FightNight Battle Royale MOD APK 0.6.0 (Free shopping)

FightNight Battle Royale MOD APK 0.6.0 (Free shopping)

April 24, 2021


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FightNight Battle Royale is a Battle Royale style 3D action fighting game. You will fight for your life, or will die from time to time. The game is free, very fun, and is developed by GDCompany. You build fortresses, or craft weapons to fight in a challenging environment with other players. If the round time is reduced, the battle area will be narrower. Therefore, you get your weapons and equipment to win with other survivors in the city. The game promises to bring a dynamic PvP shooting experience, and is full of the inherent charm of the Battle Royale genre.

About Gameplay

FightNight Battle Royale is an exciting and dramatic PvP survival shooting game. You will still have familiar experiences like skydiving from a helicopter, finding items and fighting in limited time. Waiting is not a wise choice, as the battlefield will constantly shrink, and things will be more dangerous. Therefore, quickly find a weapon and start destroying your opponent to become the strongest. The player’s mission is to fight to survive on a giant map. First, you get to land in a random location from a helicopter. Then, you wander around looking for resources such as: safe hiding places, weapons, items and outfits to gain more power against enemies. The game offers a familiar Battle Royale experience on a dead island. Note that you should not just stand in one place, but move continuously from one place to another. Because the enemy will be looking for you, and may appear at any time to destroy you. You need to remember that the map area will gradually shrink, so you must quickly defeat all other opponents to become the last survivor.

FightNight Battle Royale offers 3 different game modes, and any team mode is very interesting. You have the option of team play if you love teamwork; you choose solo mode if you like feeling alone; You choose the zombie battle mode to enjoy the frantic zombie shootings. Each mode has its own quirks, and try them all out for fun. The game offers a wide selection of characters, and different skins. This helps you increase your personal feelings. The game offers a few choices like assassins, Player 1, Noob, and many more interesting skins. Therefore, you become anyone as you like: snipers, special forces soldiers, shooting experts, or just a combat assassin. If you become your favorite character, you can feel the power of adrenaline throughout the entire time you experience an online shooter.

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FightNight Battle Royale also impresses with its diverse arsenal. The game offers more than 20 different weapons, and most of them are popular guns. You have options like pistols, assault rifles, pistols, snipers and many more powerful guns. The game is immersive as you can upgrade and improve your gun to increase damage levels. The game offers an “Autoshoot” feature, and this is a must-have addition for those who are new to the action genre for the first time. You have the right to enable or disable autoshoot in settings. Of course, the game promotes freedom, so you are in complete control of many things.

FightNight Battle Royale offers a long playing time because of the huge map area. You are spoiled for wandering many places to explore nooks and crannies, and unique structures to hide. A good hiding spot is what will keep you through to the end. Of course, players can even camp in a private location if they wish. Since it is an online game, you will compete with players from all over the world for the top spot. In general, the rating system is well-established and well-designed. In addition, if you log in or play the game every day, you will get exciting new rewards. So, be ready to compete with other competitors from all over the world to take the number one spot on the online rankings.

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FightNight Battle Royale has the same control system as most other action games on mobile platforms. You use the left button to navigate the character’s movement, and use the buttons on the right to shoot, change guns, or choose other commands. The control mechanism is easy to get used to, and you will not take too much time to master the control of the game.

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Graphics and sound

FightNight Battle Royale has quality 3D graphics, although the quality of the game’s graphics is still not equal to other famous names. In fact, the graphics satisfy all the common visual experiences, but the details do not have too many features. However, the in-game transitions are incredibly smooth, with little interruptions. Graphics are optimized for most phones. So, if you have a weaker or older phone, you can still play your best, and avoid overheating. The game has custom graphics settings for all devices. The sound is designed very vividly, and full of effects such as the sound of bullets, explosions, footsteps.

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FightNight Battle Royale truly offers an exciting third-person PvP adventure. You have many game modes to challenge your skills. You have the option of joining a special forces team, or choose to destroy them all with a powerful gun. The game brings all of the crazy shooting experiences of the FPS and Battle Royale genres. You will always feel the thrill of battle, become a real shooter and climb to the top of the leaderboards. You choose your favorite gun, or choose the desired skin for a personal experience in tough battles. Parachute, fight and become the last person on a dangerous island.

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