Gummy Drop MOD APK 4.84.0 (Unlimited Money)

Gummy Drop MOD APK 4.84.0 (Unlimited Money)

Big Fish Games Unlimited Money

Gummies are undeniably one of the most favorite snacks in the world, not only are they tasty, but they are also colorful and super adorable. You may find it interesting that your favorite candy is now the main focus of a game title. Introducing “Gummy Drop”, the game was developed by Big Fish Games and released in late 2014.

If you have played “Candy Crush” or “Disney Emoji Blitz” and enjoy these games a lot, “Gummy Drop” will not disappoint you. Instead of crushing candies or collecting Disney characters, you are making matches to travel around the world. Players will dive into the world of colorful gummies and gradually explore different cities across the globe. Get ready to be amazed by the stunning map and fascinating features of “Gummy Drop”!


Players will become a traveler as well as an architect to explore and design a colorful world. Before starting the journey, when you open the app, an animated video of falling small gummies from the sky is shown. Players can tour the most famous landmarks of New York, Paris, Tokyo, and many more. Ports are located all around the world and waiting for you to build everywhere you travel.

There are over 50 cities to visit, and you will start your journey in Sydney and find your way to solve all the match-three puzzles and collect resources. In the beginning, a travel blogger named Sam is introduced to guide you through the tutorial. She said that you would have to collect the gummies or “the world will never stop bouncing”. Sam will teach you about the gummies, booster, obstacles, etc. so that you will be able to get through all the levels easily.


The gameplay is familiar but still has its uniqueness

“Gummy Drop” is designed with multiple levels that players can swipe and match items of the same shape and color in order to gain as many points as they can. Players are given a certain amount of moves for each level, and they will have to carefully consider and plan their next move. Moreover, before each round, a number of points will be shown for players to complete the level.

If players fail to achieve enough points with the predetermined moves, they can use another life to extend their gameplay without restarting from the beginning. Players can also spin a roulette wheel to win another life or five additional moves. You do not have to worry about the lives because they refill quickly.

If coins and resources from each level are not enough for you, you can go back and play again each round to earn more or come back often to collect Lottery Tickets for exciting prizes. Furthermore, “Gummy Drop” allows you to rebuild a landmark from each city with every ten levels you master. Workers can be collected by clearing levels and you can build factories once you have enough workers.

For each level, players are allowed to play three times with three difficulty modes, from Intern to Master Builder. Of course, it gets harder each time, and the harder you play, the better rewards you will get.

Types of gummies

Gummies are designed in eight different colors and two alternate looks as Pumpkin in yellow color during the Halloween season and Snowflake in white color during the Christmas season.

Gummies can also be sorted into three other different types. By matching four gummies in a column or row, you will get a Line Crush. By matching five gummies with two intersecting matches of three, you will get a Bomb. Matching five gummies in a column or row will give you a Lightning Bolt.

A variety of boosters

Boosters are much provided along your journey and can be purchased with coins. There are 17 different boosters to obtain and purchase, some can be used in all levels, others can only be used in one type of level. There are different levels: tiles, souvenirs, timed, bomb, sand, and desert tile generator. For instance, only the Oasis booster can be used in the Desert tile generator or the Waterfall booster in the Souvenirs level.

Personally, I often use Shovel to clear any cell I choose on the board or Wind to swap two gummies or souvenirs to help my game go convenient. Boosters can be purchased in the in-game store, where you can also buy gold and additional lives.

Special events

There are three main events for you to challenge yourself and compete with other players.

In the Everest challenge, players have to clear all five levels on the map within the time given. If they lose a life during the challenge, they will have to start over from level 1.

If players are on the last ten levels of the current city they are in, they will see the Marathon challenge as soon as they unlock the next city that consists of Marathon levels from one to ten. They must complete all the levels with flags in order to participate. When players finish a flagged level with a medal, they can receive a reward. Bronze medal gives one extra time, Silver medal gives one extra time and one lightning bolt, and the Gold medal gives infinite lives for one hour, one lightning bolt, and one wind. Remember to finish building a landmark before participating in the Marathon challenge.

With the Treasure Hunt event, players can choose either a normal or hard path to begin or even both. The normal mode has four levels, while the Hard mode has six levels with more rewarding prizes. If players finish both paths, they will receive the biggest rewards with infinite lives (up to four hours) and finish the event. But in order to do so, they must complete a path without failing any level, or they will lose a life and have to start over. Also, players have to keep on playing once they have started a path. They can start over if they want to switch to the other, and it does not cost a life.

Currency and Unlimited Money

Players can earn coins by finishing levels and playing them again. Furthermore, they can compete with gamers all around the world in daily challenges too. And make sure to check your cities and ports daily, because you can get free coins for helping other people’s ports as well as cities.

I acknowledge that there are some demanding levels that will need help a little more than coins earned by yourself. Fortunately, “Gummy Drop” has supported an unlimited money feature for all players to purchase some boosters or additional lives if they have run out of them.



“Gummy Drop” is designed with fun visuals and colorful details. The frame rate is steady without any lags and bugs. All the cities are designed carefully with its most remarkable features.


The music and sound effects of this game do not have much to talk about, besides some voiceovers when players achieve exceptional matches.


Gummy Drop Mod APK is a perfect way to relax after a hard day outside. Big Fish Games has created a game title that is addictive enough without complexity but with fascinating features to keep your eyes on the game for a long time.

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