap launcher concentrates the phone’s feel after making changes.  ASAP launcher gives your phone a new dress but also keeps it up with silky smooth operation. The app focuses more on widgets and transition that promotes convenience and simplicity.

Final Words

Until now, ADW Launcher 2 Mod APK seems to be the winner for renovation and abundance. We cannot reach the end of how surprising the app could be when we dig deep into its amenities list. Why don’t you try and tell us?

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