One Finger Death Punch MOD APK 5.22 (Unlimited Money)

One Finger Death Punch MOD APK 5.22 (Unlimited Money)

August 4, 2020


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One Finger Death Punch is a game that gives you an exceptional feel. The direct connection between the finger and the character on the screen will be a fresh experience for many players. When you stick with the game for a certain period, with a series of exciting fights, you will feel you can do more than the game brings, as if you have become a martial-art expert.

They build One Finger Death Punch according to the horizontal screen action-fighting genre. The principal task of the player is to combat attacks from enemies that appear from two sides of the screen.

With the outstanding kung fu in one of the craziest, fastest games you’ve ever played, this is a fantastic experience that not every game can bring. It is why One Finger Death Punch has received 98% of positive comments on Steam.

With such an exciting topic, we have made an in-depth study, and One Finger Death Punch is the game that we want to introduce in this article.


Surely the professional gamers still have not forgotten the clips of the excellent stick battle style alone against the mafia. It was prevalent on social networking sites a few years ago. And there are many people, after watching this video, want a fighting game like that.

In One Finger Death Punch, you will transform into a Gypsy master of all kinds of esoteric martial arts. You are on your way to exterminate evil parties. There are many martial arts that you can use such as the universal but effective Mantis, the powerful Tiger, the Drunken power to counter the enemy, and the Magical Crane gracefully utilising the art of bridging.

Each type of trick will give different support for players such as increased defence, damage or increase the number of points earned.

One Finger Death Punch is a casual game. So, the control mechanism is straightforward. Players only need to press the left and right buttons to kill the enemies when they enter the damage range of stick players.

But not because of this simplicity that it reduces the action of One Finger Death Punch, you can still feel the blood, fire, madness through a series of endless combos that come with the beautiful martial arts techniques.


Types of Enemy

In One Finger Death Punch, you will face three dominant types of enemies. One is that the soldiers are feeble and you can send them off with just one hit but in return. They are very crowded and aggressive, so they are not highly dangerous. If not calmly handled, our high-stick martial arts guy is very quickly engulfed by this human sea tactic.

The second type is the slightly more skilled guys, and they will have a different blue or red colour than the weak names mentioned above. To defeat them, you need to press the right combination of combos one by one. It is not a minor challenge at the higher levels. These mini-bosses will appear more and more often, and only one second does not manage immediately, it will confuse you.

The third type is the Boss, a true martial artist. The entire game will be completely focused on fighting the Boss. Other names will disturb you but turn into 1vs1 status.

The player needs to press the left and right keys quickly and accurately to deal continuous damage to the Boss. Just a little slow press or miss, these horrible bosses will send you on the road after only 1 or 2 punches.

One Finger Death Punch screen 0

Playing Modes

One Finger Death Punch has two game modes: Stage Mode and Survival Mode. In Stage Mode, players will adventure through hundreds of screens available with two levels: Normal and Hard.

The average level only requires gamers to knock down the entire opponent but to Hard. The player must avoid not hitting the civilians rushing towards him. It is a genuine challenge when it is necessary to distinguish our enemy in turmoil with a fast-paced action pace.

Meanwhile, Survival Mode, as the name implies, is a place for you to show your level to the entire gamer community in the world top and win valuable prizes every week.

Special Features

Simple Operation

There are two buttons to hit left-right when objects or enemies reach the range. And that’s all you need to master One Finger Death Punch MOD APK. An elementary kid can grasp and learn how to play the game in just a few minutes.

As you can see, getting familiar with the game is easy because there are only two buttons. But the difficulty is how to make the player feel attractive, and the solution that the manufacturer comes up with is to sum everything in the world on the screen.

Entering each game, you will encounter stick-stick enemies, but not just one or two enemies, but a few hundred. There are rivals. You just need to press a button to take them down. But there are some opponents you have to hit two to three times or force you to perform QTE (Quick-Time Event) to destroy.

And yet, there will be guys standing far away to destroy you by throwing darts or archery. Press the button on the right side, and you can catch or dodge them.

One Finger Death Punch screen 1

Character Movements

Also, you can hold weapons such as taper, mace, pistol, or even Lightsaber to fight with the enemy. The essential elements for those bloody battles are the beautiful animation techniques such as the techniques to tear apart the enemy team or the best kung-fu moves that appear random.

If you’ve ever played League of Stickman 2 in “Easy” mode, you will feel the same thing. The player just needs to press the attack, and the Stickman will perform significant moves. And how to make players feel happy that has become a highlight of League of Stickman 2 success.

Back to One Finger Death Punch, you must now see the formula that makes the game attractive, which gives players a refreshing experience through straightforward things.

With just two buttons, you will admire the stick-stick character such as jumping on the pillow, dancing the sword, ducking, shooting, supporting bullets, firing fire, stopping time.

One Finger Death Punch screen 3

Rich Contents and Attractive Storyline

Come to One Finger Death Punch, and over 400 screens will welcome you in the game. They aim most of the game screens at the style of one-on-several hundred, but it designs them to make the game diverse.

For example, you will have to play 5 to 6 games continuously, destroy enough enemies, or use Lightsaber to massacre the army of the stick. If the main game does not satisfy you, One Finger Death Punch is still not all unexpected. Behind the “More” button at the primary screen are other game modes.

Co-op mode allows players and their friends to take turns against the sweeping enemy. When the blood level is low, you can swap roles for the other person and wait for the healing to gradually. However, if someone’s blood reaches zero, they cannot return.

Gauntlet mode brings you two cells containing increasing levels of difficulty. To go to any cell, you unlock that cell first. The tiles have different levels of stress, and the game will take care of you with special rules such as narrowing down the range, flowing range, locking skills, forcing you to run appropriately.

“No Luca No” mode will challenge your level. Na na is a black cat that will cover an enormous part of the screen, and you have to face an endless army of enemies from both sides. Even if you are confident in yourself, you can race to Survival mode of the game.

In short, One Finger Death Punch has reached the pinnacle of two-button art. Just from a simple mechanism can bring you many different entertainment colours.

One Finger Death Punch screen 2

Tips and Tricks

This last part, maybe we have to talk about how to play One Finger Death Punch properly. It is not how you play, but when you should play.

Sitting alone ploughing over 400 challenges in the single-player part of One Finger Death Punch is also high. But you will probably find more relaxed pleasure playing it with other games.

After the game CS: GO, Dota 2, PUBG tired, you get out and turn on this game of stickman war. Then with just two fingers, you can tear up a squad of hundreds of enemies.

It gives you the feeling of being very skilled, joyful, incredible comfort, different from the usual competitive games.

Other Highlights

One Finger Death Punch is the fastest brawler action game in the world with a free Demo version on Steam. You will have the experience of the cinematic Kung-fu fighting that is integrated into the classic stick-fight war of all time.

Game One Finger Death Punch keeps the classic gameplay with two-button control, an opportunity for you to challenge your body, mind and quick reflexes. Similar to League of Stickman 2 or Stickman The Flash, One Finger Death Punch is a simple game with the perfect operating system. Although there is no specific plot, this is the craziest Kung-fu arena you have ever seen.

You are surrounded by a horde of belligerent enemies and are forced to use any weapon on hand to defeat them in the Kung-fu style. Speed ​​and accuracy is the key to your victory in this fighting game. In playing One Finger Death Punch, you will control over 26 unique skills, crazy fast gameplay and movement based on traditional Kung-fu.

Hand-eye Coordination

As we all know, fighting games will become more complicated without using keystrokes. After the player passes the tutorial levels and understands the basic rules of the game, you will see how fantastic the two-button match is.

With thousands of different animations, everything is in One Finger Death Punch, especially when the player unlocks all 26 fundamental skills of the stick player. It is the unique feature of this super-fast action game.

Over 400 tables, 26 skills and four endless survival towers are waiting for you to conquer in One Finger Death Punch 2. The game has only one goal, which is to kick and kill enemies at once!

Like any fast-paced game, One Finger Death Punch requires concentration and quick reflexes of hand-eye. Your Adrenalin will increase when you throw yourself into this lively stick-man arena!


However, if to blame the gameplay of the game, perhaps there should be two points to deduct slightly.

One is they design how fast QTE events. For example, having a QTE force you not to press a button but to wait until there is an order. This QTE is quite the opposite of the gameplay and the Kung-fu atmosphere of the game, so it may make you feel a bit backwards and uncomfortable.

Second, they mostly generate the kill part of the game at random. Because there are only two buttons, you don’t have many choices during skill development.

But the two points deducted above rarely affect your game experience very much.

Final Words

We can say it took a long time for a mobile game to combine the two elements of Casual smoothly simple, compact, easy with playing and action – speed, fire and crazy like One Finger Death Punch.

It conquers us after the first play. The feeling of action, slashing and cutting hands like League of Stickman 2 or Stickman The Flashwill make you unable to put the device down.

One Finger Death Punch MOD APK is a casual game. So, the control mechanism is straightforward. Players only need to press the left and right buttons to kill the enemies when they enter the damage range of stick players.

They distribute One Finger Death Punch MOD APK for free on two operating systems, iOS and Android. Interested readers can download the game here.

If you have a further question, please leave a comment below!

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