World Cruise Story MOD APK 2.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

World Cruise Story MOD APK 2.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

August 30, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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World Cruise Story is a mobile game business simulation topic by the famous publisher, Kairosoft company research and development. The game will take players to experience the business on luxury ships, meeting guests from different parts of the world. With World Cruise Story, players will own a luxury ship and start getting rich in that ship.

Kairosoft is a game publisher that specializes in creating unique simulation games. Among them, the most prominent game is probably Game Dev Story. The player will play the role of a game development company manager to create a blockbuster game of the century. Also, in their Story series, there are many other equally attractive versions such as Pocket Arcade Story and Grand Prix Store. This article will give a review of World Cruise Story, a simulation game about high-end life on a cruiser.

It has been nearly two months since the players saw the new tour of Kairosoft’s house last time. This recent work naturally continues the usual pixel simulation operation of Kairosoft’s house. But the object of operation and management is luxury cruise ships. The game has been on the Android platform a long time ago.

General Information

In World Cruise Story, you will own a luxury cruise ship comparable to the Titanic. You will build everything in it. Your job is arranging the location of various facilities reasonably and communicating with passengers on the cruise ship to get a higher score.

When you gather enough popularity, it will attract many celebrities to come to enjoy it. With luxurious suites, first-class restaurants, various complete entertainment measures, let people watch drooling food, and quickly turn your cruise ship into a five-star floating paradise on the sea.

Who is Kairosoft? What games do they make?

As far as we know, Kairosoft is a small studio founded in 1996 by the founder of Kazuyuki Usui. After 24 years of operation, Kairosoft is still a small studio. The company’s entire staff is only 20 people, but this small team has continuously released exciting games for gamers.

Anyone who has played through Kairosoft’s games can easily realize that their products are simple and that gameplay follows a reused recipe for many games. But the uniqueness of Kairosoft is that they cleverly created minor variations just enough to bring freshness, avoiding making their game boring in the eyes of loyal fans.

Starting as a doujin game studio (doujin game is the small, hobbyist, limited-edition video game at Japanese 2D fan community events), Kairosoft’s first game was a PC game that simulates the operation of an old bookstore. They worked on several PC games over five years from 1996 to 2001 before moving entirely on to making games for mobile.

However, gamers around the world will not know about this studio’s captivating titles for nearly 10 years until they translate Game Dev Story into English and release it on iOS in 2010. Kairosoft’s first step outside of Japan was an immense success. While many games today show off their top-one store record on launch date, Game Dev Story climbs up to Top 10 global App Store positions in just the first week.

Since then, the studio has translated and released over 70 games in English, helping gamers learn more about Japanese culture through games like Hot Springs Story, The Sushi Spinnery, or Venture Towns. They bring interesting journeys such as World Cruise Story, High Sea Saga, and allow gamers to enter the entertainment industry such as Anime Studio Story and The Manga Works.

Kairosoft still has an unknown treasure

As we mentioned above, Kairosoft has translated over 70 games into English for release on iOS and Android stores. They create a series of games to follow and make their image associated with simulation mobile games on these two popular mobile platforms.

But even after playing these games, you still have not played all the products that Kairosoft has made. That’s only about 70% of the games Kairosoft has released. That’s because until now, Kairosoft is still developing content for Japanese mobile companies like DoCoMo or Softbank.

Those games all follow the same recipe, bringing the same familiar flavor as Piko Piko! Game Expo, and Royal Gallery Academy. However, these games do not usually have English subtitles because of contracts with Japanese service providers.

We hope that they will translate these games into English. And this little studio will continue to pursue its way of making games to continue to bring us mini-games, but still together interesting.

How to Play World Cruise Story?

Like the previous Kairosoft series, the game still focuses on facility layout and business investment. By returning to the original business model, the game rules are like the former games. The primary purpose of the game is to continuously improve the various facilities in the cruise ship to attract tourists to the ship for consumption. And then, use the income to continue to improve the ship.

Click on the upper left corner to build easily the required facilities and observe cruise information, tour plans, in-ship maps, system settings, etc. Because it is a five-star cruise ship, it integrates naturally life, entertainment, food, sports, commerce, and various tall facilities. In the beginning, there is nothing on the boat. Players should build comfortable guest rooms for tourists to live in, and then provide vending machines, shops, bars, libraries, ATMs, etc. last, you can provide tourists with comfortable jacuzzis, many entertainment venues, and gourmet restaurants.

After multiple upgrades, the cruise ship will not only have more space and more floors but will also be able to plan long sailing routes through multiple countries. We can estimate the number of tourists. It is completely a small luxury city. Then, you can arrange this five-star cruise ship according to your wishes.

Every six months, the Tourism Bureau will send inspectors to inspect the food, guest rooms, facilities, and other items of the cruise ship. The higher their score, the faster the cruise ship’s rating will improve. When your cruise ship has a world-renowned influence, the kings of various countries may become your mysterious guests.

Remember to reserve the most advanced room when you ask the king to board the ship. When the kings satisfy, they will introduce new countries to you. In this way, it constantly opens alternative routes and new business opportunities. Pay attention to using the international personality between space, landscape props, and buildings to enhance the charm. You will get higher customer satisfaction and make them continue to spend money on your boat.

Overall Assessments

Graphic Designs and Sound Effects

For simulation operations, the Kairosoft family cannot escape the discussion. And for the Kairosoft family, Pixel Wind cannot avoid controversial arguments. Using 2D graphics technology and pixel-style rendering, they are the distinct features of World Cruise Story.

They set the game on a luxury two-tier cruise ship. In the game, players will design the interior layout and furniture on the train according to their preferences. The music in the game is also very excellent when combining the use of soft rhythmic music and cartoon images to create interesting effects. It also gives visitors relaxing moments during the cruise itinerary.

This work continues the company’s usual tradition, taking the pixel style route. For the pixel style cartoon style, the colors are dazzling. Although it is pixel style, the game screen is not monotonous. It pays great attention to details.

For example, not only are the little fish jumping happily, the waves aroused by the cruise ship, the flowers and plants that decorate the cruise ship are also well-designed. It also divides the game into two scenarios, night and day. In different scenarios, the picture is different.

The sun is shining during the day. About the story plot, people came and went on the deck, the picture became dim after nightfall, and the cruise ship fell silent. Although the characters are all pixel villains, their styles are distinct. And we distribute them in various types, including older ones, younger ones, some with long fluttering hair, some with neat short hair, and different clothes. The very detailed performance makes the player not feel bored after watching it for a while.

In terms of sound effects, it is about the cheerful and melodious background music. But occasionally, it is different, such as the sound of the whistle when a cruise ship sets off, and the cheers of passengers when mooring at the pier. The background music is decent, and there is not much change. You may tire of listening after you play it. Fortunately, for this kind of game, turning off the music does not have much effect.


World Cruise Story continues Kairosoft’s traditional way of doing so far. With no fixed details, but depending on the player’s choice, the game will bring you to a unique experience. Players need to design the basic furniture on board such as the reception compartment, the reception desk, and the deck.

After completing the basic design, the player’s next job is to build, design the entertainment system, and green space for ships. We can mention the entertainment system as gyms and high-end restaurants. It reveals that the more convenient and perfect the player’s ship, the faster and more profitable it will attract more tourists.

You can also recruit staff to improve service quality on board. Tourists onboard usually come from three dominant countries of Japan, China, and Germany. Another thing to note is that the needs and tastes of visitors from these countries will be different. So, you need to rely on this to have the right design on board because “the customer is god”.

Reasonable game design and scientific upgrade systems make Kairosoft’s business games have always been very playable and strengthened. Normally, you cannot stop playing all night.

To conquer the challenges, improve your cruise ship from simple guest rooms, fitness rooms to later bars and libraries. There are not only financial constraints but also space constraints. You must take every step slowly, and there is no rush. Also, it is not the best to just add a variety of luxurious facilities. Decorating appropriately your cruise ship with flowers and plants will give you a lot of points.

World Cruise Story screen 4


The current game price is 5 dollars, and conscientious manufacturers do not have in-app purchases. Although Kairosoft’s pixel-style simulation business has many good works, Dungeon Village, Beastie Bay, etc. are the leaders of the simulation business, but 5 dollars is still expensive.

Because of having to spend an enormous amount of money, it is easy to understand when in the game you will not see any ads. However, at this price, many players will have to hesitate when deciding whether to buy this product.

Venture Towns

With countless mobile games flooding the market today, a simple graphic game but in-depth gameplay is sometimes a strange food for discerning gamers. As expected, Venture Towns is like a miniature version of the famous city-building simulation game SimCity, where you will live in moments as a real manager with problems to solve.

But unlike other in-line games that throw you in a bunch of metrics to keep in mind, Venture Towns gently takes you into a miniature world with instructions constantly popping up to remind you on the right path. Starting the game, the game gives you a certain amount of capital with some pre-built structures with the first townspeople.

The economy in the game accords to the rule of money, which is not naturally losing but very easy to generate. Activities such as building houses, building roads, and selling losses will cause a serious budget deficit. But you should not worry too much, because the concept of bankruptcy does not exist and you have over two ways to make money.

Besides the traditional way of building shops, cafeterias, entertainment areas to collect money from residents, random events also bring you a lot of income such as government aid, land tax every year, and bonuses for attracting people to settle down.

If you have enough money and everything available to build, Venture Towns will be a very boring game. Fortunately, the developer has cleverly introduced a hidden system that needs to be unlocked, making the game a very slow but attractive process. Besides the provided structures, there are countless hidden new structures that you need to study.

For needing money to pay for research, four metrics are Food, Entertainment, Service, and Culture. We can immediately see the link between the indexes with the new buildings, such as the cafeteria to increase the food index and the zoo to increase the entertainment index.

However, the most important thing in a city is not the buildings, but the people who live in it. It is commendable that the developers not only created walking models; they created actual people with each unmistakable, unique individual, characterized by metrics of IQ, Work, Appeal, and Skill.

These indicators are used to test success when transferring a job to a citizen. All careers are not open to you to choose from, it is people who will have to find a new job by themselves through working in the office.

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is a product of Kairosoft. Honestly. At first, we knew nothing about this game. We saw a sale on the play store, so we bought it to try it out. And believe us, it is addictive.

You have some start-up capital, stay in a small game-making company, and start a business. Initially, the budget is just enough to develop minor games with a few genres. Your complete game platform is only on PC because you have not enough money to buy another platform license.

Besides game development, making soundtracks, CGI movies or game engines for other companies are also the fastest and convenient ways to make money. It will be the lifesaver in times of your financial crisis.

The game has four basic parameters including Fun, Creative, Sound, and Graphics. These four parameters will determine how well your game is. 50 points is a decent level for each element of the game, over 120 is excellent. When the four elements are above 80 or even better than 120, your game will be a tremendous success.

If you want the score of each factor to be high, we must base it on our staff. We have Coder, Writer, Designer, Sound Engineer, Director, Producer, Hardware Engineer, and Hacker. The names of these jobs speak out about each person’s strengths. But a person can have 3 to 4 unique skills and possibly even higher than their main profession. Usually, the Writer undertakes to write introductions for the game, but you can try to assign it to the Producer or Director. The results may surprise you.

When you have a little extra money, you can let your employees learn more knowledge, increase their qualifications and productivity for each project.

Final Words

Surely, you can realize that the uniqueness of Kairosoft games lies in that their simulation games often exploit what seems to be familiar to gamers but eliminate real-world hardships. These can include topics about manga artists, game shops, gallery management, and hot spring service.

Thanks to that, Kairosoft games are relaxing experiences, capable of helping gamers temporarily forget the daily trifles to immerse themselves in the game. World Cruise Story MOD APK is a very interesting business simulation game. It will not be too difficult, but will not let you pass. Maybe this is the reason Cairo’s games are so attractive. For those who like to play simulation business games, it is very worthwhile to play.

In short, World Cruise Story MOD APK has no difference in gameplay and art style compared to other Kairosoft mobile games. In return, the game content is rich and everybody can enjoy it for a long time. Not only that, but this topic is also an interesting topic that many players love. Therefore, it is a relatively interesting game to experience. But the challenge of paying is still what prevents World Cruise Story from reaching most players on the market.

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