Kill Shot Virus MOD APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Ammo)

Kill Shot Virus MOD APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Ammo)

December 1, 2023


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Hothead Games
84.03 MB
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Unlimited Ammo

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If you need an FPS game about zombies, the “Kill Shot Virus Zombie FPS Shooting Game” is a great choice for fierce battles!

Kill Shot Virus brings fierce gun battles with zombies in high-end graphics. The game beautifully shows chaos. Players enjoy the desolate looks of the zombie-infested city. Your mission is to help fight the outbreak of zombies, protect survivors from the spread of the disease.

An engaging game on a familiar zombie theme

Kill Shot Virus offers awesome Zombie shooters. The game shows in a first-person perspective, and you are a warrior who survived the zombie apocalypse. You aim to help other survivors, kill zombies, overcome challenges, and free the city from the threat of the undead.

Kill Shot Virus belongs to the FPS shooting action genre, and is released by Hothead Games. The game brings crazy zombie fights, and it will draw you in at first sight. Players will become powerful marksmen, and the goal is to defeat the undead, as well as stop the spread of the deadly virus. The game is a serial version, and developed from the successful Kill Shot franchise. Gameplay revolves around keeping positions, and destroying strong herds of zombies.

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Enjoying a great story in single-player mode

The Kill Shot Virus has a great story. The game has more than 100 short missions with different types: attack missions and you must use pistols; sniper missions and you need a sniper gun; Normal mission and you can use the favorite gun. After completing the missions, you can improve your weapons and buy new, more powerful ones.

The Kill Shot Virus offers a huge arsenal of weapons, including assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and machine guns. The game has almost all the familiar guns of the FPS genre. In addition, you have to fight and overcome many dangerous zombies including Screechers, Jumpers, Exploders and other terrible zombie monsters.

Kill Shot Virus provides an interesting dead land. Therefore, the zombie-killing mission becomes unique, and has many great experiences.

Kill Shot Virus screen 1

Simple control mechanism and high-quality 3D graphics

Kill Shot Virus has simple controls. Your character automatically moves around hiding positions. So your task is to focus on targeting. You shoot the gun by sliding your finger on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the first aid kit at any time.

Kill Shot Virus brings stunning 3D graphics. You will enjoy the chaos of zombies and infected cities. The game offers an enjoyable shooting experience, and highly entertaining with great graphics, super realistic physics. The physics system is special at the end of each level, and you can enjoy super slow motion during the last bullet’s journey. A classic “slow-motion” gunshot.

Kill Shot Virus screen 2

Using your arsenal, and fun camouflage points

Kill Shot Virus allows players to be equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment. The fully equipped weapons help you increase your chances of survival in the apocalypse zombie invasion. If you are a fan of melee gameplay, you will gain strength with health packs, slow guns and armor-piercing bullets. You should equip powerful weapons to win epic apocalypse missions, and unlock powerful toys.

The Kill Shot Virus also allows you to use camouflage. You can blend into factories and modern city buildings. This increases your chances of fighting against other opponents.

Kill Shot Virus screen 3

Joining the exciting zombie war with other online players

The Kill Shot Virus allows you to create a survival faction with multiple players. You and your friends can wipe out the undead together. The game offers global rankings, and you compete with other players around the world for Zombie glory.

The game supports the ability to chat online with your friends and allies. In addition, the game also brings interesting events like Urban Onslaught and Urban Pandested. Players try to survive with their teammates in the war, and fight against the hordes of powerful super zombies and exciting bosses.

Kill Shot Virus allows playing for free online. In particular, you can compete with many other players in the fight with zombies. The game delivers exciting online FPS Zombie survival shooting experiences!

Also, you can try “DEAD TRIGGER 2” to experience the great action FPS game. The game has won many major awards, and is reflected in the first perspective. The game is about the battle for survival in the zombie apocalypse. The game has many fascinating shooting adventures, and attracts more than 100 million downloads.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the post-apocalyptic world

In short, Kill Shot Virus is an awesome 3D arcade shooting game. The game has a lively and realistic space. Viewers can enjoy a great story from zombies to available weapons. The game offers an interesting story about the world of the post-apocalypse.

Get ready to become a group of brave people, and sweep the terrain from the zombie threat. You need to become a great hero, and complete a lot of interesting quests located in different locations (each place has about forty quests).

Quickly download “Kill Shot Virus Zombie FPS Shooting Game” to enjoy a super FPS shooter with top-notch 3D graphics, and seriously invested gameplay.

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