Journey Decor MOD APK 5.4.0 (Unlocked All Maps)

Journey Decor MOD APK 5.4.0 (Unlocked All Maps)

December 28, 2023


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Unlocked All Maps

Journey Decor Mod makes you a talented designer. With the task of interior design for houses. Create a luxurious space, suitable for each different home style. Being a great designer requires not only professional knowledge but also a broad vision, traveling the world to design different architectural styles! From Paris to Tokyo, from New York to London, the world is in your design!

This is a Casual game from the developer ZYMOBILE LIMITED – an Android game developer that has been active since 2018. Journey Decor offers the opportunity to players who are passionate about home design, with a holistic aesthetic. When entering this colorful world, day and night you get lost in wonderful creations. You invent new houses and renovate living spaces to become more beautiful. Players try to find their path, through unique works created by themselves. To do that, you need to overcome the exciting match-3 game that is extremely familiar. This is a stepping stone for you to step into the following rounds, bringing many fancy architectures. Besides, when you know the construction idea, the match-3 puzzle also helps you to be more creative.

Style play

Game Journey Decor In a relationship with a young girl, an expert in interior design and decoration of unique spaces. This young lady has started her career adventure and started working with big design firms and very special clients. In this role, you have to beautify and decorate different locations in this fascinating journey by designing decorations and choosing various accessories according to your taste.

The gameplay of Journey Decor Mod is match-3 puzzle style. In this game, you have to swap to match 3 or more identical tiles in a line to solve the puzzle. All puzzles are enhanced and help you to improve your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Collect all the required items of that level, you can complete the design of the object of your choice. Design each object in turn in each room of the house. You will fulfill the duties of a designer. It is the design that completes a house complete with luxurious, beautiful, and modern rooms.

Match-3 puzzles, create impressive combos

Come to Journey Decor Mod’s match-3 puzzle game. Your task is to collect all the required household items. Examples include bags, water cups, electrical outlets, and phones. Each game screen has different conditions and the number and type of objects. You need to fully collect and complete the conditions of that level to complete the mission. To collect objects, you swap to match objects of the same design and color. Match 3 or more objects horizontally or vertically.

When you match 4 objects, you will get an object that can cut the entire plane horizontally. What’s more, successfully matching 5 items will get you a bomb. After combining with the same object for the next time. You will create an explosion, from which you will get a lot of different objects. Show off your puzzle skills by constantly creating combos. Not only quickly complete the task, but the reward amount also increases.

Design your style

The designs in Journey Decor Mod are inspired by reality. You can apply real-life designs to your in-game designs. With a series of interior works in the house waiting for you to do. From the living room, bedroom, and auxiliary works to the kitchen. The objects in each room are placed in different positions.

Successfully carrying out renovations or building a new home is also very difficult. You have to calculate how reasonable. Each room is a separate idea. The same layout cannot be duplicated, there must be a new highlight to prove your ability. Classic or modern, luxurious or dear, gentle are all interesting. Put each picture on the wall, arrange each piece of furniture in the room, thinking it’s simple, but now it’s so difficult. But that’s how you show your love for architecture and an eye for aesthetics. How much beauty and beauty do you put into these works of art?

Set foot anywhere in the world

For an ordinary person traveling around the world is a dream come true. As for a young engineer, it’s like catching gold. Players are led by Journey Decor from Paris to Tokyo, learning the classic and sophisticated culture. Or fly from New York to London to see the beauty of nature, inspired by modern buildings. With only a compact suitcase, but the spoils of the world. That’s so proud for a person working in the design industry, every moment traveling through the country keeps a good memory. The architecture in the world is beautifully created, and looking at them creatively adds knowledge.

Collect more bonuses and gifts when completing puzzle missions

Money in Journey Decor Mod is very important. It is an essential element for you to buy things in the house. After completing each match-3 puzzle level. You will receive regular money. Depending on each task and the difficulty of each level, the amount of money you receive will be different.

Besides, constantly creating combos will help you achieve high achievements. From there will get more bonuses after completing the puzzle mission. At the same time, the difficulty of the game corresponds to the type of objects that you use to design the house. The more valuable the item, the higher the difficulty.

Players must collect many gifts to have a chance to win. Decor Journey will help you conquer more gifts by upgrading levels to be able to win. Besides, players need to take advantage of colorful stones because they can crush all the stones on the table. In addition, players also create colorful stones to conquer difficulties.

Perform a room upgrade

You’ve found exciting upgrade perks for your room; Now let’s start the upgrade, so you don’t miss the exciting conditions. Change the layout of the room to make a difference. Then change the curtains, bedding, and even the paint color of the walls. There are many types for you to choose from depending on your purposes and needs. Make a decoration to make the room different and more eye-catching than ever.

Designing a room full of furniture is quite simple. But to complete the interior of a room that can exude beauty and elegance is not an easy task. Requires design experience, as well as the expertise of a new designer to be able to do so. This is also something you need to learn and improve throughout the game experience.

Unleash your creativity

There are many breathtaking levels, each with new obstacles and challenges to explore. It also has fascinating detective stories that will never let you get bored. Graphics and sound effects are amazing, making your gaming experience extraordinary.

This is an opportunity to open your eyes if you want to dive into the field of design. Players can tour around the world, meet, and try to improve. There will be many interesting things waiting for you, the back stories have not been revealed. Join with enthusiasm to increase your chances of upskilling. When a certain success is achieved, your work will automatically be recognized throughout the country. Get to know more famous works through match 3 games, while playing and adding creative ideas. Try your best in all circumstances, even when the weather conditions do not allow it. Nothing can stop your love for home design. You can play this game even without an internet connection anywhere and anytime. So download now and play with your friends.

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