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May 29, 2024

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Zaycev fm Online Radio poster

Are you seeking the best radio where you can feel the happy tune and save music to listen to offline? Online Radio is just the right app for those using Android. It lets you enjoy good pop songs and music of different genres with decent audio. No matter if it’s power metal, rock, hip-hop, or modern EDM, the app has it all!

Get ready to have all eardrums immersed into the vivid sound of the beat. Things get more convenient than before. Feel free to switch stations or select the higher quality of the sound whenever you want. Zaycev.FM will let you stay with your favorite music both inside and outside the town on vacation. Now check it out for the most heartwarming songs and lively Pop music.

General information

Zaycev.FM owns a large number of music tracks waiting for you to explore. These tend to get grouped into individual segments following their genres. For anyone who is a fan of Deadmau5 and Nicky Romero surely appreciates the presence of the club segment. And if you find some energetic melodies or soothing music more fascinating, then Pop and other Relax categories could be at your disposal.

With Zaycev.FM, we’re sure that you can feel every melody in the air, not to mention all seven channels of chosen songs available in the app for you to listen to. Not only do you have a great selection of songs that are well-sorted to designated genres but you also have a chance to experience the hottest programs and cool jingles and liners.

The app comes up with a nice design and easy-to-use controls that allow every user to enjoy the fullness of it. Without a doubt, this is the biggest music media portal to everyone’s attention when storing the gargantuan of brand new songs, popular albums, breaking news, and of course, several great music genres in FM radio Zaycev.

During the play, once you catch a track that sounds amazingly beautiful and loves to listen to it repeatedly, let’s mark it as your favorite. Later on, it’s easy to locate it right on your app’s home website. Here, the user can download any music without a fee. Besides, the app allows you to click on the Save Station feature in case you hate swiping to find your song again.

As compared to Online Radio Box, a free application for listening to the radio online, Zaycev.FM also serves as the pre-composed playlist for you. It’s a handy tool that allows people to enjoy music from different parts of the world, save their favorite stations, and even set the sleep timer when needed.

Since Zaycev.FM is free to download and use, you might not avoid encountering some ads during the use. Most advertisements get displayed as banners and pop-ups. In other words, once you find it quite annoying, but still love the app as well as appreciate the unlimited policy for free downloads, you probably consider enhancing it to Premium.

In Zaycev FM, you get to listen to the live radio in both foreign and Russian hits in decent quality. Go ahead to check out the best hits, songs, news, presentation of new musical compositions for all tastes. By having this app, you will be able to enjoy different music styles, which you can also switch by pressing one button, so wait no more but download it right away.

Overall assessments

Online Radio gets updated regularly, and its newest patch has been launched on August 7 last year. According to the users, the app owns the modest system requirements yet still displays great performance even on old devices, especially those with Android 5 and 6.

For users, this is truly a good radio for traveling and parties, and there are not many ads like local radios usually have. They highly recommend it to everyone who intends to download the app to use. Most of them go crazy about music playing in the style of Electropop, RnB, and Disco at the same time. How about you? What excites you the most?

Apart from being the wolf for listening to music, the app would be much better if the developer added fewer Russian songs in the Pop segment. But Zaycev FM is overall good, particularly when you can move to the irresistible dance tracks and vibrant compositions. Don’t miss any remarkable tune and amazing lyrical song on this great radio.

How to use

The online radio Zaycev.FM consists of various channels for your choice and discovery, ranging from Pop – popular music, Club – dance music, Disco – 80s to 2000s to RnB and rock. Select the one you like and fits your mood the most. Well, there are a lot of interesting things ahead of you, all lovers of rhythms and parties!

The developers seem to take into account your desires on the genres of music. No wonder why the waves of Zaycev radio only remain the decent songs of the most popular destinations. Every fan and lover is welcomed in the light melodies of the POP and RUS section. Meanwhile, the other parties would find more suitable compositions in the CLUB section.

And how about the admirers of the old tracks from the 80 years? They certainly discover exactly the most pleasing songs right in the category named DISCO. But what if you change your taste all of a sudden and now prefer heavier and more vivid music? Check out the section NEWROCK or RnB to fit your mood.

At a certain moment, you just think of more serious and mature content coming from a song. It will be a good idea to visit section CHANSON where you easily find all romantic lyric-written French songs. These commonly come from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. And move to the RELAX channel that gets mainly contributed to the nerve cell restoration and peace.


Each genre of music gets illustrated with one particular icon. For example, Rock has one electric guitar, Disco owns a purple disco ball, Club gets recognized by a music equalizer, and Relax features a palm on the beach. That’s the basic interface of the app, not to mention how clean and intuitive it looks.

Moreover, Online Radio delivers the easiest controls that you’ve ever expected. You only need to swipe to switch to another station. Besides, when your home screen gets locked, swiping is the only way to open it. With it, you can listen to online radio anywhere you like. Even a weak Internet connection could be enough to link to the servers.

Final words

Online Radio is a worth-to-use radio app that stores a great number of genres and songs. Though it lacks blues, jazz, and classical music, the app is still very good to experience when you can enjoy music under any condition of signal reception. Even in the city or out of it for vacation, you can fall asleep with your favorite music and programs. After finding your desired tracks, go to Save Station and make your own playlist if you want to enjoy them again.

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