My Friend Pedro MOD APK 1.12 (Unlocked)

My Friend Pedro MOD APK 1.12 (Unlocked)

June 23, 2023


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99 MB
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For those of you who are interested in the most exciting games of casual actions, then My Friend Pedro is definitely a great mobile title to have on your Android devices.


Enjoy playing the most exciting games of casual platformer and stylized actions on your mobile devices? Then you might want to consider this awesome game of My Friend Pedro from DevolverDigital. Here, the exciting mobile title allows Android gamers to simply dive into their endless action adventures, as you take down enemies and bad guys with your banana hero.

Explore the most fun and exciting games of action shooters with clean and straightforward mechanics. Dive into the addictive casual shooter with enjoyable singleplayer and enjoyable stylized action gameplay on all your mobile devices. Enjoy the most captivating and exciting stories in the game.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title from DevolverDigital and all of its amazing features with our most comprehensive reviews.

Story & Gameplay

Here in My Friend Pedro, Android gamers will join our skilled gunman Pedro in his effort to rescue his family who are now captured by the enemies. Follow the kidnappers to their very lair and enjoy taking them down with your epic skills. Enjoy the most exciting gameplay of actions with blood, bullets, and of course, bananas.

Find yourself completely hooked to the action-packed gameplay of My Friend Pedro. Enjoy the most simple gameplay with fun and exciting mechanics. Have no troubles working with its simple controls and customizable options. Enjoy the most addictive gameplay of casual actions with unique mechanics and interesting gameplay elements. Have absolute fun with the epic game mode of blood rush. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to play

To start with, My Friend Pedro gamers will have no troubles getting comfortable with the game. Just like with Hopeless 2: Cave Escape and Reaper, My Friend Pedro introduces you to its simple yet extremely fun and exciting gameplay of action, which you can enjoy on the go.

Intuitive touch controls with inverted options

With the most intuitive touch controls and casual touch interactions, the game allows Android gamers to always have the most fun with their in-game experiences. Have no troubles diving into the awesome mobile title and start having fun with its optimized touch controls. And feel free to enable the inverted options if you wish to make changes to your custom controls.

Addictive action gameplay with unique mechanics

Here in My Friend Pedro, Android gamers can enjoy the most addictive action gameplay with its unique mechanics and creative approaches. Always find yourself hooked to the addictive action gameplay with its interesting elements of puzzle-solving. Enjoy multiple approaches to the game and have the most fun with your unique in-game interactions.

Exciting levels with escalating and evolving gameplay

Throughout the game, My Friend Pedro gamers will find themselves enjoying many exciting levels with unique settings and interesting quest progressions. Feel free to dive into the endless actions and brilliant mechanics in each level to find yourself most interested in the game. And most importantly, with evolving gameplay and escalating levels of difficulty, you’ll never find yourself getting bored of the game.

Put your skills to the ultimate tests in Blood Rush mode

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the most exciting mobile title of My Friend Pedro with the most epic mode of Blood Rush. Find yourself stepping up your pace while diving into the endless and most exciting in-game actions.

Available in different languages

With the game being available in different languages of English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, and more, mobile gamers will have no trouble exploring its features and making the most of their in-game experiences. Simply enter the game and choose your preferred localizations to have the most intuitive version of My Friend Pedro enabled.

Enjoy the game while offline

To make the game more accessible, DevolverDigital will also feature the most exciting offline gameplay of My Friend Pedro on all your mobile devices. This will allow you to have fun playing the awesome mobile title without having to turn on your mobile data or to look for available Wi-Fi networks.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply enter the mobile title and start making use of its features to have the most fun with the free game. Just keep in mind that the freemium title will come with forced ads. And you’ll have to pay for the in-game purchases if you want to make the most of its features.

Enjoy our free and unlocked game

And speaking of which, if you want to enjoy the full and free game of My Friend Pedro, then our modified version of the game is always a better option. Here, we offer the unlocked application with removed ads and unlimited in-game features. All it takes is for you to download the My Friend Pedro mod APK on our website, follow the given instructions to have it properly installed, and you’re ready to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in My Friend Pedro, Android gamers will have themselves the simplest yet visually impressive and enjoyable in-game graphics. Feel free to join our hero in many exciting adventures where you enjoy epic visual effects, smooth animations, and realistic in-game physics. In addition, the undemanding graphics will allow you to enjoy the game on all your Android devices. And feel free to use the customizable graphics for better visual experiences or improved battery performances.

Sound & Music

With My Friend Pedro, Android gamers can enjoy the most amazing audio elements and exciting music, which will allow them to always have the most fun with their in-game experiences. Simply dive into the game and start having fun with many of its features.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely fun and addictive gameplay mechanics, My Friend Pedro introduces Android gamers to the most exciting gameplay of casual shooter actions, which they can always enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply enter the game and start exploring the endless in-game levels. With the most captivating stories and addictive gameplay mechanics, the game is worth every minute of your time.

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