Crazy Chef MOD APK 1.1.88 (Unlimited Money)

Crazy Chef MOD APK 1.1.88 (Unlimited Money)

February 6, 2024


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Casual Joy Games
209.42 MB
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Unlimited Money

Food is very necessary for human beings. Every day we consume a lot of food. But cooking isn’t easy with many people. And if you are a person who likes cooking and you’re looking for a funny game about cooking, Crazy Chef will be a good choice that you shouldn’t ignore. The game’s full name is Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game. In the game, you will become a chef, cook and serve customers dishes like a Crazy Chef. This will be very interesting. Let’s explore Crazy Chef and experience cooking now.

Graphics and sound

Crazy Chef is one of the games that has been created and developed by Casual Joy Games. Casual Joy Games is a developer and publisher of casual games for smartphones. With outstanding creativity and technology background in mobile games and internet platforms, they’re developing and publishing high-quality mobile games for the social networks and mobile app stores globally. Crazy Chef can run on platforms such as Android and iOS. You can easily find the game on App Store and Google Play. Crazy Chef is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics are smooth and eye – catching. The image of food is designed to be real. They will make your experiences more realistic. Moreover, bright colors will create a comfortable atmosphere around you. In addition, funny background music will always be turned on during the game. This makes you feel happy and excited. But if you are in a public place and you don’t want to disturb others, you can turn down Music and Sound in the Settings of the game. Furthermore, the game also permits you to set up Notifications. On or Off. You will decide that.

Start to cook delicious dishes

Produced by top cooking game professionals, Crazy Chef will provide the easiest gameplay. Therefore, you can learn how to play quickly through basic tutorials. Besides, Crazy Chef is a cooking game. So your main mission is to cook. There will be a lot of dishes that you need to cook in your restaurant. For example, pizza, hamburger, beefsteak, shrimp, soup, … Through plenty of game levels, you will experience fry, bake, boil to steam, simmer or grill. You will be a person who makes worldwide food with magical ingredients. Moreover, you also can mix various and special drinks or usual drinks such as coffee, cola and so on. Even your restaurant also sells cakes such as donuts, cookies, cream cakes, … Not only serve the customers breakfast, you also serve lunch, dinner and desserts like ice-cream.

In addition, the difficulty will increase gradually over each level. You need to serve the customers quickly to reach enough dishes. At the same time, you also need to keep the customers happy to get their likes. Sometimes you will have to earn a certain number of coins to complete a level. This will make the game more attractive. But it also is a big challenge for the players. Therefore, you will need many good strategies, tips and cooking skills. For example, manage your serving time and order in the rust hour, create more combos in order to get extra bonuses, apply the useful boosts to get help in the hard level, …

Upgrade and develop your restaurant

In Crazy Chef, your restaurant will serve a lot of customers. Therefore, you need to earn many coins to upgrade the food and kitchenware. You can complete tasks and achievements to get rewards that contain diamonds and gold coins. Upgrading the ingredients and food will increase your earnings. But upgrading the kitchenware and kitchen appliances will produce more and quickly. So upgrade intelligently to complete the levels more quickly.

Besides, the game also allows you to build more restaurants all over the world. This will help the customers to know your name. At once, this also makes a huge profit for you. But you need to have enough keys to unlock new restaurants. Moreover, you can decorate an anniversary scene. This is an interesting feature in the game. With this feature, you will use Decoration Coins to unlock the decorations and décor a beautiful scene. In addition, getting 3 chef stars in every level will show you are a chef master. Manage your time well and promote your cooking skills in order to become the best chef in the world.

Special points in Crazy Chef

With a simple gameplay, the players will cook and serve dishes to their customers. Crazy Chef will be suitable for a lot of players of different ages, from children to adults. In particular, this game not only is for girls, but also boys. The boys can find a lot of fun by this new, free and addictively interesting game. Besides, you can relax with Crazy Chef after a long work day. Because you don’t have to think too much when playing. Moreover, you can edit your profile, from name to avatar. Choose a good name so that other players can remember you. And select your favorite avatar. There are up to 30 beautiful pictures that you can select.

In addition, Crazy Chef doesn’t require connecting to the Internet when playing. So you can play the game wherever you want. Furthermore, the game also allows you to connect to your Facebook account to save your progress. This will help you to play Crazy Chef on many different devices. Also, there are up to 16 languages in Crazy Chef. These include English, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Vietnamese, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The default language in the game is English. But if you want to change another language, open the Settings and choose the language you use. Because of the things above, Crazy Chef has attracted over 10 million players in the world. What are you waiting for that doesn’t install the game now? There are many attractive things in Crazy Chef. Let’s take part in Crazy Chef and enjoy them now.

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