KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key MOD APK 3.58 (Paid for free)

KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key MOD APK 3.58 (Paid for free)

Kustom Industries Paid for free

Instead of choosing the usual photos, the use of Live Wallpaper will bring you a new and more vivid experience of space on the device screen. KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key is the best live wallpaper app that you should not miss while owning an Android Phone.

KLWP is an app that allows you to use a live-wallpaper as your home screen theme. You can also create your custom theme with your images and animations. However, if that is too complicated, you can still use the ideas created by others for KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key.

There are many beautiful themes on Play Store for KLWP that are free and paid for all. Depending on which one you like, we will choose it. Besides watching the motion, you can interact with some elements of the live wallpaper, for example, to launch the app or check the time.

Denote that KLWP is mostly just Live Wallpaper, so it only changes outside the home-screen, other components of the system, including the icon, are not affected at all. You can download the app via this link.

What Is Live Wallpaper?

Among the Android system possibilities, the customization of smartphones and tablets plays a vital role for users who like to change the look of their mobile devices frequently. The most appreciated customization by users is the possibility of applying animated wallpapers (or live wallpapers) to change the aesthetics of the smartphone.

In the Play Store, there are several apps which consume more of the battery of the device than the static ones, usually in a way directly proportional to their complexity. We can find animated wallpapers in the Play Store by touching the Categories link on the home page and then on Personalization from mobile devices. From a PC, click on the app at the top left of the web version’s primary screen and later on the Personalization category.

The apps allow you to apply live wallpapers by choosing your favorite background and tapping the apply button. The wallpapers can be in 2D, 3D, and HD. Sometimes, with or without in-app purchases and advertising, they can change automatically and take advantage of smartphone sensors such as the gyroscope to admire parallax effects. They will title the device or water that ripples by touching the display.

Among the various animated wallpapers, there are a series of specific themes. Or wallpapers that are inspired based on the weather. The others display an aquarium, the fire that burns, and landscapes in motion. You can often adjust the live wallpaper settings to get the desired effect. Then apply them to your lock screen, home, or both, and even your smartwatch.

Among the most popular applications that offer animated wallpaper catalogs, we point out KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key, which offers various wallpaper categories and ringtones, application icons, alarm clocks, and notification sounds.

How to use the KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key?

Your smartphone or tablet has many beautiful pictures, and you wonder which image to choose as the background for the device? KLWP Live Wallpaper will help automatically change the wallpaper on mobile devices to take full advantage of the photos you have and make the device screen more vivid.

Regularly changing the wallpaper on mobile devices will help the device screen become more vivid and less annoying. If you do not want to spend a lot of time choosing, aligning when changing new wallpapers on mobile devices, then the KLWP Live Wallpaper will help you.

KLWP Live Wallpaper is a free application that automatically changes the wallpaper on the screen of your Android smartphone for a specified period.  Users need to select the images they want as wallpaper. The application will automatically align the images and set them as wallpaper without user intervention. Download the free app via this link (compatible with Android 4.2 and above).

Installation and Setup

Once installed, press the button “Activate” to use KLWP Live Wallpaper. From the following interface, press the button “Install” to set up the application.

The application provides a collection of pictures of world-famous artwork and automatically changes after each day to refresh the primary screen of the user’s smartphone. The app also allows you to select images of yourself on the device to change on the primary screen of the smartphone automatically.

Customize Your Photos

To choose the artistic images provided by the application as a wallpaper, select “Featured Art” from the setup interface that appears. Or you can press “My Photos” to choose your images on the device as wallpaper and automatically change.

With selecting “My Photos,” after clicking this option, click on the options icon (gear icon) below. Then, in the following interface, click on the icon “+” to select the images on your device as wallpaper.

Denote that by default, each time you choose, it only allows users to select one image. So, press the icon “+” often if you want to pick many different photos as wallpaper for the device.

It will display the selected images on the interface of the application. From this interface, click the clock icon in the upper right corner to set the interval for the wallpaper to change automatically. The timelines include hourly (every hour) from three to six hours and one to three days. By always refreshing your device screen, you should select multiple images as wallpaper and set to change every hour.

Once you’ve selected the wallpaper and set the interval to change the wallpaper, go back to the app’s primary interface. Here, you click on the tick icon in the upper left corner of the interface to save the settings, then click “Active” from the interface that appears and clicks “Set wallpaper.”

Thus, the KLWP Live Wallpaper application will become the default wallpaper for your device. It will display the wallpaper on the screen and automatically change according to the set time.

Blur the Background Image

In particular, KLWP’s wallpapers will be automatically dimmed to highlight icons on the smartphone screen. The users can double-click on the background image on the screen to clarify this image. You can remove this feature so that the background image on the smartphone is always in transparent display mode.

KLWP’s wallpaper will automatically be blurred out to clarify the icons on the smartphone screen. To do this, activate the KLWP application from the interface that appears, click on the 3-dot image and select “Customize.” Then click on the “Source” and select “Advanced.”

In the options that appear then, drag two items “Blur” and “Gray” to the lowest level, then click on the check mark in the upper left corner to save the settings. Now, the wallpaper displayed on the device screen will always be in transparent mode and will automatically change, refresh the wallpaper after the time you have set.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key is the right choice for those who always want to refresh the wallpaper on their smartphone. Primarily, it is suitable for you to show off beautiful images on your smartphone by alternately changing them.

Revolutionize the Home Screen with KLWP

In our reviews with Personalization, we hardly dedicate an entire section to a single application. Here, we assume that KLWP is a paid application via the KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key. In this section, we will see which are the best presents and skins downloadable from the Play Store and how to use them.

Nova Launcher

The first step is to download an alternative launcher. We recommend Nova Launcher because it is one of the lightest and most immediate. After installing Nova, delete all the components you have in the home: icons, widgets, etc. You will need to have a spotless home screen, go to the settings, and disable the dock to have all the free space.

Nova also allows you to hide the status bar and navigation bar within the appearance menu. In reality, it is unnecessary to use these options, but keep them in mind because they will be activated or deactivated according to the home user.

The last option to use Nova is the one relating to gestures. Since we will use the live wallpaper as a primary skin, use the gestures on that same skin to access applications and system services directly.


Let’s start with the best package ever available free: PK Kustom LWP Pack. You can download it from the Play Store and install it. Then open the KLWP app. To install a skin from a pack, you just downloaded, open the scroll menu on the right, tap on “Load Preset” and all the previously installed plugins will come out, as in KWGT.

Then select the desired package. There are a pre-defined number of pages for each home screen, so keep in mind because we will need it. One of the most beautiful skins in this pack is SKIN PK 10. So, select it, as it uses three pages, tap on the screen icon along the right bar, and change the number of horizontal screens to three. Only by doing that, the wallpaper will work correctly.

However, change the number of screens in Nova too. Long tap on the home and increase or decrease the number to get three. Now, the animation will work as we expect.

Hud KLWP Pack

The second skin we want to show you is also free. It is HUD. We expect that it is unusual, not so sober. As mentioned, we are on levels for real daredevils with this fantastic pack.

At the bottom right, there are the diagnostics with RAM, CPU, and internal memory occupied. In the center, there is a strange clock with a lot of dates. And at the top is the temperature, alarm, and other information.

SleekHome KLWP Pack

The third pack is paid but costs only 99 cents. All the skins have only one page, but the wallpaper’s animations and movements will amaze you. There are four versions, each with their background and base colors.

If you have a navigation bar, this skin will overlap so you can proceed in two ways:

– Hide the bar thanks to the dedicated options in Nova Launcher

– Activate the wallpaper setting to work with the action bar, you can find it by clicking on the “Plus” button and going to the “Profile” menu

On this page, you will find other quick toggles, the key links to social networks, and applications that are usually used most on a smartphone. Other pages that you see in the wallpaper concern a helpful calendar with the latest appointments, the page on the weather, and the inevitable one of the music. All the items are graphically and well done.

Recommended Alternative: KWGT Kustom Widget Pro

They say that if you want something well done, do it yourself. It perfectly applies in Android widgets as it is sometimes difficult to find a useful or beautiful widget on your screen.

KWGT Kustom Widget Pro is a tool for creating widgets, which does the dirty work in the background to decorate your home screen however you want. The application is free. But if you will take full advantage of it and remove the ads, you must buy the Pro version with a single payment of 3 dollars.

KWGT Kustom Widget Pro can be overwhelming, especially at first use. Instead of starting with the blank page, it will be much easier to use the application starting from a template. KGWT includes a small selection of ready-to-use designs.

You can find some of these packages directly in the Featured tab of KWGT Kustom Widget Pro, where you will find links to containers with a multitude of designs and components. In the Installed cost, you will find those designs ready to use. Please tap on the one that suits you the most to load it into your widget.

Final Words

KLWP (Kustom Live Wallpaper) is an exceptional animated wallpaper app. Thanks to the virtually infinite functions and comforts included in it, you can almost say goodbye to traditional widgets. Your wallpaper will become utterly customizable in appearance, which will allow you, for example, to show a clock or the weather of the day. And in the functions, you can select some areas that will act as a link by touching which it will be possible to start apps or activities. No need for widgets or icons.

KLWP includes a handy visual editor that allows you to edit any element within the background easily. You will have the possibility to manage the appearance, behavior, animations, and much more for each component in a completely customized way. And creating an animated wallpaper from scratch will still take time and practice.

By purchasing the KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key APK version, you can gain the ability to use presents from external sources. The Play Store will become an inexhaustible source for customized wallpaper dedicated to a variety of topics.

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