Backdrops MOD APK 5.1.6 (Unlocked)

Backdrops MOD APK 5.1.6 (Unlocked)

April 3, 2024


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If you want to personalize your phone every day through high-quality wallpapers, Backdrops is an indispensable application. The primary interface of the app is intuitive, simple, and easy to use. It supports many themes. Specifically, Backdrops is a free application developed for users of devices running Google’s Android operating system.

With Backdrops, you will have hundreds of high-resolution wallpapers, sorted and categorized by specific themes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. They divide the app into many categories for users to choose from. The images on Backdrops will be updated by developers and their community of users.

With Backdrops, you can explore hundreds of different original wallpapers designed by the Backdrops development team. They optimize these images for your device screen. Upload your wallpaper, share original or edited photos. Update new wallpapers every day or wallpapers related to the themes you love. You can contact the development team if you want to receive original images.

General Information

Backdrops are a collection of unique wallpapers. It covers a variety of themes, including Google’s Material-designed wallpapers. Backdrops called backgrounds are everywhere in our life. Almost everyone knows how to use it, and they have a reason to do it. Backdrops have tons of great and high-quality original wallpapers divided into several categories. You can upload your original work to share with the community. It also has unique features and high-quality wallpaper.

The Pro APK Version gives you access to even more original photos, while also adding the Explore option and a few other premium features. Tap the heart icon in each wallpaper to highlight the one you like and easily view them anytime you want. They design the application interface in Material style. So, it is very user-friendly and intuitive.

In the new update, they have also added Backdrops a login/out option on the menu. It improves the upgrade process to the Pro APK version and fixes bugs in previous versions. They design most of the wallpapers in the application with high quality. So, the amount of memory and battery usage will be more than other wallpaper apps.

Backdrops also include third-party advertising. You can disable this feature in the device’s settings or upgrade to the Pro APK version to remove them.

What Does Backdrop Mean?

The backdrop is an indispensable component in any big and small event. As the largest and most prominent design, backdrops can give people an impression of the event or brand from the very first seconds. So what is the backdrop and what types of the backdrop are there?

The backdrop is the simplest understood as the stage backdrop, usually placed in the reception hall and the middle of the event stage. Along with the poster, banner, and standee, the backdrop is an indispensable element in all big and small events. Because on the backdrop, there is the most important information on the program name, the logo of the organizers, and sponsors. They make backdrops of many materials and depending on the event, there will be a suitable backdrop.

Key Features

Finding a beautiful photo with a neat layout and professionally designed as a smartphone wallpaper is difficult. Therefore, Backdrops are born to help users save a lot of time. Thanks to a rich background system available for you, you can beautify the face of your phone comfortably every day.

Backdrops is an application that provides wallpapers only for mobile devices with a large and updated wallpaper base. For those who like a fresh change on their smartphone screen, Backdrops is a tool not to be missed. The eye-catching user interface in a flat design style shows the professionalism of the developer.

Backdrops bring 12 categories of many options. Each item will have background images of different styles such as Scenery, Geometric, Minimal, Pattern, Abstract, and Food. We can use them at your disposal. Specifically, the principal features of Backdrops include:


Select from hundreds of wallpapers with creative design styles from a team dedicated to the job. Therefore, the pictures in this section are almost one or two. Users can complete their personalities less frequently.

The Wall of the Day

A wallpaper every day is a place where app developers present users the latest or most loved wallpapers. Make sure you feel fresh every day with this feature.


As a space where Backdrops are exclusive for members to exchange with each other, they will exchange with each other many impressive wallpapers, free-style designs with no framework. You can completely download and use these pictures. Get regular and download and use these wallpapers. If you are also creative with images, share them with everyone.

ZEDGE is a wallpaper and ringtone app that gives you a library of various wallpapers and ringtones. ZEDGE offers over one million wallpapers and ringtones and 1000 video wallpapers for you to use. It seems to be an indispensable application to help your mobile phone always be refreshed.

ZEDGE provides users with over one million wallpapers and ringtones, which you can easily choose and install. It divides all wallpapers and ringback tones into specific themes, making it easy for users to find images and music that match their preferences.

The application ZEDGE also gives you over 1000 background videos. You will choose the video you like freely and install it as a background video. Video wallpaper is a popular form today because it attracts users compared to traditional wallpapers.

The searcher is an essential feature for users, before countless different wallpapers and themes. With this utility, users just need to type the name of their favorite topic. The application will return the results of the set of wallpapers videos that match the keywords that the user needs.

If you want to share when you find a beautiful wallpaper, a quality video, or a good ringtone, it is easy when done on the application. Just select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen and share it.

In short, ZEDGE brings over one million wallpapers and ringtones, with a variety of themes, along with over 1000 videos of popular types of wallpaper today. Download the application now so that your mobile phone is always refreshed by new wallpapers and sounds that are constantly updated.

Final Words

Backdrops MOD APK have been our favorite wallpaper app on Android for two years. It has a lot of beautiful wallpapers with high resolution in the category of abstract or images designed in a flat style. Also, there are other categories such as photos, landscape, and architecture photos, but not as beautiful as the two categories above.

The app has a selection of beautiful wallpapers every day. It allows you to save your favorite wallpapers, organize collections with many pictures related to each other for easier selection. They develop backdrops for the Backdrops team. It is free on the Android app store with a download capacity of 3.8MBM, which is compatible with models running Android 4.1 and above.

Besides, if your needs are higher, Backdrops also have a pro-APK version, with this, you will penetrate deeper into the world of wallpapers, where there are even more excellent works. If you buy the Pro APK version, you can also download high-resolution photos to bring to other devices to set wallpapers for sync.

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