Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.240303.1.1134420 (Premium)

Microsoft Launcher MOD APK 6.240303.1.1134420 (Premium)

May 18, 2024


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If you use an Android phone and you like the customization of the interface, then you should download the “Microsoft Launcher” app.

Microsoft Launcher is a great app in terms of interface changes. The application has an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly design. The application offers a high degree of customization, and you can arrange the interface to your liking.

Download “Microsoft Launcher” to give your phone a new look!

Great app from the famous Microsoft

Microsoft Launcher is a Launcher application, so you can change the look of your phone. The application is an upgraded version of Arrow Launcher, and belongs to the famous Microsoft brand. The application has many outstanding features, and the application only supports the Android operating system.

Microsoft Launcher attracts users through its elegant interface and many great upgrades. Even though the app doesn’t have any groundbreaking features, it still meets the needs of the users.

If you’re using the Microsoft Launcher app for the first time, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account. You should log in with the main account to have synchronization during use. If you successfully set up the application, you will work in the new interface and can customize the interface to your liking.

Interface packs and synchronization capabilities

Microsoft Launcher offers many positive experiences, and this will increase user efficiency. In addition, the application will suggest related software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Skype,… You can download the necessary applications to increase work efficiency.

Microsoft Launcher introduces many custom icons. The application offers many “skin packs”. Each theme pack has custom icon packs and adaptive icons. In particular, the application will synchronize well with the computer. For example, if you create a note on the app, you get the same Sticky Note on your computer. In short, the content on your computer will sync with the phone.

Provide beautiful and high-quality wallpaper stock

Microsoft Launcher brings new images from Bing. Thanks to the high-quality background images from Bing, your phone’s background image will change every day. In addition, you can also change the background image with easy operations. You can choose to change the background image randomly, or you can choose a single fixed image.

Bing’s photo store is always updated continuously. Therefore, your phone will become attractive with the new wallpapers. You can change the background image every day to create something new, or you can change the background image to match your mood.

Provides a convenient interface

Microsoft Launcher provides a handy interface. The interface will sync with the Calendar on the phone or the Outlook Calendar on the computer. Therefore, you always receive event reminders or calendar notifications from the lock screen. The app also calculates the user’s screen time. From here, the application will understand the user’s phone usage habits, and the application will make useful suggestions for the user.

In addition, you can follow the latest news or important activities on your phone/computer from the interface. The app delivers personalized news. Thus, users can read relevant news on the device, and save time searching for needed information.

Easy operation and intuitive interface

Microsoft Launcher has simple operations. You swipe your finger from the bottom edge of the screen to expand the area of ​​​​applications/shortcuts such as: turn off wifi, adjust brightness, … In addition, the application also has the necessary shortcuts.

The app has the same interface as Windows 10 Mobile, but the app has a modern and user-friendly Android interface. The application is divided into three screens. The default screen (in the middle of the phone screen) will present the entire list of familiar or recent applications. You swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen to see the list of apps. The screen on the left will contain the most contact list. Thus, you can quickly perform connected actions such as: send an email, create a message, or video call a friend. The screen on the right will introduce events such as alarms, birthdays, or meetings.

Other facilities

Microsoft Launcher supports the dark theme. Therefore, you can comfortably use your phone at night or in low light. The application’s dark theme will provide a positive experience for “night” users.

In addition, the application helps to improve the performance of the phone. As a result, your phone will load the information quickly, use less memory, save battery, and provide smooth animations. The app offers landscape mode, and you can use your phone while lying in bed.

If you choose the right interface, then you can back up your data. So you can still use your favorite settings in your new phone. In addition, you can also share the settings with your friends.

Some cons of the application

Microsoft Launcher will create lag in some Android phones with low configuration. Therefore, you need to use newer phones. Icon design is inconsistent (some icons are round, some are square).

Also, the synchronization is still incomplete. Users still have many troubles with operations such as sending messages, transferring files.

Also, you can download “Hyperion Launcher” for a new cool and simple interface. The application offers a beautiful experience through a single button. You can edit and customize the interface to your liking.


In short, Microsoft Launcher is a great customization application on the Android operating system. The app not only offers a beautiful interface, but it also has useful functions such as dark mode, personalized news, performance improvements, a high-quality photo store from Bing, and the ability to synchronize with the computer.

Download “Microsoft Launcher” to make your phone more attractive and usable after a long time of use!

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