Contract Killer 2 MOD APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Contract Killer 2 MOD APK 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Glu Unlimited Money

Contract Killer 2 is an attractive smartphone fighting game series that allows players to role-play characters and destroy targets with a variety of heavy guns. With Contract Killer 2, it will immerse you in a cold-blooded assassin. Do a lot of dangerous tasks from your hiring contracts and go-to locations to find safe hiding places. Then find your target and shoot.

The gameplay of Contract Killer 2 is immensely complicated because this game application requires you to have strategies and plans every time you make an assassination under a contract. This app will keep you entertained in action in your spare time and want to pass the time.

You will play the role of an assassin in this mobile game, then go on a murder mission, destroy the target, the base of the enemy’s hideout, and erase the item. The goal is still the most important to the assassin in the game.

However, if you are a female who does not favor violence, this game series will not be suitable for downloading to your smartphone. You can download this fantastic app via this link.

General Information

In this mobile game, players will have over 250 different missions with target base destruction campaigns. The tasks are different, significant challenges that the player never gets tedious every time you play. A secret force will send down the targets that the player destroys with the base of the intention, but for each mission. The player needs to transform into the enemy base without being detected.

Players can also upgrade weapons to make them more durable with more features and ammunition. You will use guns such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, heavy guns, rockets, knives, and armor to bring in dangerous missions. In the game, you need to kill all the enemies.

For each terrain in the missions, you will have the advantage of neutralizing guards by disabling guns, followed by detonating objects and avoiding fire. The player also has a utility in the game that can move invisibly. So, the enemy cannot see when you move to the required position. You will get the contracts all over the world to kill off the set goals. Within the game, play and become the most potent killer in the world.

Additional features in Contract Killer 2:

– The first-person sniper contract uses range and muffler to carry out long-range assassinations.

– Contract 3rd person assault: performs devastating melee attacks or warnings! That’s your choice.

– Assassin Club Card: completes dozens of unique challenges to earn trophies, badges, and substantial rewards.

– Targets: assassinates dangerous targets, eliminates all enemies in the street, and survives the surprise ambush.

– Customize weapons set: upgrade weapons with scope, silencers, costumes with launch knives, armor, and hand weapons.

Background Story

Contract Killer 2 is the sequel to the popular Contract Killer series on mobile. As a sniper, complete a series of challenging mercenaries to eliminate essential targets.

In Contract Killer 2, players will use the most advanced sniper rifles to shoot down the target, destroy the entire base, or only deal with the most critical objectives according to the contract. Conquer over 250 attractive missions and campaigns. You can shoot down targets from an extensive range or in intense armor battles.

Also, Contract Killer gamers can upgrade their arsenal. It helps you preserve your guns and be ready to serve the next mission. In this shooting game, the cold-blooded assassin will be challenged with a variety of modern firearms such as snipers, rifles, limited guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and armor for creating experiences more diverse than combat.

Also, real-time PvP battles always have their appeal compared to offline fighting. Remember, you need to avoid explosive targets or dodge bullets as is necessary to preserve your life.

To have a clearer picture of this impressive and engaging fighting game, we offer the game introduction video that the manufacturer brings. Immediately, you realize that the game’s graphics are beautiful to players. The levels of the game, the weapons, and the items accompanying the player are too high.

In the video introduction, the character has a machine. This machine will tell the player what the next target location is to destroy. When receiving the information, the player will have to go on missions.

The most impressive thing is the killing of base guards. Kill the enemies by a flying gun weapon with terrifying and accurate firing speed and bring out the sound of hugely successful rounds.

For sure, with the trailer for Contract Killer 2, you will be extremely excited and want to play this mobile game on your device. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this impressive shooting action game to your mobile phone? We hope this fun application will help you have moments of fun and excitement in this game.

Overall Assessment

Interesting Gameplay

Like previous installments in the Contract Killer series, players will play the role of a master assassin armed with a wide variety of firearms, bald heads, and a passion for sniping. Contract Killer 2 is a stealth game that will automatically switch to the first angle when the player has to shoot his enemy.

You can shoot from above the roof, but in most cases, you will want to aim at the red target to ensure the highest accuracy. And that player will also have to complete some sniper missions in the game.

However, the game has quite a few missions in which the player must use a rifle to attack or other guns that are not specialized for sniping. Contract Killer 2 has over 250 tasks in the single-player mode that the player must complete. Each mission takes you to a new world location for you to hunt for your targets.

Sometimes, the player will need to use a knife to destroy the target and then perform a bombing quietly. At other times, you will have the task of fleeing among dozens of snipers hiding in the corridors with countless barrels and concrete blocks as obstacles.

Sniper missions often require players to use the sights of their rifles to find a target and then perform spectacular headshots. Players will watch their projectiles fly with beautiful slow-motion effects. Then it’s time for the next quest.

Also, Contract Killer 2 has a PvP mode where you can show off your sniper skills to other players online. For sniping, gamers will need to buy new guns and upgrade old firearms to take on some demanding missions.

Graphics and Special Effects

If you are a gamer who loves shooting and action games, you cannot ignore Contract Killer 2. It is the latest version of Glu’s famous Contract Killer series. You will be immersed in theatrical gun battles. Glu is a well-known game development company that has undoubtedly played this developer’s mobile game many times.

In the game, you will be a professional assassin with the most heavy-duty weapons. Your principal job is to chase down those who are hired. But you are not a money-lover. So, you made a noble mission: to kill the terrorist organization Shadow Wolves – Black Lang with the leader Vladimir Drago.

It will transform you into the character with a first-person perspective, giving you shooting accuracy and a proper feeling to enjoy taking part in actual combat. You will not be boring with the genre, only shooting from start to finish. You can also capture the enemy, collect resources, diamonds to upgrade guards and gun turrets.

Realistic 3D graphics make you speechless before real gun battles and sharp. The image of the state-of-the-art metal gun, bulletproof vest with clear imprints, and neon lights in the dark gives you the feeling of being in a real action movie.

Operating System

Surely, you cannot forget Contract Killer with spectacular action snipers. Version 2 of Contract Killer owns a beautiful graphics platform and gameplay and is much better than the previous version. There are still killing contracts, impossible missions, and you will come to a more vivid 3D world.

In Contract Killer 2, gamers will play the role of a highly trained professional assassin, and your task is to destroy the designated targets. Individually players will play the role of Jack Griffin, a perfect hired killer.

Contract Killer 2 opens up a good storyline, long-range shot, and close-range melee attacks. To stay in the business vortex, you must do your missions on your own, and destroy your goals on your own!

Contract Killer 2 still revolves around the story of you as a sniper, but this time it is against terrorists and the mafia. During the game, Contract Killer 2 will send you a variety of weapons that you can buy. They trade some types through the coins you earn in the game. Others require you to spend a lot of coins. Medals will be harder to collect than money.

Some contracts are quite complicated. In many situations, the tasks may not be too difficult, but you will lack the equipment. So, the game becomes more difficult. To get more stuff and make more money, you need to overcome many challenges. These challenges are quite complicated and are also an excellent way for you to practice your skills.

The controls of Contract Killer 2 are like other shooters of the same genre. Press the buttons on the screen and drag and drop your fingers to aim at the target and observe the battlefield more broadly.

Sometimes, enemies will burst out, and you cannot destroy them. It makes it difficult. The last enemy killed on each level will receive a slow-motion bullet. It is the difference that not all games have.

Recommended Alternatives

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As you all know, 3D Touch is a unique feature first applied to the iPhone. This feature allows the screen to recognize two levels of pressure sensitivity on the iPhone’s screen and provide corresponding gestures.

And Cover Fire – the new game from One-Man Band will promote all the most remarkable for this feature that is considered useless. Cover Fire is a stunning 3D graphic shooter on a mobile platform. The game was in development for a year and now is the time for the developer to give it a test that will help complete the final version.

According to One-Man Band, the 3D Touch feature in Cover Fire has also been much improved, promising a revolution in the shooter experience on mobile platforms. Specifically, the player only needs to touch to aim and touch slightly harder to fire bullets at the enemy. Even players need not take their hands off the touch screen but can still manipulate the aim easily.

The plot in the game is about an evil force called Tetracorp, who wants to dominate and dominate the planet. Players in the role of resistance try to fight and regain peace for humanity. By using the three major characters, each can use different weapons suitable for each mission.

Critical Strike

If you are a massive fan of Counter-Strike, congratulations, you have found a hybrid on your mobile phone. CSO Mobile converges almost all the features and maps of the Counter-Strike PC version. The graphics and the gameplay are identical, only slightly different in terms of controls because of the difference in the platform of buttons and smartphone touches.

In particular, thanks to Unity 3D technology, the game plays exceptionally smoothly with less lag. The sound system of the game is also very cared for by the manufacturer, the stereo effects at the trigger or grenade explosions are portrayed realistically and vividly.

Along with that, Critical Strike owns a diverse weapon system for you to throw around freely. The game has two modes to support online players via Wi-Fi and 3G or play offline with BOT.

For the online multiplayer game mode, the game requires a high transmission quality. So will choose an Asia server or country closest to the country you are playing the most to have low ping. Ping has a significant impact on FPS gaming because if you have a high sound, you will get slower enemy images, hard to kill, not even dead, and very inhibiting.

Final Words

Contract Killer 2 MOD APK owns a beautiful graphics platform and gameplay and is much better than the previous version. There are still killing contracts, impossible missions, but you will come to a more colorful 3D world.

In Contract Killer 2, gamers will play the role of a highly trained professional assassin, and your task is to destroy the designated targets. Individually, players will play the role of Jack Griffin, a perfect hire killer.

Contract Killer 2 opens up a good storyline, long-range shot, and close-range melee attacks. To stay in the business vortex, you must do your missions on your own, and destroy your goals on your own!

Contract Killer 2 still revolves around the story of you as a sniper, but this time, it is against your terrorists and the mafia. This updated version adds stealth items to sneak into the mafia meeting room and eavesdrop on the plan.

Additional Information

  • Version 3.0.3
  • Requires Android 2.1+
  • Update August 28, 2020
  • Developed by Glu


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