The Swords of Ditto 1.1.1 (Paid for free)

The Swords of Ditto 1.1.1 (Paid for free)

November 27, 2019


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62.7 MB + 700.3 MB
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- Paid for free
- No need Google Play License

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Find yourself diving in endless RPG experiences in The Swords of Ditto as you guide your characters to victory in the never-ending cycles of battles and challenges. Play as multiple characters as they all embark on their own journey to defeat the evil spirit Mormo.

Explore the vast landscapes in the game as you train your heroes through series of exciting challenges, encounter new characters and participate in interesting quests. Find your sources of power to defeat Mormo and bring peace to the people.

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In the game, you’ll find yourself caught in a strange world which has always been under the oppression of the evil spirit Mormo who always attempts to take over the Isle of Ditto every 100 years. And during these times of darkness, a hero will always rise up and become the Sword of Ditto what would help people to drive out the enemies.

However, our heroes have not always won their every task. Thus, there were times when the entire island was under the oppression of fear and chaos. And the people must then wait for another hero to free them as the cycle returns.

That being said, players in The Swords of Ditto will find themselves playing as multiple characters in different timelines, each will then embark on their own journey to defeat Mormo. And with each defeat or victory, you’ll learn more about the game including the world of Ditto and the evil Mormo itself.

Take on every challenge that is presented to you and win against your enemies as you unlock the ultimate secrets behind Mormo revival. Will our heroes be able to take down their enemies once and for all? The answers are yours to find out.

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Here you’ll find all the amazing features that are currently available in the game:

Simple, intuitive, and addictive gameplay

To start with, Android gamers will definitely find themselves enjoying the simple and intuitive touch controls. That being said, despite being a ported version from the PC platform, the game still functions exceptionally good with the well-optimized touch controls. Moreover, as you begin your journey in The Swords of Ditto, you’ll also find yourself being introduced to many intuitive instructions that would allow you to quickly get familiar with the gameplay.

Explore the innovative gameplay with entwined storylines

For those of you who’re interested, the game also offers one of the most captivating stories that you could ever find on any other mobile game. That being said, with the innovative storylines, gamers will find themselves taking on multiple quests to defeat the evil witch Mormo after each 100 years

And regardless of victory or failure, you’ll learn something from each of your journeys with different heroes. Everything will be revealed as you reach the end of the game. Many pleasant surprise and plot twists are awaiting.

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A variety of different weapons and items to customize your play

In addition, Android gamers will also find themselves having access to a variety of different weapons and items that you can put on your characters.

Pick up the classic sword that has been passed down through generations of heroes as you slicing down enemies, make uses of the useful bow to take out annoying enemies from distances, and collect many other interesting weapons, including the magic golf club, Frisbee, and more. Dozens of different weapons with unique mechanics are ready for you to pick up.

Moreover, you can also find yourself enjoying the awesome stickers that provide amazing buffs or adding certain perks to your hero. Find yourself being a lot more powerful with the mighty stickers that can give you the power to banish the evils.

Take on interesting enemies as you travel the vast lands

And as you find yourself in the Isle of Ditto, the game also features multiple in-game challenges that lead you through the vast landscapes. Pick up multiple gameplay where you’ll have to travel through dangerous dungeons, battle enemies in deep wells, or find yourself in danger in the forest.

Enjoy awesome quests and missions as you explore the Isle of Ditto

Main Quests and Secret Side Missions: Approach your legend however you see fit by battling through dungeons in any order, completing side missions through dark caverns and deep wells, or confront Mormo right from the start for the ultimate challenge. And in these places, gamers will also find themselves being challenged by all kinds of monsters and enemies with unique powers and abilities, which also make the combats a lot more interesting.

Have the game unlocked on your devices for completely free

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid title. Hence, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money in order to have it properly installed on your mobile devices. But if you wish to enjoy the game for free, we also have what you need. With our modified version of the game, you can just download The Swords of Ditto APK file from our website and have it installed on your Android devices instead. This will allow you to enjoy fully-unlocked content for absolutely free.

Visual and sound quality


Find yourself taking on a series of addictive RPG challenges in The Swords of Ditto as you guide your characters to victory. Assist them as they take down series on enemies in the beautifully-designed environments. Face against interestingly looking enemies and unleash your stunning attacks. With realistic HD visuals, you’ll find the game being extremely immersive. Not to mention that the friendly and inviting visual experience with cartoony characters, exhilarating animations, and beautiful visual effects, the game is suitable for players of all ages.


Enjoy the powerful and impactful soundtracks as you lead your characters to victories through a series of epic challenges and immersive gameplay. In addition, the relaxing soundtracks will also make your in-game adventures a lot more enjoyable.

How To Install The Swords of Ditto APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.devolver.Swordsofditto. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.devolver.Swordsofditto folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download The Swords of Ditto Mod latest 1.1.1 Android APK

Fans of the famous Lock’s Quest or Stardew Valley will certainly enjoy themselves in their latest challenges in The Swords of Ditto. With amazing gameplay, rich stories, and interesting characters, you’ll definitely enjoy your journey in the game. Plus, since you can also have it installed on your devices for completely free, we don’t see any reasons why you should enjoy it.

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