Ice Crush MOD APK 4.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

Ice Crush MOD APK 4.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

January 2, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Ice Crush is a great winter themed match-3 game. The game is a successful successor to the producer Garden Mania. The game still revolves around quests like transforming and swapping, combining 3 ice crystals to complete the mission. The game also has interesting mini-games such as adopting snowmen, challenging snow monsters and goblins, saving rabbits and polar bears, collecting coconuts. The game has a lot of different challenges, and confusing levels. Get ready for great strategy experiences. The game belongs to a completely new type of puzzle, and get ready for an icy adventure with many exciting rewards.


Ice Crush has a lot of challenges, and each level has its own mission. Your task is to complete all the requirements in the maximum move. Use your wits to beat the challenge, and get rewards like powerful boosters. You create different combinations, you can create different boosters. If you match 3 of the same color, they explode and disappear. If you match 4 of the same colors, then you get an item that removes all of the tape in one request line. If you combine 5 ribbons of the same color, you get a legendary item that removes all of the same color ribbons in the current round. The game has simple gameplay, but it’s not easy, and you need to challenge yourself to blast as much ice. The game has large, exciting and completely new rounds, so feel free to use your matching skills. You win for great rewards and daily bonuses. The game has eye-catching 2D graphics, and you can challenge opponents and cute friends. Please pay attention to rocket items, as they are rechargeable, and help you overcome challenging levels. You collect coins and snowballs to upgrade your equipment. The game is rich with more than 800 different interesting levels. Each theme level is well designed. In addition, the game always updated free levels, and game modes added regularly. The game also supports Facebook connection, and easily syncs progress across different devices. Get ready to join the community of tens of millions of players to increase the exciting match-3 experience.

Ice Crush brings the full experience of the familiar match-3 gameplay. Besides, the game also has an interesting storyline. Players embark on the adventure of a fun snowman, and you help the snowman fight evil goblins. The goblin’s evil plan is to completely freeze the fairytale world. You will pass hundreds of levels with the snowman, and form powerful rows of colored crystals to complete the game. Each level should be organized with a limited number of moves, and you find a way to complete the game. If necessary then you can use different rewards and boosters. The game is designed in a friendly, exciting and addictive way by many great moments. Besides, you have to deal with goblins and snow monsters to save the cute animals. Of course, the player needs to match gems of the same color. You need to note that the number of moves is limited, so you need to have the right strategy. Goals are varied, including achieving a certain number of points, and achieving a certain number of rewards.

If you find it too difficult with the levels in Ice Crush, you can also use your super powers and auxiliary powers to achieve better efficiency. After many levels of gameplay, you can earn extra points to receive coins and snowballs. You can upgrade your snowman and prepare yourself for more difficult levels. The game has levels that determine the success of the level, and you need 3 stars to get the best score. The game is educational and fun to play. The gameplay is simple when you just need to break rocks, and watch the amazing effects. Throughout the game screen, you will feel the magnificent winter atmosphere. If you pass the snow levels of the game, then you will collect amazing ice crystals. Try to earn maximum bonus points using the minimum number of moves. During the game, you will choose different snow characters to use special skills.


Ice Crush has the same controls as match-3 games. You think, and choose the ice crystals. You switch and combine 3 or more ice crystals to create powerful combos. The game is easy to get used to, and you will unlock powers, collect coins and snowballs to overcome difficult levels. If you have the right gameplay, then you will score 3 stars on every level. In short, the game controls are very simple, and you just need to use your finger on the screen to move the rocks accordingly.

Graphics and sound

Ice Crush features beautiful 2D graphics, and sounds come alive throughout hundreds of levels. The game offers a great experience with sound and effects. Therefore, you have a sense of entertainment, and also fun in the role-playing genre. If you like lightness, then you’ll love the game’s cute graphics and cute animals. Gentle paced game play can reduce your daily stress. The environment is beautifully designed. You feel the coldness of the presence of ice everywhere. The game is also a great color combination, so it brings a special appeal to the experience.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga offers a similarly fun experience through colorful candies. You join the fun in the sweet candy town, and confront the mighty Queen of Jelly. The game is full of game modes, exciting features and exciting boss battles with Jelly Queen. You swap candies according to a suitable plan to fight the Jelly Queen and win different levels. Get ready to discover splendid new Candies, use awesome booster items, and experience your journey in the Candy Kingdom. In addition, the game also has an interesting Royal Championship mode with many great rewards.


Ice Crush is an amazing, and fun match-3 puzzle game. You will experience many wonderful things in an icy adventure, with many great rewards. The game is addictive because of the simple gameplay, where you just need to switch and swap, combine 3 ice crystals to create the right plan. You challenge snow monsters and goblins, collect snowmen, and face exciting difficulty levels. Get ready to accompany funny snowmen, and deal with cute goblins in the world of ice and snow. The game offers hundreds of different levels. Try to beat the levels with the minimum number of moves to get 3 stars. You use different rewards and items to increase your score, challenge your friends. Besides, the game also has colorful graphics, vivid sound and great fun in the snow world.

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