Mine Survival MOD APK 2.5.3 (Free Shopping)

Mine Survival MOD APK 2.5.3 (Free Shopping)

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Unlike the vast majority of today’s survival games, taking post-apocalyptic settings with extremely realistic high graphics, Mine Survival is indeed a very simple game to the minimum level. If you have ever played and loved the Minecraft game, you will definitely not be able to ignore this Minecraft-like survival game. I know many people will think that Minecraft is already a survival game, but actually Minicraft is more like a construction simulation game than Mine Survival is a pure survival game.

Although it belongs to the survival genre, the game is full of bright colors combined with the Minecraft-style block design, which will definitely give players a completely different experience compared to other games in this genre.

Collect and build the essentials for survival

The game starts with a radio announcing that you have been trapped in an uninhabited land, and your mission is to survive until the rescue team arrives. Raw materials are all around you and you must do what you need to survive. Hunt wild animals for its meat, pick up mushrooms from the ground and water from any pond. But raw meat, mushroom and pond’s water are not safe to eat or drink, therefore players must cook it and purify water before drinking to avoid poisoning their character, and that is when you need to show your talent by building needed constructions.

You will have to do multiple tasks such as collecting, exploring, hunting and even building in order to survive. Just like many other survival games, ingame time is also divided into day and night, and because at night you might  be attacked by wild animals or even zombies, therefore you have to build constructions to protect yourself and craft weapons to fight against these attackers. But before that, you must collect materials from the surrounding environment to craft what you need. One of the most essential things about survival is fire, which not only helps you heat and cooks your food, but also helps you to lighten the darkest night. Therefore, players need to build a campfire and make torches as soon as possible or at least before the night falls. Second essential thing is a work table where you can craft any other stuff that you need like other constructions, tools or even weapons.

There are four indexes that you need to pay attention to which are health, body temperature, hunger, thirst and of course, self-cleanliness. If any of these indices falls to zero, the player’s character will die. To avoid dying of starvation, take advantage of hunting small animals that are not against you to avoid health loss while also filling character hunger. Players’ characters will not last for a couple of days without water, therefore you also need to get clean water quickly. Build a water purifier and pour water using a bucket or bottle to get clean water that is drinkable. Besides, players can not just defecate and a toilet will become handy, so why not collect scratches and build it yourself. Finally, if the character loses health after fighting with wild animals or zombies, player wild have to make bandages to heal up or build a hospital to rest and heal afterward.

Needed tools for your survival journey

Players could just use their hands to cut down a tree or break a rock but it takes a lot of time and work, that is why you need tools. There are some basic tools: axes to cut down trees, pickles to break rock, swords, chest plates and boots to hunt wild animals and fight against zombies. These tools can be made from many different materials such as wood, stone, iron, silver, gold and even diamond. In addition, there is one thing that players should pay attention to is the durability of the tool, when the player uses it, the tool will gradually deteriorate and can not be used anymore when the durability is zero. The rarer the material is, the more valuable it is and the harder it is to exploit. Therefore when using raw materials to craft tools, the rarer the material, the higher the tool’s durability and efficiency and diamond is the rarest and also the strongest material that you could get. Always check your tool’s durability and prepare a new one before the old one breaks.

Players can choose support boxes at the beginning using coins, the boxes contain different support items such as a pickle, a chess plate or several materials to help process the game faster and safer. And sometimes you will find a crate on the map that will give players random stuff once open it, player can also find billboards, after watch the advertising, player will be rewarded with random material as well.

Variety of character options and difficulty

Players will start the game with Cube – just a normal guy, but as player level increases or using crystal, characters will be unlocked with many advantages along with them. For example, Gabriel – an old man character that will be unlocked at level 3 and he will start the game with a camp already. Many other interesting characters are waiting for you to discover and along with you to survive in the wilderness. Besides, players can also decorate characters by wearing hats received from gacha games as well as own a random pet companion so your survival journey will not be boring.

Mine Survival MOD APK also provides many different game difficulties. Namely, the game has 5 difficulty levels, from easy to hell, player’s will see significant changes in each level. Terrain, animals and resources will become more and more harsher for the survivors to challenge the player’s stamina and adaptability. Namely, the game has 5 difficulty levels, from easy to hell, player’s will see significant changes in each level. Finally, the game also allows playing multiple levels at the same time, the gameplay will be saved as soon as you exit the game and continue whenever you want which is really convenient!

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