Trucker Joe MOD APK 0.2.34 (Unlimited Money)

Trucker Joe MOD APK 0.2.34 (Unlimited Money)

February 16, 2024


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Sundrum Development
27.62 MB
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Unlimited Money

Trucker Joe poster There are a lot of vehicles in the world. Some vehicles will be controlled by those who have specific techniques. And driving a truck also needs to have its own technique. This isn’t easy for many people. But if you want to try driving the truck once, Trucker Joe will be a good choice for you. Trucker Joe is a game of the simulation genre. In the game, you will become Trucker Joe and drive his trucks. This will be very interesting. Let’s take part in Trucker Joe and experience that now.

Smooth graphics and exciting sound

Trucker Joe is one of the games that has been built and developed by Sundrum Development. They are an Android developer in Velen, Germany that has been active since 2016. Trucker Joe is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating System. Trucker Joe also is supported on tablets like iPad. The game is completely free to download and is just for single player. Besides, 2D graphics are very bright and smooth. The image of the trucks also is designed very detailed, from the front section to the body section. The lively effect also makes Trucker Joe more attractive. You can see snow falling when you go through an area that is covered with snow. Sometimes it also rains. Moreover, Trucker Joe also will take you to many different places. For example, a forest, a big city with many high – rise buildings and so on. In addition, the sound of the truck’s engine makes Trucker Joe more realistic. Furthermore, exciting background music will always be turned on during the play process. This will bring an extremely fun atmosphere for you. But if you are in a public place and you don’t want to disturb others, you can turn the sound off in the Settings of the game. Trucker Joe screen 1

Start to drive the truck

In Trucker Joe, you will meet a character. He is Trucker Joe. He is now self-employed and bought the old truck. Trucker Joe wants to work his way up from nothing. So your main mission is to help to perform that. And the first thing that you need to do now is to learn how to drive the truck. In the game, you will control the truck by 3 buttons. Throttle, Brake and Lever. They are at the bottom of your smartphone’s screen. This will help you to control the truck easily. Besides, Trucker Joe also provides some videos so that you can watch if you don’t know how to play. There are up to 10 videos in Trucker Joe, including “How to play” video, Load Wood, Load Cement, Load Concrete, Load Yacht, Load Paperroll, Load Wing, Ship Tutorial, Road Tutorial, and Load Roof Tiles. They will help you to experience the game more easily. Trucker Joe screen 4 After you have learnt how to play, start to transport items to make money. Then you will select your truck and trailer. If you complete this, the game will take you to a city. Here you will transport the items from this place to another. There are a lot of factories in the city. Each factory will produce its own item. So you will have to go to many places to transport the item. Besides, Trucker Joe also allows you to build extra factories to develop your city. In particular, your truck will use oil to work like in the real world. So you need to pour oil when your truck is running out of oil. After you have completed transport, you will receive gold coins. They are used to buy trucks or trailers. Trucker Joe screen 2

The trucks in Trucker Joe

In the game, the publisher has provided 13 trucks to make driving more attractive. For example, Emma En F90, Scanai R 500, Vulvo FH 4, Peterbird, MB Akros ECD, … Each truck will have 2 indicators (HP and Consumption). The higher those indicators, the better and stronger the truck will be. But it also is quite expensive. You can buy it with gold coins or diamonds. Moreover, some trucks will be locked. And you need to complete a certain mission to unlock them. Besides, a trailer also is an indispensable part of the truck. The trailer is used to contain items that you need to transport. There are up to 32 trailers that you can choose. They are divided into many models such as Kruno, Schmidt, Suntec, Toll, FFB, … Moreover, each trailer only can contain some items. It can’t contain all items. For example, Toll Trailer can transport cars or dozers. But Schmidt Trailer can contain food and drink such as fish, meat, milk, grape, or wine. So you need to choose the right trailer when transporting the item. Trucker Joe screen 3

Relax with Trucker Joe

With simple gameplay, the players will drive their truck and transport the items to places where they need them. Trucker Joe will be suitable for many players in the world, from children to adults. At the same time, the simple gameplay also will help you to relax after a long day at work. Besides, there are a lot of trucks and trailers in the game. This allows you to create many new types of trucks. In addition, there are up to 9 languages in Trucker Joe. Those languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. Thanks to them, a lot of players in the world can understand and complete the requirements that the game has provided more quickly. When starting the game, the default language is English. But if you want to change another language, tap on the England flag on the screen and select the language that you want to use. In particular, you can play Trucker Joe whenever you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet when playing. Thanks to the things above, Trucker Joe has had over 10 million installs in Google Play. Let’s install Trucker Joe, buy new and better trucks and trailers, drive good paid tours and become the best trucker.

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