Dream House Days MOD APK 2.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Dream House Days MOD APK 2.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

June 10, 2024


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Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Unlimited Money

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Dream House Days is the first free-to-play title from the developer Kairosoft. When playing this game, you will have your own apartment complex with one tenant and four units. In other words, you will play as a landlord. The objective of this game is to build and furnish more apartments, attract more new tenants, and collect their rent. Generally, you will set the rule and dominate every aspect of this game.

Kairosoft is often well-known for simulation games possessing fun gameplay and good quality. These features also appear in their new game, mostly when you use the Dream House Days. The benefit of this version is that you can get the Unlimited Ticket that is useful to create new furniture. Do you feel curious about its gameplay and features? Let’s join us to explore them now!

Dream House Days Gameplay

As mentioned above, the game begins with four small empty apartments. Firstly, you can just decorate these apartments by purchasing a certain amount of furniture. So, you should make use of them to buy a bed for tenants to sleep in. However, it is not enough for you to earn money back. You need to arrange more furniture in a room as the tenant has to pay a lot more deposit to secure the property.

As you just have limited space, you should use it wisely. In other words, you have to place items so that you can increase the comfort score as much as possible. One thing to notice is that putting many similar items might reduce the score significantly. Besides, you can also take advantage of special rooms to maximize comfort scores. For instance, if you combine a study desk with a TV set, it may not give you more points. The furniture is not created equal, so some can cost money without boosting more comfort scores.

Dream House Days Features


  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Developer: Kairosoft Co., Ltd
  • Android: 4.0 and above
  • Updated: 3rd June 2020

Attracting Tenants

After furnishing, you can recruit tenants via the estate agent. Below are three ways to attract tenants for your empty apartments:

  • Ask top agency, costing 35 research points.
  • Ask local agency, costing 100 research points.
  • Post flyers, costing only five research points

When your apartment develops and has a reputation, famous people (football player, supermodel, etc.) might come. However, you need to use your tickets to recruit these celebrities.

Taking Care of Tenants

Similar to other games, you also have to interact with tenants, but it is not direct interaction. Dream House Days focuses more on the residents’ personal lives. To be more specific, each tenant has his/ her personality, which is displayed in the stats array. Their personalities will impact every life aspect, and some categories, including clothing, furniture, or items, will change their stats. Besides, this level of stats also influences job opportunities, which might be an excellent chance to get higher rents and more money.

Another exciting feature is that you can watch these characters grow. For example, they will meet each other, have a date, get married, or even have children. Then, the cycle repeats when those children grow up and move into a new, empty apartment.

Dream House Days screen 4

A Wide Range of Exciting Content

Dream House Days has a lot of content waiting for you to explore. Remarkably, the game offers some features such as scratch cards, unlockable outfits, new jobs, researchable furniture, or building expansions that are all free. Besides, you should pay attention to tickets that are used to get in-game items. You can purchase them over Google Play as well.

Graphics and Sound


This game comes with an isometric, cute look, and a colorful environment. In terms of furniture, they are detailed and lively. It is relatively fun when seeing the tenants interact with them.


The sound seems to be not Kairosoft’s strength. The game presents BGM, but it is only repetitive. So, some players choose to mute the game when they play.

Dream House Days Useful Tips

Getting A High Collection Rate

  • Using Rare Job Pass or Job Change Pass if the tenants have a low-income job.
  • Using Youth Scroll to have better income when the tenants retire.
  • Getting tenants married, you will get bonus incomes.
  • Spending tickets to recruit tenants with high salary jobs.
  • Arranging the furniture based on tenant income.

Getting High Stats Tenants

  • The level of the furniture can determine the stats of the child.
  • Using items on the tenants will increase their stats.
  • The school that tenant enrolled also boost their attributes
  • Three schools: Lucent Academy, Literati University, and Kairo University should be unlocked as the tenants from these schools have incredible stats.

Guiding for Special Room

The special room is combined with furnishing and flooring. As mentioned above, the special room enhances the rent and comfort level of the apartment. Besides, it increases the stats of involved furniture. Here are some suggestions for the combination that helps you to get a high level of comfort.

Cushion Flooring

  • Bedroom: bed and lamp
  • Breezy Room: fan and any curtain
  • Storage Room: storage rack and closet/wardrobe
  • Classic Storage: closet and bureau


  • Bathing Room: shower and bathtub
  • Unit Bathroom: unit bath and toilet
  • Laundry Room: vanity/basin and washer-dryer/ combo washer/ washing machine
  • Bathhouse: cypress bath and whirlpool bath
  • Steaming Room: whirlpool bath and sauna
  • Sauna Room: sauna and shower


  • Tatami Room: low table and floor cushion
  • Japanese Room: bureau and low table
  • Shogun’s Room: antique vase and samurai swords

Final Words

Briefly, Dream House Days MOD APK is well balanced. It has cute graphics, simple gameplay, and a variety of stuff to unlock. The only drawback is just about repetitive sound, but you can mute it in case you do not like the sound. If you are a fan of simulation games, you cannot miss this great game. Once you jump into it, you will just want to sit back and enjoy placing furniture and looking for a way to boost your tenants’ stats.

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