Minit 1.0.5 (MOD Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)

Minit 1.0.5 (MOD Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)

December 15, 2019


Additional Information
4.0 and up
93.1 MB
MOD Features
Modify the coins to unlimited and unlock all weapons

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Explore a completely unique game with strange concepts that you’ve never seen before on a mobile game. Enjoy the oddly satisfying gameplay as you join our weirdly-looking character in his adventure through the world of Minit. You’ll probably find it somewhat similar to your favorite Zelda games. But as you get involved in the gameplay, you’ll find it not so alike. Find out more about this amazing game from DevolverDigital with our reviews.


The game begins with our Qbert-lookalike character wandering around the map as he finds, what you could called, a holy sword. As he begins to hold it in his hand, there seems to be some sort of strange power that got into him. A new hero was born. Sound pretty much that what you’ve seen in Zelda right?

No. Turn out, the weapon was cursed and whoever held it is also under a deadly spell. That being said, your character will only have one single minute to explore the maps. Before he was supposedly fainted and magically brought back to his home.

Now, with the cursed sword in your hand, there is little that you can do but to find a way to lift your curses. And thus, we’re heading to an unknown adventure where you’ll have your chances to discover the exotic world of Minit.

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Here you’ll find the exciting gameplay the Minit has to offer:

Explore lots of customizable options

To start with, the game allows gamers to gain access to dozens of customizing options so that you can get familiar with the black and white themes as well as the retro-style gameplay. That being said, you can easily adjust the brightness of the white elements and the darkness of the black elements to make the game more intuitive.

Moreover, you’ll also find the retro audio experiences extremely satisfied as you’re given the option to adjust the music and master volume, giving you the absolute control over them. And you might not believe it but the game even comes with a Vegan option, which is impossible to see on any other title. But we won’t tell you what it is. If you’re interested, you might want to take a look at the game yourself.

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Enjoy a strange but addictive in-game dying mechanic

Unlike any other indie games on your mobile devices, Minit introduces gamers to a completely strange but addictive mechanic. And it’s called “dying”. That being said, because of the cursed swords, your characters won’t be allowed to stay active after 60 seconds. Hence, you must make uses of every second. Spend your time efficiently to discover your levels as much as you can. Then make sure you keep all the attained in your memory since you’re going to need to recall them a lot while continuing your journey.

Solve dozens of epic puzzles to progress

On top of that, Minit is also a fun game for anyone who’s interested in puzzle-solving gameplay. That being said, in Minit, players will be introduced to epic problems and obstacles that require your excellent skills. Spend hours on end figuring out the difficult but rewarding puzzles.

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Interactive environments that’ll surprise you

Players in Minit will find each moment in the game extremely exciting as the interactive environments would surprise you most of the time. Spend your time picking on the cows, chickens, and more. Or look for unknown surprises in the bushes and caves.

Fight against bizarre enemies

The game also features incredible combat mechanics, in which you swing your swords against bizarre-looking enemies and challenge them in exciting brawls. But for most of the time, you should avoid fighting at all costs since you don’t have much time.

Collect valuable loots

And to make the game less challenging to gamers, you’ll also receive some pleasant surprise as you investing the map. Look for valuable chests to collect your rewards. Or loot them from your enemies.

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Encounter varied characters and explore more gameplay

In Minit, you’re also introduced to varied characters, each has his/her own roles in your adventure. It’s important that you befriend with them so that they might assist you in future events. It’s quite simple, just give them gift and talk to them to earn your friend points.

Varied activities to get involved

And to help you discover the in-depth simulating gameplay, Minit even goes as far as introducing gamers to many awesome activities

  • Farming – Make uses of the useful tools in your chest and start plowing and cultivating the lands in front of your house. Collect seed from the trader and have them planted on your soil. Water the seeds frequently so that they might sprout and grow relatively fast. Collect your crops and you can do whatever you like with those. You could sell them to get some extra money, gift them to others to increase your friendship, or even eat them to increase your HP.
  • Mining – inside the mine will be the best place for you to start digging ores and minerals. Make uses of these materials to create all kinds of thing.
  • Foraging – and lastly, you can also collect valuable stuffs from doing forages. Just need to get your pickaxe ready for the actions.

Enjoy the game completely offline

And to save you some trouble, Minit can be played completely offline without the Internet on your devices. Hence, you can always enjoy the game no matter where you are. Moreover, the next time you connect to the Internet, your save files will be backed up online so that you’ll never lose them again.

Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, Minit will never be the most stunning and beautiful game that you’ve looked at. In facts, its simple pixelated graphics don’t impress many of us at all.  However, it’s surprising how the pixelated graphics have made the game so addictive. On top of that, the undemanding graphics also make the game extremely playable on multiple devices.


Enjoy retro-style music as you play through the addictive gameplay in Minit. Experience on-theme music and sound effects as you move to different locations. On top of that, you’ll find the characters’ speaking extra hilarious with their funny voices.

Download Minit latest 1.0.5 Android APK

Minit is one of those game that you can enjoy anytime anywhere without any requirements. The in-depth gameplay, captivating stories, and satisfying combats will make you crave for more. Moreover, the brilliant puzzles would also surprise a lot of you. And most importantly, the game is suitable for multiple hardware with different screen resolution. So no matter what Android devices you’re using, you would still have smooth and satisfying gameplay with it.

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