Gangstar Rio MOD APK 1.2.2b (Unlimited Money)

Gangstar Rio MOD APK 1.2.2b (Unlimited Money)

October 27, 2020


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GTA game series seems to be a familiar name to the senior gamers. These games were available at the time they were still engrossed with the desktop and PlayStation 1. Gangstar Rio provides for you to play freely and autonomously on the map to perform over 60 different missions. You will explore the vast city where you live.

In this game, your character can kill people, rob a bank or fight, and then experiment with the city police force. What has become the symbol of any GTA follower? Game publishers have been very successful in recreating a large and bold world of GTA series in the past. We expect that it will be a game that many people have to discuss on gamers forums around the world.

Gangstar Rio used to be listed on the 18+ game list because it relates to the underworld where the city of Rio de Janeiro is located in Brazil. You will explore five different areas including favelas, business districts, beaches, the jungle, and explore a fully realized indoor environment in 3D graphics. There are over 60 different missions to complete and dozens of random events.

General Information

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is developed and published by Gameloft. Among the games with gameplay similar to GTA V on Mobile, Gangstar Rio: the City of Saints deserves to be at the top of this list. If other versions of GTA on Mobile like Gangstar Vegas or Gangstar New Orleans are not enough to satisfy gamers with graphics, Gangstar Rio City of Saints is the choice that cannot be ignored.

The game comes with over 60 different missions that gamers have to complete with the same graphics and gameplay such as stealing cars and running away. It makes Gangstar Rio: City of Saints receive very positive reviews from players and are considered as one of the mobile game products most like GTA V.

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Background Story

Gangstar Rio: the City of Saints belongs to the genre of a role-playing game. The game is attractive with gameplay similar to the famous game GTA. In this blockbuster of Gameloft, players play as Angel, a former member of the Assassins gang. He is a big angel in Rio’s slums. After meeting and falling in love with Ana, Angel gives up street life.

But the day Angel leaves with Ana and finds a peaceful life together, has become a fateful day separating the two people forever. There is a bomb that blows up the car, it kills Ana and makes Angel suffer serious injuries. After surgery, with a new face, Angel returned to gang life to find out the mastermind deliberately robbed of love, and his peaceful life.

In the game, your gangster guy must complete over 60 missions and dozens of unexpected events. To complete missions and events such as destroying targets, breaking in, and chasing enemies, your character can use knives, guns, explosives blocks. He can control many vehicles such as vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, and scratching vehicles all over the terrain. Through quests and events in the game, players will explore the many areas of Rio de Janeiro. It is a dynamic, beautiful city but also full of violence in Brazil. The 3D graphics that Gameloft use in this game help you have the most realistic experience with this Brazilian city.

How to Play Gangstar Rio: City of Saints?

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a unique and dramatic action role-playing game on Android mobile. It gives players new experiences such as seeing and enjoying the passionate atmosphere in Brazil.

The popular Gangstar game series is back on Android with many outstanding features, giving you a whole new destination to share the fun. Gangstar Rio: the City of Saint is a unique action sandbox in the famous Gangstar game series from the cult application company Gameloft. Coming to this game, players will explore the city of Rio de Janeiro with the brilliant afternoon sun, beautiful scenery, desirable girls, and five different places in this city and complete over 60 diverse missions.

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Overall Assessments

The popular Gangstar game series has arrived on mobile devices to bring you new experiences. Gangstar Rio is a superb choice for those who want to explore the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro but also hidden terrible secrets. With the charismatic gameplay and exclusive tracks, Gangstar Rio players are not only immersed in the super-dramatic battlespace but also indulged in unique music. The game gives you a diverse treasure of weapons and equipment to customize, making the character more powerful and has a better appearance.

Gangstar Rio players are free to explore the city of Rio de Janeiro with five different areas, including the famous slums, the commercial district, the beach, and the jungle. Explore authentic indoor locations reproduced in 3D. Besides, there are 60 different quests and dozens of random events to bring moments of fun. Experience Gangstar Rio will remind you of GTA Vice City with similar gameplay, but they set the only difference in location by GTA Vice City in an American city in the 1980s with a raging crime situation.

Especially in Gangstar Rio, players can freely customize the character to their liking. Unlock countless new items such as shirts, pants, hats, and glasses. And most of all, for the opportunity to explore Brazil, you know that the illegal activities seem to have spread all over this country thanks to the no small support of communication.

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Gangstar Vegas

First launched in 2013 and has created a global craze, Gangstar Vegas is a third-person action shooter game set in a modern, bustling city and a full underworld system. With the theme of American crime, it is about Las Vegas. Players will experience crazy challenges such as racing, fighting MMA fighting, or even shaking hands with the city’s notorious gangs to perform silent assassination missions.

The first highlight that Gangstar Vegas brings is the size of the world map stretching to nine square kilometers. It is large and monumental. The city scene is set up meticulously. It takes every scene care of every detail combined with beautiful graphics attracting players to each place and area.

Gameloft has used real physics for racing, stealing, and fierce gun battles right on the street to create a real-life crime world. You will have a super cool and diverse collection of supercars, realistic design, detailed from appearance to the engine sound.

Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans of Gameloft licensed the famous GTA franchise from Rockstar Games. The game takes place in the city of New Orleans in the 70s and 80s of the last century. The producer has exploited many large, ancient, mysterious, and American hidden corners.

Gangstar New Orleans brings players to New Orleans. It is a city with enchanting landscapes full of dangerous traps. The entire city was dominated by racing groups and poor police officers. A character in America wanting to become a city tycoon. Then, you will create your empire that needs no tricks to achieve the goal you want.

Final Words

Gameloft always attaches special importance to the image and sound quality of its products. It is why Gangstar Rio MOD APK possesses impressive and beautiful 3D graphics, excellent reproduction of Rio de Janeiro with the context of large. Magnificent space gives players moments that cannot be missed.

The game gives players a treasure trove of weapons and equipment to help you customize the game to become stronger and have a better appearance. Along with the charismatic gameplay and exclusive tracks, players not only immerse themselves in the super-dramatic battlespace but also immerse themselves in the unique tracks in the game.

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