Idle Balls MOD APK 2.26.0 (Free purchase)

Idle Balls MOD APK 2.26.0 (Free purchase)

August 17, 2021


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If you are interested in Idle Balls and are extremely curious about how this game works then you will find this amazing mobile game from Gameloft very enjoyable to enjoy. It can be seen that the elements throughout the game will introduce you to interesting little aspects, from the upgrade steps to the gameplay, and only end when you’ve completed your missions.

For those who want to know more about the intensive gameplay of Idle Balls will give you fast and accurate hand training. You have a lot of experience when choosing this game from slow color change, extremely fast movement, or preventing wrist pain when you have trained to supernatural levels. You can even practice reflections or align them precisely with many available options.

Find out more about this game with our full Idle Balls review.

General Information

Idle Balls is a fun and relaxing endless idle stimulating game. Although released for a long time, this game is still loved by the community of players with millions of downloads on Google Play. Even though the game is only available for Android, that’s not a problem for them. Idle Ball is an internet-less mobile version of the game with stunning 2D graphics. Their interface is a fun game stimulating you’re idle, you will be involved in breaking the balls in the game.

Besides, the system of colors and images is extremely diverse, not inferior to other types of games available on the market today. With many game modes, you can choose according to your preference.

Idle Balls have a large fan base worldwide. This is also the reason that Gameloft continuously improves and releases the best updates for this game. The day colors are upgraded with weapons and tons of different balls for you to comfortably show off. In this new game mode, players will have to click or hold their fingers to be able to attack enemies with their weapons. Before the new game, the manufacturer will provide more weapons for you to complete the goal fastest.


As you might have guessed, Gameloft products are already well known for their gameplay and graphics. The name Idle Balls introduces to Android players interesting experiences, you are completely allowed to explore the full range of weapons to break balls, perform certain goals with other capable balls. together.

You can fully participate in many activities such as choosing a weapon, color, touch to attack and hold to attack more diversely. You must follow and fulfill the manufacturer’s goals and take full control when the balls are all broken.

Here, you have to face emergency handling situations when the balls do not break completely. You should make sure that you attack in the right direction, maintain the flying level of the weapon to get the ball to break, then give you the absolute score for you to level up. In certain cases, you may not be able to break all the balls and have to play again. So it’s not always possible to win

So far, Idle Balls still has a quite large fan base, which is the driving force that helps Gameloft continuously give perfect updates and can overcome the old disadvantages. This game has a capacity of 33 MB. You need Android version 4.1 and higher versions of Android. We strongly recommend that you try this game from Gameloft for an enjoyable experience and practice reflexes for yourself, especially this game is free and does not require internet access.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Extremely easy to play

Maybe from the moment, you read the name of the game you already know that this game is easy to play. You can completely attack other enemies as clicker games yourself. Similar to most other games, you should click or hold your finger to attack the enemy. It is important that your direction destroys the other balls or not. Depending on you, your weapon will fly away strong or weak. You have the right to see the weapons you will use with the full functionality you need. Your colorful weapons will make the game more authentic, attractive, and much more interesting.

Can upgrade the game

One of the great features of this game is that you can upgrade them when you have passed certain targets. The weapons and tons of different balls can be upgraded. You can also build an idle mode for yourself. You use your weapons as balls to destroy other balls of the opponent. You can upgrade the strength and speed of each of your balls. Help the enemy balls to be broken faster.

Buy more special balls

You can invest more in your game by buying more balls with special features and powers to make your arsenal become super powerful and fight non-stop. Special balls will make your progress reset. However, these balls carry great power so you don’t need to worry too much. Take advantage of that to destroy all the enemies to complete your goal.

No internet connection required

A special feature of this game is that it does not need an internet connection to play. That means that you can play games wherever you are, whenever you want. Besides, it will help you maximize battery saving, never drain the battery, and still extremely beautiful graphics. This convenience is not available in all games. For customers who love idle games and just need to click, this is a great choice.

To make the game more interesting and interesting, invite your friends or colleagues to compete together to increase your passion for gaming. Anyone interested in this game can try and access extremely quickly.

Gameplay Instructions

For many people who are passionate about idle games on smartphones, the Idle Ball is a great choice. The game possesses realistic and sharp 2D effects. Each ball is colorful with its power. The player will unlock a lot of balls. The balls will have different abilities to handle the opponent’s balls. Of course, to unlock these special balls, you need to spend more money. However, if you cannot afford it or you do not want it, then this is not so necessary.

In this mode, the player will need to use their balls. Then press or hold to let the ball go in a certain direction and destroy other enemy balls. The balls come in a variety of colors, which can bounce around or attack in multiple directions.

You don’t have to worry about someone’s strength because you can destroy it. Each time you complete the task, it will increase your level. Of course, the higher the level, the harder the target is.

Overall Evaluation

Currently, there are many extremely large Android devices globally, so this idle game is interested in many players because they can be downloaded for free and played without an internet connection. Many people have tried and feel satisfied with this game. The manufacturer has guaranteed that it will increasingly improve the game for the better to bring great entertainment to players.

The quality and graphics of Idle Balls are assessed very objectively. Since it is a game with a lot of colors, sharpness is very important. Incredible 2D visuals that most players find amusing. Design realistic and beautiful balls. They are extremely simple but still feel great.

There is an idle setting function that prevents the game from going dark when you don’t touch it for moments of relaxation. Besides, when participating in this game, there will be countless levels for you to freely play. Each level will bring different difficulties. If you play continuously there will be no end of the level.

The sound of the game is very interesting, players will enjoy this sound. The background music combines the sound effect when the balls touch each other and break them. You will be fascinated with the great sound in this game. The sound of the win when completing the goal, the sound of breaking the ball will practically simulate each stage of the game.

Operating Systems

Weapons are constantly available so you can aim and destroy the enemy balls. Players only need to press or hold to perform a goal. You can adjust the faster moving balls so that you don’t waste time waiting for them to complete. Your account can log in from your Facebook or Gmail information. After a level battle ends, you can choose other weapons at the next level.

You absolutely can access the game immediately without an internet connection. The game still works normally and without any trouble. Gameloft believes that shortly they can improve minor game errors to keep your gameplay uninterrupted. When you connect to the internet the game advertising happens pretty much. This is annoying and annoying for some players. However, it’s not too clunky for your gameplay.


It can be said that any type of game has its drawbacks. When you play for free without an internet connection, if you want to upgrade weapons or unlock more balls, you need to spend money to buy them. Many players left the game when they felt that Gameloft forced them to spend money on this. But for these small limitations, it won’t be worth it because the Idle Ball has a lot of advantages that make you happy to play.

Idle Brick Breaker

Recently, Gameloft also released the game Idle Brick Breaker similar to Idle Balls. This game is also free on the Android platform. This game follows the classic gameplay, you can play with bricks and balls. The balls will break bricks to pass each level. You control the balls and upgrade or unlock them.

At first glance, the graphics of this game are quite classic and simple with extremely great 2D. The power and speed of each ball can be upgraded. In this game, players can try themselves with pretty difficult goals. Need a skillful angle alignment of the hands.

This mobile game is not completely different from Idle Balls. Square facades are easier to deal with and destroy. Besides, the color of the game is not too prominent and brings a new look about this idle game. If you are interested you can try this game. It is also one of the hottest games today that many people love.

How to choose the right game

Although the game is entertaining, it also plays an important role in helping players have moments of relaxation. Each game type will have different graphic designs and features. You can read the previous players’ reviews to see if the game is suitable for your needs. Avoid wasting time on inappropriate games. Most entertaining games always need your soft skills.

Most importantly, the games you choose should be free to download. Since you can’t afford to buy a game you are not sure if it is right for you. You need to try it for at least a few days so spending some money to download the game is not recommended. Consider those games.

Final Words

For those who love the idle game genre, which does not need an internet connection, easy to play, it will be very suitable for a wide range of games on Google Play today for Android. Idle Balls Mod APK promises not to disappoint you.

You can watch videos or read reviews of new games from Gameloft to enjoy the great graphics and capture information with the most accuracy. If you are ready for a game of breaking the balls of the enemy with unlimited levels and challenging for you, what are you waiting for without downloading Idle Balls Mod APK to try it now?

This game does not limit the level as well as the power of the balls, giving players a sense of conquest and fun that suits the style of many players today.

The manufacturer believes that with the great features and features of the game, you will not disappoint. Try now to feel more about this game. If there is any problem you can rate it so we can improve gradually.

Thank you for reading.

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