Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK 3.70.2060 (Free Shopping)

Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK 3.70.2060 (Free Shopping)

November 30, 2023


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ODD Games
4.0.1 and up
24.57 MB
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A game has many trucks. Dirt and snow covered tracks. You can own the truck and control it. Based on a venture sport – terrain racing, Monster Truck Destruction is built and developed. In the game, you will have an opportunity of participating in championships and becoming a champion. Monster Truck Destruction will bring many different feelings for you.

The variety of the trucks

Monster Truck Destruction is the racing game that has offered by ODD Games. ODD Games is a video game development studio based in Adelaide, South Australia. The player can install the game free on their smartphone. Monster Truck Destruction is available on Google Play, App Store, Amazon App, Windows Phone Store and Steam. But with Steam, you have to pay a fee to install.

The trucks are an indispensable part of the races. Therefore, the publisher has provided many different types of trucks for the player. Monster Truck Destruction has over 60 Monster Trucks that span multiple generations from BIGFOOT, Rislone Defender, USA-1, Paul Shafer Racing to GIM, Bearfoot 1980, Carolina Crusher 1980, Virginia Beast, … If you are a fan of terrain racing, these names will be so familiar to you. The cheapest trucks will cost 150,000 CASH. But the most expensive trucks will cost up to 20,000,000 CASH. If you want to buy the best trucks, you will need to win many championships to have a lot of money.

Besides, smooth 3D Graphic helps the game to become more vivid. The trucks are so real. Sound of the game also makes the players excited. The sounds of braking when your truck approach curves or the sounds of forward, backward to the cheers of the audience and powerful sounds.

Monster Truck Destruction screen 0

Experience of driving the trucks

When you start playing Monster Truck Destruction, you will be given 150,000 CARD to buy your first truck. You can scroll left and right to see all trucks and choose the truck for yourself. After you have bought the truck, you can compete in either Single Event or Championship. Now let’s control the truck. Four different control types from the options menu will help you do that. Your truck will be able to turn left or right with two buttons on the left and move backward or forward with two buttons on the right. To control the truck, two left and right buttons have to simultaneously with two forward or back buttons. But you need to notice two control buttons that make the truck move backward or forward. Besides, you need to practice a lot to control the truck more easily.

Monster Truck Destruction screen 3

On a track, there are also many obstacles. Those are small cars or many large vehicles that are scattered everywhere. With leaping mountain ranges, they will take you to the difficult tracks. But when you overcome the obstacles and the truck isn’t upturned, you will be given fixed money awards. In addition, you need to be skillful to create extreme beautiful acrobatics that the usual trucks can’t do. Enjoy that feeling in Monster Truck Destruction.

Moreover, the player can upgrade their trucks in Garage. To be able to upgrade the truck, you need to have an amount of money. You also can see Engines, Intakes, Transmissions, Shocks, Exhausts parts be swapped out on your struck. Let’s upgrade to improve the truck performance and have the best truck. And you can continue to take part in the next races.

Monster Truck Destruction screen 2

Monster Truck Destruction modes

There are 3 race modes in Single Events. Those modes are Drag, Practice and Freestyle. Each mode has own features and rules that you have to observe. For example, in Drag mode, you will have to compete the different trucks. But with Practice mode, you just need to overcome the obstacles and the leaping mountain ranges. Besides, you can show yourself in Freestyle mode. You don’t have to observe any rules. Overcome the obstacles with your own style. This is also the mode that many players like in Monster Truck Destruction.

In addition, the races for the championship will bring trophies for the player. Those championships that you can join are East Coast, West Coast, Central and Winner. Each race will be organized in different places. Those places can be indoor or outdoor dirt stadiums. In the races, you need to control your truck within the limit line of the tracks. This will help you achieve the highest score after you have completed the race. When you rank high in the race, you will receive the certain amount of money that isn’t small. Use the money to upgrade your truck or buy the new one.

Furthermore, the publisher is very interest in the player. Because they have supported many languages. There are up to 13 languages in Monster Truck Destruction such as American English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, German, Polish and so on. And they can be a great help for the players who just know the language of their country.

Monster Truck Destruction screen 3

Destruction and win

With many different trucks, Monster Truck Destruction MOD APK allows the players to choose the favorite truck easily for them. Together the modes and championships will be your challenges. Thank you these things, the players have been attracted. The obstacles, the car and the larger vehicles bring the experiences of the destruction when you have to overcome them to receive get marks in the races. In addition, the performance of the acrobatics will improve your delicacy. Start playing and win the championships.

Besides, 3D Graphic and vivid sound will make you immerse yourself in the races, the tracks and the atmosphere of stadiums and help you see the truck from all sides. In the process of controlling the truck, you can change your view mode. Control your truck with view inside or front of the truck. Panoramic view of stadiums. You can relax with Monster Truck Destruction everywhere because the game doesn’t need to connect the Internet.

Because the above things have helped Monster Truck Destruction satisfy the players that love the racing game in the world.


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