No One Escape MOD APK 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

No One Escape MOD APK 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

October 28, 2022


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Lion Studios
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Unlimited Money

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No One Escape is an exciting 3D arcade action game for mobile devices. The game is developed by Lion Studios, and offers a stylish new battle royale experience. In it, the player can act as a running victim, or you are a serial killer. Depending on the style of play, and you can play the role of a hunter or victim – killer or prey. The game is based on a hide and seek inspiration but in a new dangerous style, and every action has serious consequences. The player will run around a maze, and try to survive the killer hunt. The round is played for a limited time, and the clock is always ticking. You have to do many things to survive unique in the fierce arena. Remember that danger lurks in every corner. You need to be actionable, and surpass people. You must race against time, and complete many difficult stages in the battle for survival.

About Gameplay

No One Escape offers great experiences for those who love fast-paced action. The game has two types of role-playing, is hunt or run. You find the role that best suits you, and take turns to challenge yourself through each real round. You can play the role of a victim and try to escape from your pursuer in every possible way such as running away, hiding and saving other people’s lives. You can play the role of a dangerous madman, find and kill people. You cornered the victim, and destroyed them all. Gameplay is dynamic and extremely addictive.

No One Escape will become one of the daily entertainment favorites of gamers of all ages. The game does not require an Internet connection, and is frustrating or tiring with long matches. The game begins with horror events, and you explore some truly abandoned areas. Everything is very shady, and covered in traps. A mad assassin becomes a nightmare in a dark maze, and a dark room. You must run away, and help others before the killer. The game allows you to choose your playing style, so you can play either a survivor or a killer. If you choose a killer, then you need to stop the survivors from escaping the room. If you choose a survivor, then you have to find the switch, open the gate, help others and escape from the haunted room.

No One Escape brings a new experience to the battle royale genre. The person has the option of role-playing the character, and you can be the hunter or the victim. What’s interesting is that it is not known which player will become a victim or a villain in the next round. Results are randomly generated, and players only have a choice if they spend time watching ads. The battle takes place in a confined space like a maze with compartments, and corridors. The victim needs to run away from the enemy, activate the red buttons, and unlock the door to freedom. The killer will have to find all the victims within the allotted time. If you are the killer, then the target victims become invisible, and only materialize if they are in line of sight. The hostages can all help each other by finding injured comrades, and healing each other to return to the ranks. Solidarity between the hostages will increase the chances of victory in the round. If you win rounds, you get a bonus in gold coins. You use the money to improve your character’s parameters, and create new unique skins. So you can fall victim to the style of a cowboy, or a special warrior. You can become a hunter with an ax, a madman with a chainsaw … Each radical change in appearance also brings new abilities to the player.

No One Escape features simple yet addictive gameplay. Each level is different and unique. You try to act in the fog, and each level brings a new challenge. The game offers thrilling action experiences, and fun gameplay. The game offers many upgrades, and extremely interesting looks. Get ready for the great Battle Royale experience. You can become a cruel hunter, or an intelligent survivor. Gameplay is simple and extremely fun, refreshing. The game offers a very interesting sense of edge fighting. You need to use different rules to compete with multiple players, whether you are a chase or being chased. In addition, each level has many different traps. During the escape process, be careful not to touch the alarm button, and receive a lot of gold coins when successfully escaping.

No One Escape features intricate maps filled with doors and walls in fast-paced action. The interesting point is that all roles are assigned at random. So you will have to play any role, and you are the hunter or the hunted victim, The game is really entertaining, and offers great fun in two opposing roles. The differences in the roles of each level will lead to new experiences. Whether you’re trying to escape or hunting for victims in zigzag scenes, you’ll have loads of fun completing the challenge.


No One Escape is fast-paced, so the control mechanism is optimized on the phone. Players feel comfortable, and very easy to get used to the extremely addictive gameplay. You just need to touch the virtual joystick to move around the map in any direction. Of course, speed is the key to the problem.

Graphics and sound

No One Escape offers colorful 3D environments. Bright cartoon style graphic. The characters, and objects are designed in a minimalist style, and the locations are vast maze-like. Quality graphics will appeal to all fans of horror stories, as well as the great action genre. In addition, the game also has lively music, so the experience increases in each level.

Zooba” is a suitable suggestion if you love online survival. The game offers exciting adventures for many players. The game belongs to the battle royale genre that survives multiplayer, and incorporates MOBA style. You will control the beasts, use your skills and special weapons to destroy other players in fast-paced battles.


No One Escape brings an amazing battle royale experience in engaging 3D graphics, vibrant music. You have the option of becoming a hunter or a killer. You need to catch a survivor at allotted time if you are a hunter. If you are the victim, then you must avoid the villain, become a survivor, seek alarms, open the exit door. The game offers interesting battles through amazing maps, and random mode. Use your victory points to strengthen your character’s skills, and develop yourself into the best player. You choose to be an intelligent predator or victim, it all depends on your choice.

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