Hotel Madness MOD APK 1.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

Hotel Madness MOD APK 1.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

April 12, 2024


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Azura Global
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Unlimited Money

Hotel Madness is a great mobile title for those of you who are interested in playing the most addictive games of tycoons and hotel simulations.


If you’re interested in running your own hotel, then this awesome game of Hotel Madness will certainly impress you with many of its features. Here, you’ll have the chance to start your own hotel business and enjoy the opportunities of running a luxury hotel. Enjoy helping people by allowing them the best experiences while staying at your hotel.

Find out more about this interesting mobile game and all of its amazing features with our most comprehensive reviews.

Serve your lovely customers

With Hotel Madness, Android gamers will have their chance to explore the exciting games of hotel simulation, in which they can enjoy serving the most interesting customers. With multiple customers that feature different looks and unique characteristics, the game allows you to always have the most fun with your hotel madness experiences.

Open new hotels across the world

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy opening your new hotel businesses across the world. Find yourself traveling the world and exploring different hotels with their own designs. Unlock multiple businesses with incredible amounts of income, so you can quickly become a hotel tycoon. Discover various hotels with unique designs from all over the world and have the most fun managing them.

Organize incredible events at your hotel

And with the most exciting game of hotel simulations, Hotel Madness will allow Android gamers to always have the most fun with their in-game events. Find yourself enjoying unique events, each having its own unique gameplay mechanics.

Make uses of upgrades and expansions

By featuring multiple upgrades and expansions, Hotel Madness will now allow Android gamers to have the most fun with their in-game adventures. Find yourself exploring many upgrades of different types, which will let you improve your restaurant businesses and boost your efficiency. And at the same time, the provided expansions will enable awesome business opportunities.

Renovate and decorate your hotel

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy renovating and decorating your hotel however you want. Make the most of the powerful options when designing your hotels, as you unlock many renovating options. Expand and enable new areas of your hotel to improve your business. And at the same time, the hotel decorations will be available for all mobile gamers to make use of, as Hotel Madness lets you work with many design elements and props. Try out different designs of various themes whenever you’re playing the game.

Multiple achievements to complete

Here in Hotel Madness, Android gamers will have multiple achievements that they can strive to complete. Feel free to explore the most exciting game of hotel management and complete your achievements for awesome rewards. Similar to Grand Hotel Mania, you can easily earn your achievements and bragging rights in this game.

Have fun playing the game with others

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the most exciting game of Hotel Madness online with friends and other gamers. Find yourself exploring the many regional and global events with friends and others. Also, discover awesome online chats with fun and exciting interactions with other worldwide gamers.

Available in many languages

With the game being available in different languages of Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, Chines, German, Spanish, and more, mobile gamers will have many options when playing the game in their native languages. Simply enter the game and choose your preferred localizations to start having fun on the go.

Have access to our free mod

For those of you who are interested, you can now make the most of the game without paying for your downloads. Here, we offer the modded mobile application with Unlimited Money, removed ads, and more. All it takes is for you to download the Hotel Madness Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Final verdicts

With simple gameplay and undemanding elements, Hotel Madness gamers can now have the most fun with their in-game experiences. Find yourself exploring the most amazing game of hotel management and business simulations whenever you’re playing this game.

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