State of Survival MOD APK 1.20.60 (MENU MOD)

State of Survival MOD APK 1.20.60 (MENU MOD)

Desember 20, 2023


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- High Damage
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Dive into epic survival and strategy challenges in State of Survival as you join the remaining survivors on Earth in their fights against the zombies. Explore the devastated post-apocalypse world with the majority of its population has been turned into mindless monsters.

Pick up your weapons and strike back against these nasty monsters. Join forces with other survivors as you build up your own bases and defend it from zombies’ attacks. In addition, with resources and supplies slowly depleted, your survival journeys in the game will be tough and challenging.

Lots of things to be done and little time for you to finish them. Will you be able to survive the tough challenges? The answers are yours to discover. Find out more about this awesome game from Kingsgroup Holdings with our reviews of State of Survival.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being caught in this ultimate survival challenge where a zombie infection has wiped out the entire population across the planet. And now, only a few survivors are left to become juicy prey for the undead. The world has now fallen into the controls of the zombies.

With little places to go to and harsh surviving conditions, it will be extremely difficult for survivors to find their way out of the situation. That being said, you’re going to need help from others. By joining forces with other groups, you’ll have better chances of surviving.

Together, you can build up your formidable bases where you’ll gather more survivors, collect foods and supplies, gather new resources, and take on any invading enemies. Experience the in-depth tactical gameplay as you manage your bases efficiently, and control your troops to fight against the enemies with clever tactics.

Explore the interesting zombie survival gameplay in State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, as you join gamers from all over the world in this epic game.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Rebuild your settlement to create a home for the survivors

To start with, as you begin your survival challenges, you’ll be able to create your own safe haven for the survivors. Rebuild the old settlement as you finally find yourself a safe place to avoid the madness out there.

Feel free to design your own bases, choose between different buildings, start producing foods and other resources, manufacture weapons as you begin to equip the survivors. Battle against the invading zombies and protect your base at all costs. And from there, you can start to execute your plans to eliminate the enemies.

Gather new survivors across the lands

Once you’ve secured your bases with formidable defenses and abundant resources, you can start to send out searching teams to look for special resources and rescue other survivors near you. Increase the number and strength of the survivors in your base so you can defend it more effectively. In addition, you’ll also find each survivor having their own unique traits, which allow you to strengthen your base. Collect valuable members who’re needing your help by taking on exciting rescue missions.

Pick up important researches so you can effectively deal with the zombies

In addition, to increase your chances of surviving in the zombie apocalypse, gamers can also pick up multiple upgrades and researches to power up their bases, make the expedition parties more capable, or even cure the infected individuals. With the zombie numbers are increasing rapidly, you’ll need proper tactics and properly equipped armies to deal with them. In addition, upgrades and researches shouldn’t be overlooked. Control the infections and stop the zombies to claim their new targets.

State of Survival screenshot 3

Unique heroes with useful abilities and traits

And for those of you who’re interested, the game also features unique heroes, each with their own interesting abilities and skills. With these, you can effectively build your ultimate squad of super soldiers. Make uses of their abilities to take down the nasty zombies and comfortably overcome the challenges. Complete the missions and get closer to your goals.

Interact with other survival groups across the globe

And in this ultimate survival challenge, you’re not alone. Not just the zombies who’re eying on you, there are also multiple groups of survivals who’re looking to take you down or wish to cooperate with you. Choose your allies and force your friendships as you try to survive the horrific plague. And don’t forget to stay alert from other’s threats.

State of Survival screenshot 2

Multiple in-game missions and challenges for you enjoy

As you take on your ultimate survival journeys, State of Survival will introduce gamers to a series of interesting missions and challenges that you can enjoy. Find yourself completing multiple missions as you get involved in various events in the game. And of course, there will be many interesting rewards for you to pick up.

Enjoy exciting strategy battles against the zombies

In addition, to make the game more interesting, gamers will have their chances to take on the zombies and enemies in exciting strategy battles. Take on different approaches to deal with your enemies and win against them as you come up with the right tactics. Choose the right team compositions and select the best heroes with useful abilities to defeat your enemies.

Play the game with friends and online gamers

And for those of you who’re interested, you can always join friends and online gamers in the exciting multiplayer gameplay. Join forces together as you defeat the immerging zombie plagues and restore order to the world. Enjoy the Alliance gameplay by participating in an existing alliance or create your own.

State of Survival screenshot 4

Be active and enjoy your daily rewards

To reward active gamers in State of Survival, the game also features multiple daily rewards for you to pick up every time you’re in the game. With stacking rewards, you’ll find yourself having access to more and more interesting prizes.

Free to play

And for those of you who’re interested, you can also have the game installed on your mobile devices for completely free. Just locate State of Survival on the Google Play Store and download it without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, since the game does feature in-app purchases and ads, some of you might find it quite annoying. Hence, you might want to take a look at our modified version of the game which offers unlimited money and removed ads. In addition, we’ve also introduced the no cooldown hack so you can freely unleash your skill attacks. Hence, the battles in State of Survival will be a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Nonetheless, all it takes for you to enjoy the mod is to download and install the State of Survival Mod APK from our website.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful and detailed 3D graphics, State of Survival introduces Android gamers to the atmospheric environments that are exactly what you would expect from a zombie-apocalyptic world. Piles of rubbles across the cities, groups of undead roaming the lands, bloods and gores cover the streets, and so on. With immersive setups and high-quality graphics, the game will make you feel like you’re actually living in this epic zombie survival nightmare.


In addition, with immersive sound effects and intuitive soundtracks, the game allows Android gamers to completely hooked to their journeys in State of Survival.

Download State of Survival Mod latest 1.20.60 Android APK

Fans of the famous Dawn of Zombies and Last Day on Earth: Survival will have their chances to enjoy another great mobile game with the zombie-apocalyptic setups. With in-depth gameplay, strategic battles, and captivating stories, you’ll find the game extremely enjoyable. Plus, our completely unlocked gameplay will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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