Venture Towns MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Venture Towns MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

August 28, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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Venture Towns is a great game for your mobile phone. Coming to the game, we will completely feel more interested in the features of a city-building game. And the Venture Towns version has been full of money for you to upgrade to all the features.

As one of the splendid games that promise to have many interesting experiences for you to explore freely, you will have more relaxing moments through these wonderful levels. The game is not only about building a city, but you also manage in the Venture Towns to grow stronger.

Venture Towns is a wonderful game for your mobile phones. Here, we will build a city for ourselves, and from there, the challenges will be different for us to have. For more challenges, join Venture Towns right now!

The game is famous for its beautiful graphics. Though many levels of play will give us a fresh feeling than what you have ever known. The gameplay will be different when you will show separate missions through each challenge that Venture Towns brings.

General Information

If you have ever tried any of the Kairosoft games or even Game Dev Story, perhaps the most successful game at the moment, you will know what kind of experience this Japanese software house is expert in management systems. Whether it is about driving a video game developer or running a Formula 1 car house or a supermarket, Kairosoft still codes their mechanics, writes the right variables, and programs a little gem.

Up to date, they have only released five titles (and their respective Lite versions). But if the average caliber remains what it is, it satisfies us with these rhythms. The title we’re about to tell you about Venture Towns.

The game has more classic management, given that you will manage a city, a concept already repeated in the past by milestones such as Sim City. The cost of the App is not very high, but you will struggle a little if you were planning to play on your iPad since the App is not universal.

As in the other titles, there is no foreign localization, rarely you find yourself in trouble. Now, let’s see if the exceptional quality to which has accustomed us still presents in this latest effort by Kairosoft.

Background Story

Venture Towns is the latest product in Kairosoft’s 8-Bit product line. With countless mobile games bombarding the market today, a simple graphic game but in-depth gameplay is sometimes a strange food for discerning gamers.

As expected, Venture Towns is like a miniature version of the famous city-building simulation game SimCity, where you will live in moments as a real manager with problems to solve.

But unlike other in-line titles that throw you in a bunch of metrics to keep in mind, Venture Towns gently takes you into a miniature world with instructions constantly popping up to remind you on the right path to becoming a taste. talented mayor. Starting the game, the game gives you a certain amount of capital with some pre-built structures with the first townspeople.

The economy in the game accords to the rule of money, which is not naturally losing, but very easy to generate. Activities such as building houses, building roads, and selling losses will cause a serious budget deficit.

But you should not worry too much, because the concept of bankruptcy does not exist and you have over two ways to make money. Besides the traditional way of building shops, cafeterias, and entertainment areas to collect money from residents, random events also bring you a lot of income, such as government aid, land tax, bonuses for attracting people to settle down.

Interesting and Unique Gameplay

If you have enough money and everything available to build, Venture Towns will be a very boring game. Fortunately, the developer has cleverly introduced a hidden system that needs to be unlocked, making the game a very slow but attractive process.

Besides the provided structures, countless new structures are hidden and need to be studied to be constructed. Besides needing money to pay for research, four metrics are also needed for this: food, entertainment, service, and culture.

We can immediately see the link between the indexes with the buildings that need to be built, such as the cafeteria to increase the food index or the zoo to increase the entertainment index.

However, the most important thing in a city is not the buildings, but the people who live in it. It is praiseworthy that developers not only created walking models; they created genuine people with each unmistakable, unique individual, characterized by metrics of intelligence (IQ), work, attractiveness, and skill.

These indicators are used to test success when transferring a job to a citizen. All careers are not open to you to choose from, it is people who will have to find a new job by themselves through working in the office.

A new career means a higher income, through which people will spend themselves on services such as food, entertainment, home improvement, car purchases, and pets. Their only requirement at the moment is just to build more spacious roads.

The development and expansion of the city are indispensable. However, players should not be too rushed because such overspending can cause a serious deficit in the city budget.

When the budget is in abundance, players can think of spending a lot of money on organizing events to keep the city bustle and boost the stats temporarily. However, the most costly is the construction of a chain of works (combo) according to the formula to increase land and product prices.

After 15 years (in-game time), the game will summarize your achievements and point them out. It can be temporarily considered as the end of the game if you want to stop and continue to explore other new maps (five maps in total).

The construction games often have no stops and the biggest happiness of the players is to see the picture of a bustling city with the scene of people walking between busy streets.

The graphics and sound are not the strengths of games like Venture Towns. The graphics are easy to discourage eager people waiting for a true SimCity on mobile, while the sound is just plain boring tunes. However, it is also difficult for players to ask for more in a game with a capacity of only 5.2MB.

Back in time 20 years ago, Venture Towns will be the best city-building game. However, the harsh reality forces us to return everything to its correct position. To be fair, Venture Towns is still a product worth trying if you are tired of the city-building social networking games rampant on today’s mobile platforms.

Special Features

Welcome to My City

Hearing about management systems, we often imagine very complex products, full of buttons, functions, rules, and so on. Venture Towns follows the policy drawn by the developers already in the past, which is strategic depth but without giving up a simple interface.

This approach is essential to keep the interest of the game-high. But it does not even make you impatient behind dozens of chain menus. Starting in the beginning, you can immediately decide which of the five map’s faces that you are up to.

All have different territories and varied starting situations, but the principle of all areas is roughly similar. There are few structures already built and only one citizen of departure. Precisely on this last aspect, they must spend two words.

Since unlike more well-known productions in Venture Towns, you will never have a citizenship that will reach the order of thousands or millions. The inhabitants of your city will always be relatively so they can afford a name, surname, and specific home.

This move turns out to be a winner because it sweeps away the sad anonymity that one would expect from such a game. And instead, it gives a pleasant feeling of familiarity with your every little digital creature.

Venture Towns screen 4

Task’s Specification

What is your actual job? In summary, it is to create a fair balance between industries, homes, and nature, and this concept is the actual heart of the game. To do this, however, assimilate some precautions.

Each citizen has a certain number of maximum steps available, which therefore delimit his area of ​​action and therefore of purchase. For example, if he can make 10 and the pizzeria you have just built is 11 boxes from his home, the unfortunate resident will never taste the delicacies of Bella Napoli.

However, you can remedy this deficiency by building a bicycle seller within its area and thus allow an extension of its horizon. It is therefore the first rule you will have to learn.

Money management is the second important factor, and this takes place through a meticulous choice of which company to build and the involvement of the population in purchases. Purchases, however, are linked to the capacity of the purse. And here, the third and final fundamental term is therefore consulting the occupations.

In parallel with the development of industries and homes, you will need to create offices where your citizens can perform various tasks and you will also be personally responsible for their careers. The richer a citizen is, the more taxes they will give you and the more purchases they will make.

If you make gold of these three rules, Venture Towns will give you real satisfaction.

Graphic Designs

From the graphic point of view, this production does not differ from the style of the other Kairosoft game. Rigorous use of pixel-art and isometric visuals are a successful pairing and offer a welcome homage to the past.

Nothing anachronistic about this decision, because we assure you it is a functional choice and in perfect harmony with the interface. There are no tons of buttons, but a convenient menu that can be recalled, which brings together all the primary functions.

And if you want to act directly on buildings or citizens, you just have to identify them and crush them with your favorite appendix. It is a comprehensive summary screen that will tell you everything there is to know. It implements the zoom and scroll functions traditionally, with various pinching and swiping without uncomfortable areas on the sides to press or other cumbersome solutions.

Everything works perfectly and the only hitches can happen when you have many buildings and ants, but nothing that a secondary touch cannot solve. If desired, a virtual on-screen joypad can also be recalled, but we doubt that anyone would prefer it to the comfortable touch system.

At the sound department, you cannot ask too much. And, if we exclude the continuous loop that forms the background to the development of your city, there is nothing significant to report.

Game Combos

As you progress through the game, you see that the three basic rules we have listed are always valid. But it must integrate them with other small precautions. There are particular combinations of structures that, if adjacent, increase the value of the surrounding land.

We can find some of these combos on the menu, others instead you will have to discover them with time or imagination. If you want to discover new buildings, you will also have to take into account the location of the offices. If they place the latter near specific complexes, they will allow you to search for new job positions and therefore new buildings.

You will discover so many jobs and shops that their continuous unveiling will thrill you. In about 10 hours of play, we unlocked over 50. But the impression is that we have still discovered only a part of all the availability.

In short, the depth of the game is ensured by the many variables to follow, even quantitative development is boundless, making this title also suitable for those who intend to do long sessions. Regarding the defects, we found nothing noteworthy if not a first oddity that we then understood.

When constructing a building, decide its orientation, but we can only rotate it in two of the four available sides. Don’t worry, it’s normal. To be considered accessible, a building only needs to be touched by a road and it passes from the opposite side.

Recommended Alternative: Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is an interesting game in which you will play the role of a game studio manager. Starting with some employees and you have to hire people to continue making your game profitable and expand the business. Game Dev Story progresses like a short movie, charismatic, where you will witness each stage of development of the company owned by yourself.

Game Dev Story has graphics designed in 8-Bit style, reproducing quite the models, from the context, objects to characters. People who have been attached to the 4-button NES machine will feel familiar. The game’s merits come from the detailed gameplay, but not complicated.

The interesting gameplay requires players to do simple tasks to build a game studio right from the beginning. You will hire staff for each department such as scriptwriter, coder, orchestration, or art designer. Game Dev Story offers you a variety of games from horror, puzzles, racing, shooting, action, and role-playing.

This richness makes you profit. Remember your customers choose the game carefully, they are also difficult. So, if you make a game reckless, they will not buy it and adversely affect your game company. It is one of the fun simulation games because you will take a lot of time and effort, even creative thinking and meticulousness, to build your gaming career and experience the game.

Final Words

Venture Towns MOD APK is a deep management system, but easy to manage, where the individuality of citizens and buildings is leveraged. The impeccable mechanics to which Kairosoft has accustomed us, are found in the natural evolution that this title is done so far.

We guarantee hours and hours of fun to anyone who allows himself the time for good sowing, with a relatively great harvest guaranteed. The price, although not very high, must not represent a discriminating factor. Because the care of the latest work of one of the most competent Japanese software houses on iOS is to be rewarded.

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