Monster Crafter MOD APK 2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Monster Crafter MOD APK 2.3 (Unlimited Money)

August 21, 2023


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Naquatic LLC
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Unlimited Money

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Minecraft and Pokémon are undoubtedly two of the most popular and high-rated games in the entire gaming world. They are famous for their simple but crazily addictive gameplay with tons of features that can never bore any player. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if these two games combined into one? “MonsterCrafter” will show you its breathtaking world with some features from Minecraft and Pokémon and be prepared that you will not be able to take your eyes off this game title.

MonsterCrafter” is published by Naquatic LLC, who has released “GunCrafter” and “PickCrafter” – are also famous for their fascinating, enjoyable gameplay. In “MonsterCrafter”, you will be able to adopt diverse creatures, design them, raise them with love, and bring them to the battles. This game is built in Minecraft’s style but with a Pokémon’s gameplay, fascinating enough to keep your eyes on it.


“Monster Crafter” takes place in 3030 where monsters are supposedly the rulers of the world. A monster leader known as Lord Skullfury is up to something that the player needs to expose his plans and defeat him. You will have the chance to design and take care of your monsters, and your mission is to stop Lord Skullfury and become the very best like no one ever was.

In the first place, players have to decide and choose the element of their first monster. It can be either Fire, Water, or Earth. Building a monster requires nothing but their imagination while there are no blueprints or guidance. After finishing the design process, players can bring their monster out and ready for some intense battles.

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Your monsters, your ideas

What is more fun than building your own creatures without any constraints and limitations? “MonsterCrafter” will let you create any monsters with a variety of features. By using five different blocks and eyes, tattoos, or hats, building a monster is absolute fun. The types of blocks come in four different colors, and they are changeable.

The types of blocks are listed below:

  • Cube: the most basic block which cannot be replaced after you finish with your monster’s design, yet, you can add new ones through the Evolve option.
  • Triangle: this block can be attached to the cube block, and it is rotatable.
  • Spike: this block can also be attached to the cube block, and the level of defense of your monster typically rises.
  • Half-cube: it is attachable to a cube or can be placed inside it.
  • Claws: it raises the level of attack of the monster and can be stick to a cube.
  • Ears: Like all the blocks above, an ear can be attached to a cube.

Through the building process, it is easy to form good relationships with your cute ones. Reaching a certain level will give you another free slot for a new monster.

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Take care of your monsters

Like any other creature, your monsters need affection. By giving them essentials and showing that you care for them, monsters will give their best performance. Monsters will have four moods: sad, neutral, happy, and very happy. A sad monster will miss turns and sometimes refuse to fight in battles.

Your monster is sad when it shows a blue face icon as well as it will often balk and not attack in the battle. An orange face icon without expressions means neutral emotion and your monster sometimes resists fighting. If it is happy, it will show a green face with a smile. Finally, the maximum level is when it is super cheer and shows a green face that widely smiles. This emotion is helpful when you are going on a long and stressful series of battles.

It is necessary that food and water, along with other essential items, are given to your little buddies. The more the food and water cost, the more it fills up your monster’s energy bar. To play with your monster, you can use a soccer ball or a basketball, and you can play rock paper scissors with it. Use your hand to pet it and give it a pillow because everyone needs a good night’s sleep. But what should you do if you are busy and cannot take care of your monster after a long time? Vaccines and medicines are always available in-store. After all, it can get sick once in a while.

Feeding, petting, and playing with your monster is just a simple matter, you will feel bored sometimes, but your buddy sometimes needs a good rest.

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Different styles of battles

In order to fight, players need to tap the battle icon to choose the one they are interested in. Players can choose between Campaigns, Clans, or Online. In the Campaign, players with their monsters will have to complete some battles and defeat the bosses to collect coins. Each level in the Campaign consists of three baddies and the last one being a boss. Clans option means that players join a guild with others and finish stages for coins. In Multiplayer (Online), players will enter the arena and battle with other fellows.

Entering a battle requires stamina. If the stamina’s level is max, the players’ rank will straightforwardly increase. Stamina will be reduced if they lose the battles. If players run out of stamina, they can wait for a certain time or refill the bar with a diamond. You can increase your level’s account (your rank) by completing battles and taking care of your monster.

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Unlimited money

Winning a battle does not always give you enough coins to purchase for all the essentials, and losing one will definitely give you nothing. Food and beverages, toys, and medicines can be expensive when you are too lazy to fight any monster and only want to explore the world peacefully. Throw away your worries because MonsterCrafter Mod APK will give you unlimited money to buy anything you need. Level up your monster and give it a makeover without any preventions. If it is hungry or thirsty, buy the most expensive things in the store.



“MonsterCrafter” is quirky with some shiny, colorful blocks that definitely grab your attention. The background scenes and the environment look amazingly stunning. The 3D visuals are detailed and on-point.


The soundtrack is pleasant and quite melodic, which pleasingly suits the game. The sound that monsters make is cute, yet, sometimes it can be scary.


“MonsterCrafter” is developed very skillfully, more challenges come right after the initial ones, which can never bore the players. Being a fan of Minecraft or Pokémon, I believe that you cannot miss this game title. If you are not a fan of these two above, give “MonsterCrafter” a try, and you will not be disappointed.

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