Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK 63.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK 63.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

June 5, 2024


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Jam City, Inc.
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Unlimited Money

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Hello, all my lovely readers! Welcome back. Surely in spare time, gaming is one of the popular activities. And today, I will bring you an exciting and attractive game. That is Disney Emoji Blitz – funny emoji puzzle game. We know Disney as the exciting and dreamy fairy world. The prince, the princess, or Mickey and his friends are a part of childhood deeply in the hearts of many people. With Disney Emoji Blitz, you will meet these familiar characters again. Let’s explore this game with me!


Everyone knows that Disney is a fairy world not only for children but also for adults. They always want to give people the best comfort and experience. Besides famous cartoons or amusement parks spread all over the world, Disney also launched mobile games. And Disney Emoji Blitz is one of their outstanding games.

Disney Electronic Content Inc is a developer of Disney Emoji Blitz, and the game is suitable for all mobile devices. Although I love to play games, I will often perform action and fight. I am not very good at playing the intellectual and gentle genre. Still, Disney Emoji Blitz attracted me a lot.

This matching game for all ages, from children to adults, can take part in it. With Emoji images of familiar characters in Disney cartoons’ world, the competition promises to bring fans hours of light yet charismatic entertainment right on your iPhone / iPad.

Disney Emoji Blitz is developed in the style of puzzle intelligence with a funny, easy-to-play 3-screen connection – a very familiar mobile game genres like in Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled Blitz diamond game.

Although the gameplay is nothing new, over 400 Emoji images of familiar characters in Disney cartoons are the most attractive point of this game.

Through the primary match-3 screen, players will collect this cute Emoji set and activate the super-toxic Emoji keyboard, ready for chatting, sending love messages to loved ones!

Play and collect hundreds of Emoji from Disney and Pixar with a fast-paced puzzle style. Winning will earn you lots of exciting rewards, unlocking new tables and discovering new Emoji series.

In the Disney Emoji Blitz for iOS game, players will collect Disney and Pixar emoji characters and items from classic cartoons such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and The Lion King. , Cinderella (Zootopia), Zootopia, The Muppets, The Toy Story (Disney Pixar’s Toy Story), The Monster Company (Monsters, Inc.), Finding Dory (Finding Dory) and many other exciting films.


  • Developer: Seller Jam City, Inc and Walt Disney Company
  • Size: 128 MB
  • Platform:iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile
  • Genre: Casual Game
  • Languages: English, German, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Appropriate age: From 4 years and up
  • While Disney Emoji Blitz is free to download, you can still use real money to buy some in-game features. If you do not need it, you can limit it by turning off the application’s purchase feature in the settings.


In Disney Emoji Blitz, cartoon characters will always be moving around the screen. Your task is to find three identical character symbols quickly, or maybe over 3, the better.

Every time you complete a mission, you will receive a prize and also open up new emoticons of the game. The last destination you have to conquer is to unlock over 400 emoticons from Disney and Pixar cartoon characters, so to destroy this mobile game also requires a lot of time there.

In the game, you can come across cartoon characters you admire. Disney Emoji Blitz has hundreds of different emoticons from a variety of popular cartoon characters such as The Little Mermaid (mermaid), The Lion King (The Lion King), Cinderella (Cinderella), Toy Story characters, Finding Dory, and many other familiar names.

Disney Emoji Blitz is connected to a custom keyboard so that each time a player collects an emotion from an in-game character, at the same time, it is also unlocked on your mobile console. You can use it like a standard emoticon available on your phone.

Besides, players can perform quests to increase their score and earn prizes. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can get rare rewards like Disney Parks themed Mickey Bar high-end, Matterhorn, and even the Mickey Mouse Ear Hat emotion.

They have released Disney Emoji Blitz for mobile devices using iOS and Android operating systems through the App Store and Google Play. You can download Disney Emoji Blitz because it is free.

However, in the free application, you will still be bothered by the advertising information that appears regularly on the screen. Besides, you will have to pay some other items in the game by credit card payment if you want to own them.

Disney also added that it would continue to release emoticons themed about Disney and Pixar’s famous cartoon characters for mobile phones next month, after the game is released and Stable operation.

Features of Disney Emoji Blitz

Similar to other games, Disney Emoji Blitz also has its unique features. To understand this game better, let me consider some of its exciting points!

Master the Board with Lots of Super-Powerful Modifiers and Combos

Disney Emoji Blitz for iOS provides players with a diverse system of combos and plugins. Each Emoji corresponds to a character and has its power to exploit.

Do not miss the golden opportunity to activate Blitz Mode at the end of each table. Because this is the stage that gives you the most scores and advantages, contributing to the completion of the table excellently.

Finally, when you have collected hundreds of lovely Emoji, the Emoji Blitz keyboard will be activated to chat with friends and relatives from these emoticons.

Puzzle game Disney Emoji Blitz owns a control system that could not be simpler. Click Play to start a new board from the task list, press Play. You can choose any add-on and press Play again to enter an exciting puzzle challenge. On the board, swipe over the Emoji symbols to match them in pairs of 3 or more.

When pairing four emojis of the same type, you will create a Lightning Cloud add-in, swipe up on the Lightning Cloud, or other add-ons along with the corresponding Emoji to score an impressive score before time runs out.

Collect Over 400 Disney And Pixar Emoji Characters and Diverse Item System

One of the highlights in Disney Emoji Blitz for iOS is the add-on system (Boost). The first time you play a game, you will have the opportunity to buy a Boost to increase the score and add time to play it.

Boost types include Extra Time – every 1 second of gaming you get an additional 5 seconds; Extra Score – increase the final score to 10%; Full Power – Emoji’s energy bar will start at full charge; More Items – multiplied by the number of items that appeared and eventually Sunshine – upgraded Lightning Cloud to Sunshine.

Besides supporting elements, in Disney Emoji Blitz, players also need to pay attention to each Emoji’s power level (Power Level). This is a unique ability of each character and may level up a few times during the game.

Every time you level up, special abilities will become stronger, helping players conquer challenges quickly and achieve top scores. To increase the power index for Emoji, you just need to own this emoji in the Emoji store.

The primary currency in Disney Emoji Blitz for iOS is diamond (Gem). Diamonds have an essential role in changing the table to a new mission if you want and own more network play to continue the experience (in case the network runs out). Diamonds can also be used to buy modifiers, buy items in the Emoji Shop, and many other situations.

Besides, Disney Emoji Blitz has many other exciting features, such as:

  • Match-3 jigsaw to score high and unlock many new characters.
  • Play quests to increase your score and get exclusive rewards.
  • Compete with your friends to see who gets the best score on each level.
  • Share Emoji collected through the Disney Emoji Blitz keyboard.

Some Notes Before You Play This Game

If you are interested and want to experience this game immediately, I have a few slight notes. Take a look at them not to be surprised when you enter the game:

  • The game contains IAP packages that require players to buy with real money. If you are not interested in this feature, please disable in Settings> Limitations.
  • The game contains advertising. To minimize annoying ads, you can play offline.
  • There is an option to accept push notifications for new content updates from the developer.
  • It contains location services.
  • It contains 3rd party ads, including the option to view ads for rewards.
  • It contains ads of The Walt Disney Family of Companies.


Here are some questions that players often ask while playing this game. I hope the answers here will be helpful to you if you have the same questions.

Is Disney Emoji Blitz A Safe Application?

This game is completely a safe application for everyone. Disney has officially licensed Disney Emoji Blitz. Therefore, it has been around for four years since its release.

This game is available on app markets like App Store and Google Play. When you want to add emoji from this game to your keyboard, your phone’s system will require access to make it work. Do not worry; visit the settings section to handle.

What to Do to Get More Rainbow Stars?

If you own Magic Mirror, you will be able to multiply many stars you have available on the board. Holiday Minnie level 3 does a wonderful job of star missions. If you own her, your job will be easier. For whatever emoticons you use, grab 2 or 3 on the screen. Then use them all in Blitz. The chance of getting new stars will increase.

Connecting to Facebook will help the game save your progress. But rest assured that Disney Emoji Blitz will only post to your wall if it has your permission. The way to connect with Facebook is simple:

  • Step 1: Access the gear icon. This is the “Settings” section.
  • Step 2: Select the “About” section. The game will display an immediate display.
  • Step 3: Select “Login” on the introduction screen. When you see the words “Connect now!” then click on the Facebook icon. Click “Agree” to confirm that you will switch to the Facebook application to connect and temporarily leave the game.
  • Step 4: Connect it!

You can see your full Facebook name, but other players will only see the first letter of your name in Emoji Blitz.

How to Own Dug?

Everyone wants to be friends with Dug – a cute dog. To get this guy, make sure that the Disney Emoji Blitz on your phone is on version 1.6.1 and above.

What you need to do is simple. First, connect the game to your Facebook account. Then click on “Game Charts” and “Get Emoticons” button.

Rewards will come to you after you connect Facebook with Disney Emoji Blitz. You and your friends can play this game together. After reaching ten friends, cute Dug will come to you!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I appreciate the Disney Emoji Blitz. As mentioned above, I am a person who loves the action genre more than other genres. But this lovely game can delight me. It was great to meet friends from the magical fairy world.

Disney Emoji Blitz will bring you interactivity with all the characters who have appeared in Disney movies, including villains and protagonists. They are all lovely.

If you are a fan of classic Disney cartoons, do not miss the opportunity to experience Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming, Disney Junior Play, Toy Story Drop, and now Disney Emoji Blitz for free. The game has simple, gentle gameplay. So, it is suitable for all subjects, including children. Beautiful graphics, wonderful sound, addictive gameplay, and a rich system of items contribute to creating a complete match-3 game on mobile.

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