NBA JAM MOD APK 04.00.80 (Paid for free)

NBA JAM MOD APK 04.00.80 (Paid for free)

October 23, 2020


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Electronic Arts slammed into NBA Jam on Android, and you will not be happier. They have kept many elements of the original console game and added some features that will be produced soon. We could not believe it when we first saw it and waited until we hit the Wi-Fi to download it. And it costs more than 300MB.

This 2v2 arcade basketball NBA Jam game is just like the one you remember playing as a kid. But it is more creative in the gameplay. We summarize everything you liked from the console releases in this mobile game version, from the announcer to the blocks jumping high.

The thing that made this game so unique and fun is that there were no real fouls, free throws, or violations except for the 24th shooting gallery and goaltending. Everything else is a fair game, and there must be a bull run of sky-high antics to the finish line.

Every comment in Google’s Play Store about this app says, “worth the price” or “really brings me back to my children.” They hit a substantial impact on the market with NBA Jam, and you’re getting a great deal on a classic title. The multiplayer feature is a substantial addition, and we are sure it will amaze everyone who plays the game.

What is the NBA?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a North American professional basketball tournament. It is the oldest professional basketball tournament in the world. The match has 30 clubs taking part in the competition (including 29 American basketball clubs and one Canadian club).

For the first time on June 6, 1946, they held the NBA basketball tournament in New York City. The prize is named the National Basketball Association. The contest is organized and managed under the administration of the Basketball Association of America (BAA).

Since its inception, the tournament has been through over 70 years of intense development. The NBA has become the most attractive basketball tournament in the world. The game always attracts the attention and followings of most basketball fans.

In particular, the NBA basketball tournament has always occupied television waves in North America and other basketball fan countries in the world, such as the Philippines, China, and Guyana.

With its charm, the NBA basketball tournament has become the focus on attracting basketball players, the world’s top coaches to compete. Therefore, revenue from the NBA is always at the top of the sports tournaments in the world. Famous players playing football in the NBA are also high-income athletes, not inferior to footballers such as L. Messi and C. Ronaldo.

The Format of the NBA Basketball Tournament

Once answered, what is the NBA? Let’s learn about the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet.

Regarding the game format, the NBA professional basketball tournament divides the taking part teams into two groups (equivalent to two groups in the East and West of the United States). It divides each group into three areas, and there are five teams for each site. The teams will play three phases: Preseason, Regular Season, and Playoff.

– Preseason: It is a team’s early season’s warm-up. During this period, teams will play randomly without ranking (like friendly matches in soccer football). Therefore, couples can select their opponents from outside of North America to play.

– Regular Season: It is the pivotal phase of an NBA season. Each team will play 82 matches, four matches against teams in the same area, 3 – 4 games against teams in the region. Next, there will be a two-match against teams in the other areas (the East team vs. the Western coalition and vice versa).

At the end of Regular Season, the eight teams with the highest ranking in each domain will enter the playoffs. There will be an incentive reward for the basketball team to top the domain rankings during Regular Season.

– Playoff Round: It is the last round of an NBA season. The Playoff round will determine the winner of the season. In this round, 16 basketball teams will take part, including eight highest-ranked teams in each domain – Cross-match format between basketball teams of 2 regions.

The team that ranks number one in one domain plays against the eighth-ranked team in the other region (the same ranking is based on the primary season).

The winner of the above matches will continue to play against each other in any pair of games. Eliminate to select two winning teams to enter the final and select the winner.

NBA JAM screen 1

General Information

EA released the NBA Jam for the Android platform in 2012. As a hardcore basketball game fan, we have been looking forward to this game for a long time. NBA Jam keeps many NBA series elements, and they will add some additional features in subsequent version upgrades. However, the game needs to download a 300MB data package. We recommend that players download it when connected to Wi-Fi.

NBA Jam is a 2v2 basketball game, just like the kind we played when we were young, but with a comprehensive upgrade. From the voice of the commentary to Dunk’s action, it is consistent with the console version of the game. And there is no foul setting in NBA Jam. Players can play freely, and the only rule is 24 seconds and scoring.

After you choose your team, and your opponent’s team, the game can begin. The first is the battle between the two sides. The buttons on the screen are very sensitive, and if you slide your finger on the buttons, there will be different actions.

The initial buttons include passing, acceleration, and Dunk, and if you press acceleration and then slam Dunk, three new actions of blocking, air relay, and shooting will pop up. Similarly, if there is a stroke, the option to pass or steal the ball will pop up.

We also like this game because when you double-click the accelerator, you can use an elbow which allows you to break through the opponent’s defense and create space to shoot. We can also use various other actions through different gestures.

In NBA Jam, players can play in the league and choose one of their teams to defeat 36 other opponents. And multiple companies can be played simultaneously, each of which can be automatically saved to the SD card.

Once you have settled the “Best Rookie” and “Veteran” tiresome games, you can try a higher difficulty level. Highly challenging computer AI is tricky, and all kinds of steals and blocks make you suffer.

Another highlight of NBA Jam is the achievement system, which appears in-game consoles like Xbox360 and PS3. Completing a challenge game of games will also bring you extra fun.

We are glad that such a simple but attractive game can finally be ported to the Android platform. We found that since we downloaded NBA Jam, we rarely even play Xbox, but have been playing NBA Jam leagues and challenges. We also recommended this game to my friends, and many people also downloaded it and played against it.

Both the game screen and the background music are excellent, but we still can only score 9 points for NBA Jam, because this game does not support online battles. Fortunately, we can connect via Wi-Fi LAN, which makes up for the shortcomings of multiplayer games to a certain extent.

Special Features

Character Controls

After selecting your team and your opponents, the game starts, and the jump-ball is where the action begins. The on-screen controls are responsive, and there are different actions if you slide your fingers over each ward. There are buttons for Pass, Turbo, and Dunk.

If you tap Turbo and slide your finger over Dunk, the selection opens for Block (defense), Alley-Oop, and Shoot. If you swipe towards Pass, you can push or steal the ball.

Now, what’s cool is that if you double-tap Turbo, you can throw your elbows. It helps you free up some game space and take out those desperate seconds on the last roll. There are also gesture controls that you can use to eliminate by tapping the right buttons.

Otherwise, you can slide your finger in different directions on the pad to release other moves. Make sure you read the controls before playing as we establish them and can challenge ourselves to understand at first glance.

NBA JAM screen 3

Classic Campaigns

Just as mentioned earlier, there is the campaign where you choose your division to go for Northwest Atlantic, Southwest, Southeast, Pacific, Central. Or play them all. Go to select a team and defeat the 36 opposing teams.

The noble thing about this model is that you can have multiple campaigns at once, and it automatically saves each one to the SD card. Once you’ve mastered the Rookie and Veteran difficulties, try the harder ones, where the CPU plays their game, steals the ball, and continuously blocks your shots.

Play Now Mode

This game mode allows you to get a fast game. You can select teams for both you and the mobile. And once unlocked, you can choose different players and customize your unit.

If you tire of your chosen character, you can replace him half-time with another one. It is excellent when you’re short on time, and this mode helps unlock some challenges where you do not want to ruin anything in your campaign.

NBA JAM screen 2

Multi-player Function

You can join or create a game match between you and someone else that shares the same Wi-Fi in this area. It is an exciting feature and can leave some friendships on board after a few matches. The only thing missing is the ability to play against random people online, rather than just friends over Wi-Fi.

The Challenges

Another great mode is the Challenges section, which is now seen in many console games such as Xbox360 and Playstation 3. Just like the Achievements that you can unlock, you are presented with challenges to complete. It provides that extra bit of fun after beating a campaign or just taking a break.

NBA JAM screen 4

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a mobile basketball game with extreme 3D graphics, reproducing realistic images from the athletes’ shapes to the ball lines’ movement on the field. Your task in the game is to choose your favorite team, build and bring that team to victory.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball will guide players on how to play, with basic tasks such as choosing your favorite team, building a squad, and arranging the playing positions to compete. Other groups control the players’ movements and the ball’s path to get the ball into the net accurately.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has a new generation of basketball gameplay with simple button controls. Your goal must be to steal the ball in competitive ball competitions, move reasonably, and score points. The game possesses fast-paced, brief games, but enough for two teams to show off their smooth runs and accurate pitching. Winning will bring you gold, valuable items, and unlock special skills. These factors help the team level up faster.

An essential thing in the game is still the player’s control skills, knowledge of basketball tactics. The matches, events, and players in NBA Live Mobile Basketball Android will be based on real-life NBA tournaments, even if it injures an outside player.

It makes the gaming experience more authentic and engaging than ever. The game also supports online game mode, where you can compete with other players to win attractive prizes. The game is available for free on Android.


Thanks to Android, NBA Jam MOD APK has finally come to the platform. Because something as beautiful and simple as this classic can never get old. From the moment of download, you will play less Xbox and just take advantage of the NBA Jam MOD APK campaign and challenges.

From the game graphics to the background music and the smooth gameplay, it is a solid game. We only ranked it nine out of ten due to the lack of an online multiplayer option. Also, there is sometimes an additional Wi-Fi download while the game is loading, which can stop gameplay.

Those are our only complaints, and they are tiny. Try it, because once you get started, you’ll want to play more!

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