Epic Prankster MOD APK 1.9.14 (Dumb Enemy)

Epic Prankster MOD APK 1.9.14 (Dumb Enemy)

Homa Dumb Enemy

Get ready to dive into this simple and extremely fun game of friendly shooter actions in Epic Prankster where you can enjoy the hilarious and addictive prank game on the go. Simply grab your nerf gun and start pulling pranks on people with your naughty shots from behind. Stay hidden from their sight and make your shots when the time comes.

Blast them away with your friendly nerf guns and fun bullets. Take on many exciting levels provided by the game, which will introduce you to dynamic and addictive Epic Prankster challenges, each having its own settings and objectives. Dive into the awesome and undemanding mobile action game, which you can play and enjoy whenever you want.

Learn more about this interesting mobile title from HOMA GAMES and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.


It’s another fun, friendly, and relaxing shooter game on mobile gamers that can rival the likes of Hitmasters and Hit Master 3D. Here in Epic Prankster, Android gamers will have themselves the perfect environment to have absolute fun pulling off their pranks and have fun. Simply dive into the endless levels of simple shooter action where you use your nerf gun to blast off people without being detected. Make uses of the simple touch actions to immediately enjoy the game and relax whilst playing it.

Have fun becoming the best prankster in Epic Prankster, as you tag everyone with your nerf gun and stay hidden from their sights. Explore the cool collection of nerf guns being introduced in the game, each allowing you to experience the gameplay differently. Switch up your characters for more personalized experiences in the game. Express yourself with cool outfits and awesome victory dances. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple yet extremely fun and addictive gameplay

To start with, mobile gamers can now enjoy the simple and intuitive gameplay of Epic Prankster, thanks to its undemanding mechanics and easy controls. Here, all you need is to tap and hold on the touch screen to unleash your powerful shots. Release to immediately hide away from the target and resume on your prank until you can blast them away. The fun and addictive gameplay with simple and evolving mechanics in Epic Prankster will surely keep you all interested.

Endless levels for you to enjoy

Throughout the game, Epic Prankster gamers will find themselves exploring many interesting levels, each having its own unique settings and equally hilarious pranks. Simply dive into the game to enjoy the escalating challenges and evolving mechanics, which will allow the game to stay relevant, regardless of your current skills.

Cool blasters with epic firing powers

With many cool blasters being provided by the game, Android gamers will now have dozens of different options when it comes to executing their nerf shots. Feel free to browse your nerf gun collections and pick your most favorite ones. Unlock more premium guns to have more fun blasting off people in Epic Prankster.

Switch up your characters for more fun

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely change your characters whilst playing the game. Have access of a huge collection of different characters, with unique outfits, appearances, and so on. The interesting elements of customizations will certainly make the game more interesting to all.

Enable cool dances on your characters

Not to mention that you can now activate your amazing victory dances in Epic Prankster upon finishing each level. Simply enable the feature so your characters enjoy dancing upon succeeding in their many pranks. Switch up between different dances and have absolute fun playing the game on the go.

Complete daily missions to collect cool rewards

Here in Epic Prankster, mobile gamers can choose to follow their many daily missions to collect cool rewards. Feel free to explore your many awesome missions with unique objectives and hefty rewards. Have fun playing through the levels while also attempting to complete your missions to have more fun playing the game.

Endless shooter fun for gamers of all ages

With friendly and fun gameplay, Epic Prankster will make a great casual action title for all Android gamers to enjoy, regardless of your ages or genders. Simply dive in and start pulling off your pranks to have fun with the game.

Pick up your daily rewards for free

For those of you who are interested, you can now pick up your daily rewards for free in Epic Prankster. Simply dive into the game and get your free gifts without having to do anything. Also don’t forget to return the next few days to stack up your rewards.

Enjoy the game while offline

To make the game more exciting, mobile gamers can now enjoy Epic Prankster even when they’re offline. Now, there is no need to turn on the mobile data or to actively look for available Internet connections whenever you need to enjoy your nerf gun funs.

Free to play

And for those of you who are interested, it’s totally possible for you to pick up the free version of Epic Prankster on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all gamers. Just keep in mind that the freemium game will come with ads that might bother you. Not to mention that if you wish to speed up the gameplay, you’ll need to pay for in-game purchases.

Have access to our unlocked mod for free

And speaking of which, if you’re interested in the game but don’t wish to pay for the premium version, you can always go for the modded version of Epic Prankster on our website instead. Simply make uses of the VIP characters, VIP dances, VIP blasters, and most importantly the ad-free gameplay, using our provided mods. All you need is to download the Epic Prankster Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With immersive 3D graphics, interesting animations, and hilarious visual elements, Epic Prankster introduces mobile gamers to their absolutely fun and addictive gameplay of nerf gun actions on the go. Simply dive into the game and start blasting people off with your awesome nerf guns while enjoying their many shooting effects and visual enhancements. Not to mention that the trimmed down and undemanding graphics will enable smooth and satisfying gameplay of Epic Prankster on all your devices.

Sound & Music

Together with amazing graphics, Epic Prankster also provides mobile gamers with interesting audio effects and fun soundtracks, which will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the addictive shooter game.

Final thoughts

Get ready to dive into this awesome mobile game of Epic Prankster where you pick up your nerf gun and start blasting people off with your naughty shots. Dive into the simple yet extremely fun and addictive mobile game whenever you want.

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