Steel Rage MOD APK 0.183 (Unlimited Ammo)

Steel Rage MOD APK 0.183 (Unlimited Ammo)

August 20, 2023


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171.50 MB
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Unlimited Ammo

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You want a game with a combination of heavy tanks and giant war robots, then download “Steel Rage Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2021”!

Steel Rage offers exciting online car wars. You battle with players from all over the world, and experience the fierceness of the action-packed PvP combat. You choose your favorite war vehicle, choose the right combat weapon, utilize the abilities and seize the opportunity to win the battles. The game allows you to upgrade and customize the mech to your taste and fighting style.

Get ready to be a champion with a powerful car in “Steel Rage”!

Drive your favorite car and use powerful weapons

Steel Rage is a perfect racing & action game. The game combines elements of shooting and action, and GDCompany develops the game. You will drive powerful cars, and each vehicle is equipped with excellent modern weapons. You and your teammates fight against other players.

The game impresses with great gameplay, engaging music and high-quality 3D graphics. The game has simple gameplay, and the gameplay is very similar to other action & racing games. You are a driver, and you use your favorite vehicle (like a car or truck). Your vehicle is equipped with powerful weapons to fight rival vehicles.

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Create your favorite vehicle and fighting style

Steel Rage allows players to create their favorite vehicle, and fighting style. You choose the type of vehicle, chassis, military weapons and unique skills to suit your fighting style. In addition, you can customize the colors, and camouflage to make the car as stylish as possible. You can create a fast sports car, a sturdy vehicle like an armored machine, or a powerful car like a war robot. You make many car styles, and it all depends on your imagination.

The game introduces more than 13 unique action vehicles. You choose from sedan, mini and sports car to muscle, SUV and truck. You choose the right vehicle to overcome your enemies in battle fury. The game offers various weapons (light, medium and heavy) such as machine guns, AP ammo, rockets. You choose the weapon that suits your battle tactics.

Steel Rage offers different chassis styles, and this creates a variety of driving classes. You choose the suitable chassis model for your favorite vehicle. You use the sports suspension to improve speed. You choose SUV suspension, or you select a chassis with 6 wheels to increase off-road ability. You choose a tank or spider-type chassis for increased maneuverability on rough terrain.

Steel Rage screen 1

Variety of tactics for racing & action

Steel Rage offers many different types of tactics. You create the perfect twisted robot car with unique fighting abilities to your liking. You use the energy shield for good defense, you use the nitro boost to move invisibly for ambushes or make a tactical retreat. It would help if you had focus and tactical wisdom to use the suitable ability at the right time. Each of the different skills will bring about a change of the battle scene, and help you overcome the challenge of the PvP arena.

You use tactics according to your imagination, and your playing style. You mount up to 4 different guns and make a powerful tank-like attack; you shield energy to stop the enemy with a series of dangers; you launch arrows and use stealth to hide to create ambushes; You use nitro to defeat enemies by surprise quickly.

It would be best if you tried many different types of tactics to choose the best one. The game is excellent, and you should experiment with other styles to create the best car. You are free to fight wherever and whenever possible, as the game is not limited to action!

Steel Rage screen 2

Join the vast PvP arena

Steel Rage owns a large territory. Players explore a variety of terrain, from the countryside to the city. You explore vast arenas and use the landscape to increase your chances of victory. You hide behind buildings and other covers to your advantage. You should know the terrain, and take advantage of obstacles to defeat the enemy.

The game brings fierce war. The game supports up to 36 players in each match (Dynamic 6v6 PvP). Therefore, each game takes place with different tactics, and players always feel the uniqueness of each game. Get ready for online PvP wars, and compete against professional players from around the world. The partners are adamant, and you must become the best fighter to rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Steel Rage screen 3

Attractive graphics, easy to experience

Steel Rage also impresses with excellent image quality, and beautiful 3D graphics. Players enjoy the detail of every vehicle, and every corner of the arena. Epic explosions increase the game experience. Players enjoy the quality of graphics when fighting with friends. The game also allows customizing the graphics quality. Therefore, you can still enjoy the game right on your weak phone.

Steel Rage has an easy and intuitive control system. Players can change many things in the settings.

You download “War Robots” to control giant robots, and participate in epic PvP battles worldwide.

If you love the racing-shooting genre, then download “Desert Riders”. The game allows you to control your favorite car, and participate in a fierce battle like downtown New York at rush hour.

Get ready for an intense racing-shooting experience

Steel Rage is an exciting action-racing game. You enjoy great battles in 6×6 PVP mode. You experience the post-apocalyptic world in great detail, you control unique cars, you wield your favorite weapons, and you fight ruthlessly for the final standings. The game offers a variety of vehicles, and a variety of awesome weapons.

Get ready to experience the fantastic racing-shooting game “Steel Rage Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2021”!

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