Monster Farm MOD APK 2.17 (Unlimited Money)

Monster Farm MOD APK 2.17 (Unlimited Money)

February 22, 2024


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foranj - farm day games & paradise township hotels
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Unlimited Money

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Monster Farm offers an excellent monster farm, and lots of fun. You are welcome to the monster mansion in the mystical city. The air around you is dark and dark. You meet familiar monsters such as witches, zombies, vampires, aliens, spiders, werewolves and many other classic monsters. All monsters are gathered in the ghost village, and they live happily here. The game features animated 2D graphics, and a construction simulation style. You create your fairy farm through various activities such as growing & harvesting magic trees, feeding animals, trading with friends, crafting sweets and making outfits. You create fun parties, and produce a vast ranch in a spooky mansion from the abandoned town. You can grow various magical plants such as: hay, thorn ivy, dragon mushrooms, and a berry red apple. Foranj released the game. The game allows you to receive the support of other players online. Get ready to explore the mysteries of the enchanted town, find all the hidden treasures and create your own delightful farm story!

About the gameplay

Monster Farm started a long time ago. A strange world appears, and many zombies, monsters on the same large farm in the town. You take on the task of managing the zombie farm. You take care of a beautiful garden on the farm, and spend your free time experiencing happiness in the monster farm. You get a lot of fun, and fun while playing with your friends. Simulation game under the theme of Halloween Ghost Festival. You can harvest produce for money and continue to grow your farm. In addition, the game also has many unique creatures.

Monster Farm offers fun-like games in the farm genre. You will discover unique plants, strange monsters, and eye-catching decorations. Your monster world will be built with loads of fun. The task of running a monster farm is not easy. It would help if you evolved your monsters to become more advanced creatures. You step by step build your farm and become a powerful monster farm in the town. Try to feed your monsters and raise real animals to continue to expand your farm.

Monster Farm has a lot of fun farming activities. You harvest mysterious trees every day, build a dark farm with exotic plants and pets. You will grow various magical crops such as: ghost trees, pumpkin jack, poisonous mushrooms, poison apples, or dark tangerines. You harvest every day. The game will keep you busy with many problems such as hay, cookies, and zombies. Over time, you have a lot to do with your terrible farm. You have to manage a myriad of factors and different types of resources. You need to collect all kinds of elements to continue the exciting adventure. Each product takes a certain amount of time to be produced, so you will need to be patient and think about the next crop. Don’t focus on a single product, and make money from the farm’s various vegetables and monsters.

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Monster Farm has an intuitive design and is always full of fun images. You use your harvest to create dozens of different dishes. The game offers all the famous food recipes, for example, lollipops, chocolate biscuits, birthday cakes, and many more awesome dishes. You create fun parties with great food. Kids love great food, and you’ll have fun at parties with different monsters. You start the game in a limited space. You will have to plant all the resources you need to start your fantastic adventure. The game begins with a few elements, such as some terrifying giant crows and magic mushrooms. You collect food every time you need it, and follow the advice of the witch. You grow farms and create a variety of foods and products. Every recipe requires a different type of food.

Monster Farm has business elements. You trade your goods to the town and the surrounding land. You sell goods to such areas as Transylvania castle, Line 666, Ghost Town. Each location offers lots of sweets, and this is a great business opportunity. All kinds of monsters will gladly assist you in growing your farm. You can create fashionable costumes for each monster, and organize the best horror party. The game offers various characters such as vampires, zombies, ghosts, giant spiders, etc. … Also, look around for chests that hide treasures, and beautify your farmland with bright decorations.

Monster Harvest is an excellent combination between a role-playing action element and monster farming. The game has many improvements compared to games of the same type. You grow, collect and transform your crops, then put them all into battle with the neighbors. The game has mysterious locations to explore and many ways to build your farm.

Monster Farm screen 2


Monster Harvest has simple controls. You are easy to get acquainted with if you are familiar with the games of the farm genre. Click the suitable icons to plant, harvest, cook, and more.

Monster Farm screen 4

Graphics and sound

Monster Harvest features cartoon-style 2D graphics. The game tones are bright and funny. The characters and plants are all sticking to the monstrous element. But all have been redesigned for a better look. This makes the game suitable for most people, even children. The music is playful, and the background music is vibrant.

Zombie Castaways” is also an exciting game. The game offers an exciting farm life on a deserted island. You also accompany friendly zombies in the great adventure. The game has many exciting missions, such as exploring the bustling city of Humans; island construction with many incredible constructions; and planting a variety of plants.

Monster Farm screen 3


Monster Farm is a fun farm management game. You build a plantation of scary creatures. You take care of and nurture monstrous foods. You proceed to harvest food, trade with neighboring ghost towns, expand decorations, collect a variety of new ghosts, and organize a great party on Halloween night with various attractive dishes.

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