Keepsafe MOD APK 12.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Keepsafe MOD APK 12.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

May 17, 2024


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Keepsafe Browser is a secure web browser for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is a lightweight web browser designed to help users to surf the web comfortably without fear of being saved. While using Keepsafe, you will no longer see annoying advertisements or pop-ups like some other browsers. In particular, you can secure the browser on your phone with a PIN code, or choose Touch ID.

Keepsafe allows you to hide sensitive files on your Android phone or tablet easily and for free. When you lend your phone or tablet to a friend or relative to play games, then keep panicking in fear, not knowing what people are rummaging through your photo or video store. There is a simple way for you to hide this data, is to use the application of Keepsafe. After installing and running the application, first, enter your PIN to protect it. After entering the primary interface, click the Add Picture button, and specify the image files you want to hide.

General Information

Keepsafe owns many features of the above applications such as PIN protection, using a fake PIN, and intrusion warning. However, only the first feature is free, the rest you have to pay to upgrade. So, you can try the Keepsafe Version. The biggest downside is that the app will hide your photos occasionally. And only when you upgrade to Pro Version, it will return.

Keepsafe is a fairly simple password-protected photo and video application. You just need to type your Pin and transfer your photo to the app’s photo album. To use features like fake PINs, intrusion alerts, and customize a password for your album, you must use the premium APK version. However, users of the Android version of the app complain that the app locks their pictures and only returns them when they upgrade to the paid version.

How to Use Keepsafe?

For the first time, you need to set a PIN (Android) or Touch ID (iOS) to prevent browser intrusion. For Android users, click Create PIN and then select four numbers set as a PIN. As for iOS, if the device has a fingerprint sensor, always use Touch ID as a security lock.

In case you do not want to do it, click the Skip button to skip and do it later in Settings. Keepsafe has a simple interface, comprising a row above containing the address bar and search box, tab button, and three-dot menu button. Keepsafe mainly serves basic web surfing needs like reading news, listening to music, and watching videos.

Google is the search engine on Keepsafe. You will see suggestions related to the keyword entered in the address bar for faster search. As mentioned above, it places each browser tab in incognito mode. So, it will not keep your browsing history, you need not waste time deleting after each use. The most popular feature is the ability to block ads and follow user behaviors.

You can see the tracks that the browser prevents you from pressing the three-dot menu button. Then, choose Trackers blocked if you want to check which element of the tracking action of Social, Analytics (statistics tools), Content (embedded content on the website), and Advertising. When you want to disable browser blocking, navigate to Settings in the menu.

Then choose tracker settings. Content trackers should not be enabled here, as it will affect the content displayed on the website. Besides, the Settings section also allows you to set up a PIN or change code. Above is the guide to use the Keepsafe Browser on Android and iOS. It is a lightweight and safe browser that you should use, which can replace top web browser applications such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Special Features

KeepSafe Vault for Android 9.32.0 is an application that supports storing photos and videos privately by locking them behind an easy-to-use PIN. As a free security application on Android smartphones and tablets, Keepsafe uses a simple personal data management process. Select photos stored in the media folder on your device, then control who sees them with a secure PIN. Only this unique PIN helps you to open the Keepsafe and view its contents.

With KeepSafe Vault, friends, family members, or coworkers can only view public photo libraries that are not intrusive into your KeepSafe folder. KeepSafe Vault allows for an increased level of security and privacy by setting separate passwords for each album. You can choose custom album art for easy classification and organization.

Create a second PIN to open KeepSafe Vault disguise when someone forces you to open the application. No one can know the real KeepSafe Vault PIN. KeepSafe Vault disguised in the form of a common application. When you turn on the Secret Door function, people will think this is a photo and video storage application often, the only you know behind it is a PIN entry and open the application.

Get notified when someone tries to access KeepSafe Vault with an incorrect PIN. This feature will take a photo of the data intruder with the front secondary camera, record the time, and even the PIN they used.

Users can directly contact the publisher via Email address [email protected] to send feedback, report bugs, or suggest additional features for future versions.

Overall Assessments

Keepsafe is an application to secure personal photos and videos on your phone by locking with a PIN, fingerprint authentication, and advanced encryption algorithm, preventing others from entering data. Keepsafe Vault also synchronizes photos or videos across all devices, backs up photos and videos for easy recovery if your phone is accidentally lost.

Keepsafe uses PIN Code, fingerprint authentication, and advanced encryption technology to protect your photos and videos. Just select the files to be protected in Keepsafe’s archives. Then delete those images from the public gallery. Photos and videos are securely synced across devices and backed up for easy recovery. Especially, there is the self-locking feature when your device is facing downwards.

Keepsafe allows users to share photos and disappear 20 seconds after it receives them. Also, it can create and share a private album with your other important people. The app also does not show up in your list of recently used apps. Some exclusive features of private cloud storage can store up to 10,000 items, compress photos and save originals, photo viewing experience high quality, and set album thumbnails.

Final Words

There are many reasons for wanting to keep our photos or videos private inside your phone or tablet, without having to stress about giving your device to friends, colleagues, or family during various occasions of daily life. Keepsafe MOD APK for Android and iPhone could be a solution for you.

Once the application is launched, you will be promptly asked to enter a PIN. Then, you will be projected to your role where you can choose the photos and videos you want to keep secret. Once you have chosen our images and videos, they will become private and will no longer be visible to the public. The app also contains a Snapchat which allows you to show photos to friends only for up to 20 seconds but without having the application installed.

Another interesting feature is a Fake PIN, which is the ability to create a fake folder with a fake PIN. Here, even if you feel obliged to have to give your PIN to someone, they would send the interested parties in a fake folder with a series of photographs prepared by you ad hoc, and you have no problem showing.


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