Jurassic Monster World MOD APK 0.17.1 (Unlimited Bullets)

Jurassic Monster World MOD APK 0.17.1 (Unlimited Bullets)

February 3, 2022


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Azur Interactive Games Limited
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Bullets in battle do not increase

Jurassic Monster World poster

According to Azur Interactive Games Limited, they launched a dinosaur DNA collection game Jurassic Monster World on mobile phones to experience a real-life dinosaur. And they will officially launch this game on the official website from now on. Make an appointment and register for first.

Jurassic Monster World is a dinosaur DNA collection game similar to the popular Pokémon GO that corresponds to GPS satellite positioning. To prevent the danger of the second destruction of dinosaurs, players must explore the town and find Dinosaurs on the map. Then collect their DNA to copy into your collection of dinosaurs.

Besides collecting dinosaur DNA and copying new dinosaurs as partners, the game will also allow players to mix plural DNA to give birth to new hybrid species such as Tyrannosaurus. It also makes the collection of the game more interesting. Besides, this game will also be scheduled to join the PVP battle mode. So, players can use their dinosaurs to compete and see who is the strongest dinosaur training trainer.

General Information

Azur Interactive Games Limited is an international mobile game developer and publisher. Established in 2017, it started as a small game studio. But now, it has grown to a scale of about 200 employees with offices in four countries or regions. The company has a variety of free games with over 300 million daily active users and is very popular among players. Most of their games are 3D action shooting games and ultra-casual games. The two most popular games are the cartoon-style battle royale game AES.io and the dinosaur game of Jurassic Monster World.

Azur Interactive Games Limited has always hoped to improve the revenue of the game and help partners develop together. Dmitry Yaminskiy, CEO of Azur Games, said that they are now striving to develop into one of the world’s three most promising publishers. They rely on their expertise in quality, product support, marketing, store support, and application store optimization (ASO). It is one of our pursuits to provide opportunities for other studios with the accumulated project experience in various sub-fields. It also helps them gain popularity and commercial success.

Jurassic Monster World screen 0

Aiming at the international market and gaining overseas users

To achieve this goal, Azur Interactive Games Limited has set its sights on overseas markets. But because of the very fragmented ecosystem of the Android system, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, it has virtually increased the barriers for Android game developers to go overseas. There are many difficulties, such as policy requirements and payment systems. And in the life cycle of a game, each version update requires the developer to repeat the operation. It causes the game developer to spend a lot of energy in each region’s store management. To speed up this process, they used the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) to speed up the distribution process.

Azur Interactive Games Limited’s business development director Vesnina said that they have published content on a new platform to open up new markets and audiences. Since they build most of our games with Unity, we also use the Unity distribution platform to distribute Upload to the two active platforms of Huawei AppGallery and Samsung Galaxy Store. The Unity distribution platform simplifies entering different stores. They only need to upload the game version and export it to the desired platform. And, for many stores, the Unity distribution platform allows us to upload internal versions and various ASO resources, such as screenshots and instructions.

Azur Interactive Games Limited has a wealth of Unity distribution platform integration experience. It only took us less than two weeks to deploy the game to each platform. During this time, they also dealt with some minor problems encountered in the deployment process. This speed is amazing. And the store they tested the Unity distribution platform is the two most popular and most populated stores in the third-party app market-Samsung Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Samsung Galaxy Store has about 400 million monthly active users, and the monthly app downloads in its store have reached 450 million. Huawei AppGallery has about 390 million monthly active users. And its annual app downloads are over 180 billion.

The Unity distribution platform provides very detailed instructions and technical support. Although some problems with code adjustments and game repackaging were encountered during this process, the integration process of Azur Interactive Games Limited was not interrupted and the overall process went smoothly.

Jurassic Monster World screen 1

Simplified in-app purchase settings

Developers who use the Unity distribution platform are full of praise for its ease of integration and management, such as simple in-app purchase (IAP) settings. It also helped Azur Interactive Games Limited, save a lot of time.

Azur Interactive Games Limited’s team could access the documentation and quickly complete the game’s IAP settings. Although Jurassic Monster World encountered some minor troubles, the deployment process of AXES.io was smooth. Azur Interactive Games Limited, Huawei, and Samsung’s colleagues worked closely to grasp the key points of the problem and helped us easily conquer these new platforms.

We can complete the registration and submission of the game on a unified page. It gives full confidence in the Unity distribution platform. Besides the major advantages of the product, they can easily target each store to make the changes.

Jurassic Monster World screen 2

Grow with partners

It does not satisfy Azur Interactive Games Limited with financing and benefiting from the game studio. They are more interested in helping the studio create more works and continue to succeed. The relationship between them and the studio is more like a collaboration. It is contrary to traditional practices. But they understand that the growth of the partners will eventually win the support and praise of more players and developers.

They plan to enter more stores in the next few months to attract more audiences. And the Unity distribution platform can help Azur Interactive Games Limited achieve this goal. They are considering distributing the works in Xiaomi’s app store, and the next step has not been determined.

As long as we can keep the distribution process simple and efficient, they may enter more stores. From a technical point of view, the Unity distribution platform is the best service to distribute the work of our partners to the new platform. When there are new projects to be deployed to the store, they will use the Unity distribution platform.

Jurassic Monster World screen 3

Overall Assessments

Azur Interactive Games Limited announced that they will launch a dinosaur DNA collection game Jurassic Monster World on mobile phones. The developer will open player appointment registration on the official website from now on. Similar to the sensational topical mobile game Pokémon GO, they base Jurassic Monster World on GPS satellite positioning technology.

Players must explore the map in the city to prevent the second destruction of dinosaurs in the game. Dinosaurs and collect their DNA to copy into your collection of dinosaurs. Besides collecting dinosaur DNA and copying new dinosaurs as partners, the game also adds the function of mixing dinosaur DNA to create a new hybrid species.

Maybe you will also create a creature like the Tyrannosaurus in the movie. As for PVP, the addition of the battle mode also allows players to use their dinosaurs to compete. It greatly enhances the fun of the game.

Jurassic World is a dinosaur simulation game based on the famous Jurassic World movie. Coming to the game, you will be unleashed on your creativity, build your dinosaur park, and experience vivid and engaging battles.

Jurassic World has a nice 3D graphics system. The interface is easy to play and operate. The movements, gestures, facial expressions of dinosaurs are extremely realistic and interesting. The game is simulated with fierce faces when fighting, tail-swing attacks, and scratches. Besides, visual effects when attacking, launching dinosaur skills to bring an entertaining experience for players.

Final Words

In Jurassic Monster World MOD APK, you will become a part of the Dinosaur Conservation Organization. They have established dinosaur sanctuaries around the world where everyone can take care of and protect the dinosaurs.

Judging from the trailer announced today, in its Sanctuaries mode, you can interact with dinosaurs in AR such as playing and feeding. It is undoubtedly a highlight of the importance of AR technology in the game.

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