Mini Trucker MOD APK 1.9.14 (Free Purchase)

Mini Trucker MOD APK 1.9.14 (Free Purchase)

February 11, 2024


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In the world, human beings have used many different vehicles to transfer cargos. A truck is also one of them. The truck is a large vehicle that carries the cargos by road. And controlling it also isn’t easy. But if you would like to experience that once, Mini Trucker can help you to perform that. Mini Trucker is a game of the simulation genre. In the game, you will transfer the cargos by the truck. Let’s install Mini Trucker now to experience that.

Graphics, sound and support

Mini Trucker is a game that has been created and developed by FKGames. FKGames is a video game developer in Prokopyevsk, Russia. You can find the game easily on Google Play and App Store. You also can install Mini Trucker on mobile devices that run on two platforms (Android and iOS). The game is also supported on tablets such as Samsung Tab or iPad, … Mini Trucker is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics are smooth and eye-catching. A blue sky, white clouds and a lot of trees, … they will bring a comfortable atmosphere for you. In addition, the light soundtrack will always be turned on during the game. This will make you feel happy when playing. Furthermore, you also can turn up or down the volume according to your mean. This helps you to still be able to hear the sound but not disturb others around when you play Mini Trucker. In particular, there are up to 9 languages in Mini Trucker. English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Slovak. Thanks to them, many players in the world can understand how to play and complete the missions of the game. To change another language, you just need to open the Settings and select the language that you want to use.

Start to transfer the cargos

Start Mini Trucker, you will be instructed how to control the truck and transfer the cargos both on asphalt and cross-country terrain. In order to drive the truck, you will use many different buttons. And you need to catch on to their function. The following is the function of the buttons:

  • Use pedals to drive the vehicle
  • Swipe down the accelerator pedal to adjust the pressure
  • A gearbox has 4 modes: P – parking; R – reverse; D – forward running with gear shifting; M – manual gear shift
  • All-wheel drive – connects all drive wheels and evenly distributes torque between them
  • Low-range gearing – increases torque but reduces maximum speed
  • Center locking differential – rigidly interconnects all drive wheels
  • ABS – disables anti-lock braking system
  • Don’t drive on high speed with a locked differential
  • Hold both pedals to drive of on at high RPM
  • If you got stuck, get back to the map and try again
  • Camera position can be changed by moving your finger across the screen

After you have understood basic tutorials, you will start the first transportation journey. And the first thing which you need to do is to fill up your truck. Like in the real world, you also have to pay for petrol. Besides, the game will provide a big map for you. It will help you to easily know the destinations that you must transfer the cargos to. In particular, you will drive your truck on rough terrains. This will be a challenge for you. You need a good ability to drive to be able to easily pass obstacles. But this also helps you to show your great drive skills.

Some main features in Mini Trucker

Each game will have its own features. And Mini Trucker is the same. In the game, you can find 2 following main features. The first feature is a large fleet of vehicles and trailers. Those are available for purchase in the garage. There are 15 vehicles in the game that you can own. Each vehicle will have four technology parameters. Weight, the maximum fuel, the number of wheels and capacity. And if the higher those parameters are, the better the vehicle will be. This means that you can transfer many more cargos. However, it will be very expensive. Therefore, you need to earn a lot of money to be able to own the best vehicles. Besides, each vehicle also will have three own trailers. This allows you to transfer many different cargos such as solid, bulk and liquid. It won’t make you feel bored when playing Mini Trucker. Moreover, several types of equipment are available for cars such as a tipper, a flatbed, a tank, and a fifth wheel coupling.

Modifying your truck is the second feature. In the game, you can paint the body and tint glass. There is a palette with full colors that will help you to create a new truck for yourself. In addition, you also can purchase and install new parts in order to make your trucker stronger. Engine, Transmission, Fuel Tank and Tires are parts that you can change. Moreover, repairing and refueling the vehicle also makes your truck better. So complete many missions and receive money to modify and upgrade your truck and turn it into the best vehicle. Furthermore, the game is still being finalized and improved. So many new features will be added to the game in the future. They will make your experiences more diversified.

Become the best trucker

With quite interesting gameplay, the player will control the truck and transfer the cargos from this place to another. Mini Trucker will satisfy fans who like the transportation. Besides, you will have an opportunity to control different modes of transmission. For example, connect all-wheel drive, lock inter-axle differential, or enable low-range gears, … Moreover, you also have to think too much when playing. Therefore, you can relax with Mini Trucker after a long day at work. In addition, you can play Mini Trucker anywhere and anytime. Because, the game doesn’t need to connect to the Internet when playing. Because of the above things, Mini Trucker has attracted a lot of players in the world. Let’s take part in Mini Trucker, enjoy the attractive things that the game will bring for you and become the best trucker.

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