Dr. Mario World 2.4.0 APK

Dr. Mario World 2.4.0 APK

August 24, 2021


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Fans of the world-famous video game franchise could rejoice once more as Nintendo has recently introduced their latest Mario game on the mobile platform. Join Mario and his friends in a whole new journey where you’ll fight against the viruses that have been causing some serious trouble for men. Be a doctor and use your special medications to take down the annoying viruses. Find out more about this exciting game with our review.


Dr. Mario World for the mobile platform was essentially a remake of the world famous Dr. Mario game for the SNES system.

The game takes place at the Mario world where some colorful viruses have caused some serious panics. That being said, Mario and his friends must now put on their lab coats and head out with the colorful medicines to combat the dangerous viruses.

Together with Dr. Mario, we also have Dr. Peach, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Bowser, and many of your favorite characters in the series ready to stand up against the enemies. Moreover, you’ll also have many assistants that would help you along your way.

Take down the viruses through a vast level system that takes you through varied gameplay. Join Dr. Mario and his friends in this simple yet addictive game.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Addictive gameplay with simple mechanics

For the fans of the series who’ve already known about the previous Dr. Mario game, you would probably know the general gameplay in this version. It’s the same match three mechanics where you’ll stack the same colored medicine to the viruses to eliminate them.

However, this time, gamers will enjoy the game in reverse gameplay where the medicine would go from bottom to top and not the other way around. Just simply drop your medicine on the screen, adjust its direction, and it’ll fly directly to the enemies.

In addition, in each stage, players will only have a limited number of different medicine which they could use to effectively eliminate the threat of viruses. That being said, before you initiate your operation, it’s required that you spend your time thinking about the strategic aspect before dropping your first medicine. You’ll have to choose the right approach so that you can clear the whole stage using the given medicines. Keep calm and be a good doctor, you’ll return the Mario world to its peace once again.

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Advance through a vast level system

But don’t think that the game is easy since you should be ready for hundreds of brain-hurting puzzles in this game. With increasing difficulties, players will find themselves having to deal with more and more difficult viruses.

In addition, you’ll also be introduced to five different lands, each with its own characteristics. Here you’ll be introduced to new viruses and setups which deliver completely different gameplay compared to the others.

And most importantly, Nintendo has promised to deliver new maps in the following games, which would allow you to enjoy even more satisfying experiences.

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Play the game as your favorite characters in the series

Fans of the Mario series would definitely find themselves enjoying this title as it offers you the chances to play as your favorite characters. In a world where everyone’s a doctor, gamers will have an easy time finding their favorite ones. Besides, you’ll also have the useful assistants that would help you in each of their activities.

All the doctors and assistants in Dr. Mario will have their own personal skills and abilities that could be used to effectively deal with the viruses. You just need to find the ones that you think would be most useful depending on your preferences.

On top of that, your doctors and assistants can also work together and earn themselves personal boosts that enable their combined abilities. And finding the new doctors are also quite simple as you only have to progress to the next world.

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Enjoy the game with online players from all over the world

And to deliver gamers the most anticipated gameplay, Dr. Mario World will introduce Android gamers to a completely refreshed multiplayer experience. Fight the viruses in exciting online battles with your friends. Or challenge them in PvP battles where you two will have the opportunity to find out who is the better doctor.

Just connect to your favorite social account and discover your friends who’re also playing this game. Send them gifts, items, and most importantly, stamina to help them progress in their stage mode. And on the other hand, you’ll also receive help from your friends to get you further in your adventure.

Battle your friends in the versus mode as you take the virus-busting challenges to the next level. Show off all your skills and abilities to take down the viruses as fast as possible. Watching incredible animations as your characters release awesome attacks to their enemies. Most interestingly, players can also perform multiple attacks by killing the viruses in combos. Find the right attacks and deliver devastating blows to your enemies.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play for all Android users to enjoy and would continue to be so. Hence, if you’re having a hard time looking for a good puzzle game to install on your mobile devices, Dr. Mario would definitely be your best possible choice. Enjoy the entire gameplay without having to pay anything.

And even though the game still consists of in-app purchases, players can easily find their way around it. The most common problem that you’ll encounter is probably run out of hearts to keep playing. To overcome this without having to purchase a new heart, just connect to your friends and have them gift you new hearts every day. This is just a bonus feature and your friends will not lose any of their hearts. You can also do this to your friends so that you both can benefit from it.

Graphics and sound quality


The game features simple and beautiful graphics with all your favorite Mario characters being extremely lively and friendly. Explore the puzzle battles as you take down the viruses using the popping match-three mechanics. Enjoy the satisfying chain reactions as you pick the right moves for your Mario doctors.


Combined with the accurate and immersive sound experiences, you can easily addict to this amazing game.

Download Dr. Mario World latest 2.4.0 Android APK

Dr. Mario is definitely a great reboot of the 80s favorite Mario game. And with upgraded graphics and improved gameplay, it would certainly offer more than just a similar experience. Enjoy the ultimate portable Mario game right on your mobile devices. And, gain access to all of its contents for a completely free price.

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