Flick Goal MOD APK 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Flick Goal MOD APK 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Lion Studios Unlimited Money

Referring to the popular sports, people will surely immediately remember the sport of football, this is the sport that attracts the most viewers as well as the most participating the player in the world, through competitions, the football season has brought something different to this sport. If you are a sports enthusiast, especially football, the game we are about to introduce to you today promises to be suitable and extremely interesting for you to relax, which is a game called the Flick Goal, a famous sports action game that attracts many “football players” to participate. The game Flick Goal belongs to the puzzle game series, but using the football theme, the creative combination makes it attractive and quickly becomes a global phenomenon, with the creativity of the manufacturer, the game has brought coming to a new and interesting aspect but still keeping the core of the football, and now without letting you wait much longer, let’s explore the game Flick Goal together to see what it has especially interesting and attractive like that!

Description About the game Flick Goal.

The game Flick Goal is an action game, inspired by the sport of football, the Flick Goal is a combination of puzzle and football themes to create a perfect game, released and provided to you by your friends and family provided by the Lion Studios, a game maker known for popular multiplayer games such as the Prank Master 3D game,  the Heroes Inc game, the Save the Girl game, the Voodoo Doll game,  the Animal Transform Race – Epic Race 3D game, the Happy Glass game… Besides, the launch of the Flick Goal game has brought a new breeze to this sports action game genre and attracted a large number of players to join and install the game on their computer, so to know what features and features does the Flick Goal game have that attract many people, so now let’s explore the gameplay of the Flick Goal game together!

The task and the rule.

In the game Flick Goal, the player will control the characters to play the role of footballer to shoot the ball, the player has the task of aiming and aiming accurately to make a precise, powerful and decisive shot.

Like any game, the level will be gradually difficult from low to high, and in the game Flick Goal too, the challenge will be easy and not too difficult for the player at first, helping players get used to how to control the ball, and next will be the challenge of increasing difficulty with each different level, the higher the level the greater the challenge.

And some levels will contain a number of similar stages and challenges to test the player’s level and skills, the system will update regularly, and arrange challenges for players to enjoy have the opportunity to experience all the challenges and rely on time to complete the challenges in the most efficient way.

The system of characters and the skin in the game Flick Goal is very funny and diverse, not bound by stereotypes, lots of characters, male and female, all countries, the skin and many styles are different. Therefore, the player can freely customize the character’s shape to best suit the context, besides the challenges are not only done at the football field but can be performed anywhere such as the parking lot, on the beach, in the mountain, the street, the park, and the terrace ..etc, say that is a large diverse playground where you can play the ball you can play!

Another special thing is that the balls can also be customized, changing into different balls such as basketball, baseball, rugby … so that players do not get bored while playing Flick Goal for too long. And modifying the ball as well as the outfit to match the ball will not affect the feel, nor the outcome of the game at the beginning.

The control system is simple, the mechanism of operation is clear but requires the player to aim accurately, the player will stand in front of the free-kick position in football to shoot the ball into the net, but not simply shoot the ball in the net, which the Flick Goal game system will present obstacles that the player must overcome, these obstacles will prevent the player from scoring and possibly obstruct the flight of the ball, the player just needs to aim accurately at the landing point of the ball and swipe the screen, especially the player must try to the calculate according to the law of reflexes to calculate the jump angle and score, align the force and direction of the ball to be able to make the shot, shoot the ball perfectly like the professional player.

The graphics and the sound.

The Flick Goal game with sharp and colorful cartoon graphics, shaping characters and balls in many different styles. The sound in the game Flick Goal is realistic and dramatic with the character movements and the ball kicks, giving the player a sense of suspense but equally interesting and attractive to the player.

The features of the game Flick Goal.

  • The player has a chance to prove their free-kick skills with sharp movements, score goals and collect every reward.
  • The characters, diverse the skin with many different styles for players to experience.
  • Many different balls for the player to change during the Flick Goal play.
  • Many different challenges and levels for the players to conquer and experience.
  • The players have the opportunity to feel the power of the ball through each level and unlock many new play locations.
  • Lots of options for players to customize and unlock hundreds of characters and balls. Choose the one you like and continue your ingenious journey with a brand new look.
  • Play against players around the world, players try online modes and play 1v1 or 3v3 to show off their free-kick skills to others.

Listen to this, are you curious about the game Flick Goal yet? If you are already curious and excited, do not hesitate any longer, quickly access the CH Play application to download the game Flick Goal to your device, and do not forget to invite your friends to play and rate 5 stars for the game Flick Goal. If you are ready to be the greatest free-kick player of all time then calculate, angle, aim accurately and shoot the ball into the net, use your technique and complete the challenging levels and unlock new levels.

Hopefully, the game Flick Goal will bring players new, exciting, and exciting gaming experiences with the balls in the game Flick Goal as well as having moments of really comfortable and wonderful relaxation when participating in the Flick Goal.

Have fun playing the game!

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