Endomondo: Running & Walking MOD APK 20.12.23 (Premium)

Endomondo: Running & Walking MOD APK 20.12.23 (Premium)

December 29, 2020

Health & Fitness

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Endomondo: Running & Walking is a running application that helps users intelligently and professionally track and measure their fitness performance. With Endomondo: Running & Walking, you can apply to many sports such as running, cycling, walking, or jogging to any distance based on your chosen subject.

Through Endomondo, users can track running, walking, cycling, and over 40 sports activities via GPS. The app helps you keep track of time, speed, distance, and calories. It proceeds with a summary of all important information. Especially, you can completely control the training process with full summaries, track training time each day, and analyze the training results with different activities.

Besides, by downloading and using Endomondo: Running & Walking, users can also set time, distance, and calorie targets. You will receive helpful advice from trainers with guided audio. Commitment to your goals and let the app motivate you. You can even share your results and leaderboards on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

General Information

Endomondo: Running & Walking is a social networking application like Facebook and Instagram. Besides, Endomondo still has all the features for a running application such as tracking distance, time, and speed. A very nice feature of Endomondo is that you can refer to your friend’s achievements on copper test distances to get motivation. Of course, this feature is only useful if you have many Endomondo friends on the social network.

You can also use Endomondo to create running paths for training. Or you can refer to the running tracks that other users have created. You can also pay for more premium features. We have used Endomondo a few times and we figure out an outstanding feature in the app. Endomondo: Running & Walking features a Nike Plus link. So, the Nike Plus app can sync easily if you need to switch to Endomondo: Running & Walking one day.

Besides, Endomondo is a fitness app that allows you to record and track progress with any distance-based sports activity such as running and cycling. Another advantage that Endomondo: Running & Walking offers to users is that it can sync with applications and wearable devices. For example, you can get calories and nutrition information from MyFitnessPal. Then, connect to Google Fit to add exercise data to the dashboard. Users can use wearable devices to track their workouts such as Garmin, Gear, Pebble, and Android Wear.

How to Use Endomondo: Running & Walking?

Endomondo: Running & Walking is a smart, professional fitness tracking application compatible with most Android devices strongly. The app is free to use. Endomondo – is a health app that has been around for a long time on Google Play and has always received enthusiastic support from users.

There are nearly 296 thousand ratings and over 10 million downloads up to the present time. With Endomondo: Running & Walking, you will easily track the route and results of sports activities such as running, long-distance running, cycling, and mountain climbing. Simultaneously, through detailed reports, this application also helps you understand your current state and compare it with the set goals in the fastest way.

In the app, you can track running, walking, cycling, and over 40 other sports activities via GPS. Users can also track time, speed, distance, calories, and a summary of other important information. You will get audio feedback about distance and speed frequently. There is a monitor of heart rate through connection with the Bluetooth heart rate strap.

You can control your workout with full summaries and keep track of exercise time every day. There are analyzing exercise results with different activities. You will also get information on calories and nutrition from MyFitnessPal right on the app. Regular users can connect with Google Fit to add workout data to the dashboard. Use wearable devices to keep track of your training, including Garmin, Gear, Pebble, and Android Wear.

You need to set time, distance, and calorie goals and get helpful advice on training with guided audio. Commitment to your goals and let your friends motivate you. Attempt to achieve the set goal to receive worthy results. You can send and receive audio tracks in real-time from friends. Check out the News Feed to comment on the status of the people you subscribe to. It is fun to complete training results with friends and share results and leaderboards on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Overall Assessments

Endomondo: Running & Walking is one of the best running apps in 2020 because it will log and analyze your work perfectly. You can track running, walking, cycling, and over 40 other sports with GPS. Users can see the time, distance, pace, speed, calories, and other useful information. There is a profile in your workout summary. You will get audio feedback on the distance and speed that you have run.

You can log on to your indoor workouts manually and keep training logs with full episodes. You will get notifications when you achieve new personal bests and celebrate your progress. Endomondo: Running & Walking also gives you more outstanding free functions such as syncing with other apps and websites, setting goals, and taking challenges. You can connect with friends and outside society via this amazing app.

Endomondo: Running & Walking tracks duration, distance, and calories burned effectively. It also shows your route on the map. You need to set schedule exercises and goals. After you complete the training lessons, there will be feedback from an audio coach. The social network aspect allows you to post workouts, compare progress, and send and receive speeches. Users can keep a training log and analyze their progress.

Endomondo is a very close health monitoring application with accurate data on time, speed, distance, and calories consumed in over 40 applicable sports. Also, you can create a training log. It makes the app simple to track your daily training level.

Endomondo is a health-tracking application with a large community of users just like Runkeeper. One feature that makes many runners love Endomondo is that they can take part in tough challenges, but also very interesting. For example, you can run the longest total distance race in a month or run 100 miles per week with friends or runners from all over the world.

Some competitions even have prizes such as sports suits for the winners. There are many advanced features such as advertising removal, heart rate measurement, results analysis listings, and training lesson plans from coaches. You need to spend some money to buy the Pro MOD APK version. But if you just need to improve your health, the Free version is more than enough.

Final Words

Endomondo: Running & Walking MOD APK is one of the most famous health applications on Android and iOS operating systems. This application will help you regularly monitor the health of yourself and the people you love. Whether you are doing various activities such as walking, jogging, or cycling, Endomondo is always the top choice for users. It is the best app to help you keep track of your training and results

Besides, the Endomondo: Running & Walking also features a professional voice coach to create more motivation to make you compete with your friends and other users. In particular, the route map included in the application will also help you find new places to exercise and improve your health. The app has an optional method for you to import the exercises manually and allows you to keep track of all workouts.

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