Piktures MOD APK 2.14 (Premium Unlocked)

Piktures MOD APK 2.14 (Premium Unlocked)

January 3, 2023


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For mobile users, you don’t need multiple apps to view and manage your images, to perform regular editing tasks, and to work with other photo utilities. All you ever need is this amazing mobile application of Piktures on your Android devices, as it comes with all utility features for managing and interacting with all existing photos on your mobile system.

Feel free to make use of Piktures to access all photos and videos from your internal storage and SD card, or even access to any of your cloud drives for saving files online. Enjoy better usability with the app, as it comes with a built-in editor for editing your photos, a convenient gallery app to easily manage your media, and secured passwords that would help protect your privacy.

Learn more about this amazing mobile application from DIUNE and all of its amazing features with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

With Piktures, Android users will have themselves the perfect mobile application for accessing all their videos and photos on the local storages as well as the online drives. Feel free to make use of many casual file managing features to manage your existing videos and photos. And also explore plenty of other advanced features, which would help you enjoy better utilities with the app.

Enable the secured file storage with encrypted passwords that will protect your private videos and photos from others. Make use of the built-in photo viewer and video player to access all available footage from your storages. Have access to the built-in photo editor that will let you quickly edit any photos and images with plenty of editing features. Make use of the GIF player to view your interesting animated memes. Unlock the QR code scanner to easily scan codes on the go. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this amazing mobile application from DIUNE for free on the Google Play Store. Here, the free app can be easily downloaded to your mobile devices and you can start making use of many in-app features. Just keep in mind that it’s still a freemium app, and there will be ads and in-app purchases that require you to pay to unlock.

Also, don’t forget to always provide the app with all the required access permissions, which are needed to ensure complete functionality for the in-app features. And like other Android apps, it’s also suggested that you have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, which will greatly improve the in-app stability and its compatibility to your system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive display of photos and videos

Here in Piktures, Android users can have a full display of all existing photos and videos on their mobile devices. Feel free to customize the display options with your own personal preferences to set up the lists however you want. From enabling the standard grid, mosaic view, list view, to even the convenient calendar view, Piktures will make sure that all your files are intuitively displayed at the home menu so you can immediately access them.

Powerful search tool to quickly find media files

Also, the powerful search tool will make it super easy for mobile users to find their media files and access them on the fly. All you need is to type into the search box to find images by their keywords. Or you can look for photos that are sorted by places, dates, tags, file sizes, file types, and more. Feel free to add your own personal tags for different collections of media files so you can easily find them later on.

Access local storages and from other sources

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of Piktures to access all local storages from your Android devices, which include the internal storage and your SD cards. Or you can load up photos and videos from USB Drive or Cloud Access. Here, the app lets users access photos and videos stored on their USB-Drive using the FAT-32 file format. Or you can log into any of your current cloud storages including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. The convenient and flexible storages will make Piktures a lot more accessible for mobile users.

Hide and protect your files

And to protect your files, Piktures users can now set up their own secret spaces to hide all of their private content. Simply enable the hidden folder to prevent others from finding the photos when viewing them in Piktures or other photo gallery apps. Plus, you can even take a step further by enabling PIN-code or encrypted passwords to protect your certain files and folders.

Built-in photo editor with plenty of tools

For those of you who are interested in photo editing, you won’t have to work with other external apps since Piktures does offer its own built-in editor for editing and managing your images. Feel free to make use of the advanced photo editor, which will allow you to improve your photos in matters of seconds with its quick editing tools. Use the app for cropping and resizing photos, adjusting photo parameters, adjusting lighting and colors, working with filters and effects, the list goes on. The quick and easy-to-use filters will let you immediately change the photos with plenty of unique effects with ease.

Advanced options before sharing your files

To share your photos and videos, Piktures users can make use of many features before sharing or uploading your files online. Here, it’s possible to compress your photos and videos to reduce their sizes without sacrificing the quality. Also, you can now remove the GPS data from any media files to improve your privacy.

Built-in video player for your movies and clips

With a built-in video player, Piktures users won’t have to open other apps to playback their videos. All you need is to browse the videos from the file manager and select them to play directly inside Piktures. Here, the app provides users with many convenient features for controlling and customizing the playback experiences.

Play or create animated GIFs

And for those of you who are interested, you can now freely play and create animated GIFs with Piktures. Here, the convenient GIFs tool will make it possible to play your interesting memes while browsing the files at the home menu. And if you want to, you can add your images to create GIFs or generate your GIFs from short videos, which is absolutely super cool.

Useful Wi-Fi Direct transfer options

With the Wi-Fi Direct transfer options, Piktures will make sure that Android users can easily share their photos and videos with other Piktures users without requiring mobile data. All you need is to connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi connection and the images or videos can be easily transferred with ease between devices.

Built-in camera and QR code scanner

In addition to the already convenient media player and media manager, Piktures also offers its built-in camera for mobile users to make uses of. Now, you can easily capture videos and images using Piktures, instead of having to work with your external camera apps. Plus, the app even comes with a QR code scanner, which will let you scan codes while using the app.

Enjoy more features with the premium version

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy more features with the premium version of Piktures. Here, the powerful mobile tool allows its users to enjoy the ad-free application so you’re free to browse its features without getting bothered. Also, you can now have multiple cloud accounts connected to your media gallery instead of only one, which would definitely make the app more convenient.

Get the premium app for free with our mod

And last but not least, if you don’t wish to pay the premium prices for the pro app but still wish to enjoy its full features, you’ll definitely find out modded version of Piktures a great alternative. Here, we offer the ad-free application with all the premium features ready to use. All it takes is for you to download the Piktures Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start making full uses of the awesome mobile application.

Final verdicts

Together with A+ Gallery, Piktures is another great media gallery and utility app for mobile users. Not only that I’ll allow you to effectively manage and interact with your photos and videos, but the powerful mobile tool even offers you the options of editing, sharing, and customizing the files however you want. And with the app being completely free and unlocked with our mod, you’ll definitely have better reasons to start enjoying its features.

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