GalleryVault Pro Key MOD APK 3.0.2 (Paid for free)

GalleryVault Pro Key MOD APK 3.0.2 (Paid for free)

December 28, 2023


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Paid for free

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GalleryVault Pro Key for Android is not a terrible choice to hide photos and videos because it is a small tool and free for the Android platform. Besides safe hiding photos and videos, GalleryVault Pro Key also owns a compact capacity of less than 3MB and a beautiful interface.

The application allows easy hiding of photos and videos. It avoids prying eyes of those around them and the leakage of private images on the Internet, which is a serious problem in today’s society. With a premium security solution, GalleryVault Pro Key supports hiding both app icons and ensuring your data is safe.

This tool creates a safe space on your smartphone, where you can import private photos and videos. Besides the anti-theft mode, the GalleryVault Pro Key application icon will hide so that no one knows its presence. In this mode, you can dial a passcode installed earlier to launch the application.

The beautiful and modern design of GalleryVault Pro Key will give users an enjoyable and smooth multimedia browsing experience. You can download this amazing app via this link.

General Information

GalleryVault Pro Key is a useful application to protect personal privacy that can hide files, images, and videos with a password. GalleryVault Pro Key is considered a very secure archive for your photo collection and personal video on a mobile phone.

Any mobile user who has a habit of storing on the device personal, even sensitive pictures and videos, will find the GalleryVault app useful. You do not want strangers to see these pictures? Worried about your data being leaked to the public and widely distributed on the Internet? Please install GalleryVault Pro Key for Android on your device to remove the worry of personal data being leaked out.

With GalleryVault Pro Key for Android, you can hide photos, hide videos, or any other file. The utility supports hiding files in SD cards and moving your encrypted files to SD cards for storage on the device. Security application is free, without ads, an unlimited number of files stored.

GalleryVault Pro Key supports shaking the phone to close the application quickly. An attacker will receive a fake password and fake content when attempting to enter a fake password. Besides, the utility also integrates with a private web browser and supports downloading all images and videos on the website with just a single touch.

Salient features of GalleryVault Pro Key:

  • Hide from everyone except you.
  • Allows importing personal photos and videos from the multimedia library through mass sharing.
  • Take photos, record videos directly, and instantly hide in GalleryVault Pro Key.
  • It saves Hidden files in encrypted form.
  • Perfect multimedia browser design, smooth image zoom, and slide.
  • Support exporting media files to SD memory cards.
  • Support file recovery after reinstalling the application.
  • Shake to close GalleryVault Pro Key instantly.

Background Story

By default, some Android device manufacturers provide built-in security features that make it easier for users to hide photos and other files. However, few users know that the Google Photos image storage application that comes with the Android operating system also has this feature.

To do this, activate the Google Photos app and navigate to the photo location you want to hide for privacy protection, long-press on that photo file, then select more photos if you need to hide more photos. Next, press the three vertical dots in the top right corner and select Move to archive from the drop-down menu, then click the Done button.

It will hide those photo files from the photo view in both Google Photos and your Android device’s photo gallery. The stored photos will remain in the albums where the photos were added, the search results, and any folders on the user’s device.

It is not secure though. Other people can still access these photos by tapping the vertical three-dot menu in the top left corner of the Google Photos app and choosing Archive.

GalleryVault Pro Key is a very popular app for hiding photos on Android, and with its simple interface, it is very easy to use. GalleryVault Pro Key is like a secure locker. Users only need to select the images and videos to be protected in the application and lock access by PIN, password, or fingerprint.

GalleryVault Pro Key allows to encrypt protected files, but can only be stored on the device and cannot create online backups like the GalleryVault Pro Key app above. The application also supports hiding both photos or videos stored on a micro SD card and transferring encrypted files to a micro SD card.

It also supports hiding icons, and no one knows GalleryVault Pro Key on the device. The app will provide warnings when someone tries to access the application.

How to use GalleryVault Pro Key APK?

The first step to hide sensitive images and videos on your Android phone is to go to the CH Play app store and download an application called GalleryVault Pro Key to your phone. Once the app has been downloaded, open it, and follow the instructions below.

As soon as you enter the application, you will see manuals, which you can skip because it does not have a lot of content. Next, the application will ask for a pin code. You should choose a pin code difficult for relatives and friends to find. Then, you need to compose your email and press done.

Now, you will hide the picture by clicking the plus sign above the interface. Select a picture you want to hide by ticking each image or ticking all. The application will encrypt all of your photos and you will no longer see sensitive photos in the photo gallery.

If someone knows this app and you are afraid they will visit the app to see the photos. Please select photos in the application and press delete. In this way, others cannot view your photos.

If you want to recover photos, you can click on the three dots in the upper right corner above the screen. Then, you go to the Trash, then click on the pen, and finally, tap on the Recover button. We can recover deleted photos within 60 days, so erasing and restoring in a short time is no problem.

The application also has many more interesting options. Click the human-shaped icon to see these options. In particular, pay attention to the hidden icons section, which allows you to hide the icon of this application on the home screen of Android.

If you turn on icon hiding, you will not find an app anywhere. You can choose the methods for restarting the application. First, you enter the dialer. You just need to press “##” and your password includes four numbers selected earlier. Then, press the call button, the app will appear. You open the settings to get the link and grant permissions as instructed in the video below.

Second, you can launch it with the space management button. You can access the GalleryVault Pro Key app, go to the Storage section, and then press Manage Storage. Immediately, this application will be opened. Next, enter the password to open the application.

After trying the two steps above features, you can safely turn on the Hide app icons. In this way, your friends will no longer see where your apps are. Now, you can use one of the two methods above to reopen the application.

To restore hidden photos in albums. You can click on the image, then select the pen to edit. Select the lock icon at the bottom of the screen. On the left-hand side, select the second line and press Remove hidden. Thus, the photo will return to the album as usual.

How to hide sensitive videos on Android phones is like photos only. Just follow the instructions above.

Some tips to use GalleryVault Pro Key APK for Android

Encrypted file storage

It will save the encrypted file in a folder named “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” in the device memory. You may not see this folder because its name starts with a period “.” will be considered the hidden folder. You need to reinstall your device’s file viewer to show hidden folders.

Your device may have over one storage location, but it will save the encrypted file in the same location as the original. For example, if you use an SD memory card in your device, you will have two storage memories (internal) and an SD memory card. If the picture is being saved on a memory card, the corresponding encrypted file will also be in the memory card.

Methods to avoid data loss

Do not delete, rename or move the directory “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” or any other file in it. When removing the application from the device, some file cleanup tools (such as Clean Master) will notify the user of deleting files from the Gallery Vault.

If you want to remove the application from the device and use it later, do not confirm to delete this file whenever the device asks you. If you want to change the device, set the machine to the original state, or change the memory card, please backup your data first.

Find lost files

Make sure you have not deleted the folder “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” or installed the latest version of Gallery Vault.

If you have copied the folder “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” from another device, remember to copy the entire directory in all archives. Access settings and click Find Lost Files. If backed up before, please restore the data.

Backup and restore data

It is a necessary procedure when switching to a new device, making regular backups, resetting the machine to its original state, or clearing the memory.

For the backup process, visit the setting page and click Backup to back up all files. Connect the device to the computer and copy the folder “GalleryVault_Backup” to the computer. Then delete the backup folder on your mobile device to avoid duplication.

After that, find the entire folder named “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” on the device. Copy these folders to several devices, including computers. If there is over one storage location, copy each of these folders to each memory.

For the restoration process, connect the device to the computer and copy the previously backed up “GalleryVault_Backup” folder to the top directory of the mobile device. Go to the setting page and click Restore to restore.

Make sure that Gallery Vault is not installed on the new device. If installed, unhide all files added to Gallery Vault and remove the app from your device. Copy the folder named “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” that you previously backed up to the new device. Don’t forget to check all storage.

If your device is running Android 4.4.2, you can copy to phone memory. Then install and launch Gallery Vault, a recovery panel will appear. Enter the passcode and perform normal data recovery. If that does not work, go to the settings page and click Find Lost Files to find the files copied to this device.

If you have backed up over one folder “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” but the new device only has one storage memory. Then merge the entire folder “galleryvault_DoNotDelete _ ***” backed up to one folder and Copy that new folder to the new device.

If your new device has two or more memory units, you can copy the backup folder to one of the storage locations. You should choose memory with a larger capacity.

Handling errors cannot add files

  • If you have added or shared a file with a special file browser, GalleryVault Pro Key cannot recognize the file path. Please choose another way to add files if this error occurs.
  • Always remember GalleryVault Pro Key may add files from different folders on your device.
  • The application does not support adding files online, such as from Picasa or Google Drive. So, you need to download the file before adding it to the application.

Handling when forgetting the passcode

Please find the nearest Email ThinkYeah sent you (find keywords ThinkYeah in the mailbox), follow the instructions in the email to reset the lock code. If we cannot find the email, please resend it:

  • Launch the GalleryVault Pro Key app by pressing the Manage Space button in Gallery Vault’s System App Detail Info page
  • Try to unlock and make a mistake 2 times, the Forgot button will appear.
  • Click the Forgot button and click Resend Auth Email.


GalleryVault Pro Key is one of the best apps for privacy protection on Android devices. The GalleryVault Pro Key APK app for Android can hide pictures and videos on Android and other important apps. It also protects hidden files through a secure encryption layer.

Using GalleryVault Pro Key APK, you will not have to worry about worrying about your data being discovered by your friends, colleagues, or lover when using your phone.

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